InfoLinks Ads Spotted on a Government Website

Punjab Public Service Commission is using ads for earning money!

We can’t say that this is a deliberate attempt from Punjab Public Service Commission to earn money out of its web portal, instead it is assumed that only webmaster is illegally earning money through this. Again we are not sure, maybe the whole department is involved in the corruptions.


We have written in past on how badly the government websites are managed, just because the top executives have very little or no knowledge about the internet and websites.

This is common now with government’s official website that their webmasters are earning from banner and link ads.

Thanks to Umer Fawad of PakExpert Technologies for tipping us on this

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I agree with you admin. Most of our officers in theses departments have very little or no knowledge about websites and internet. Our webmaster misuse their unawareness about internet. I know they wont be earning much from these sites as they are badly manage and out of date info in putted in these website but this cheap mean of earning is not acceptable.
    You should inform relevant departments about this and should educate them about websites.

  • well this is quite common now, you will find several govt websites having google ads and ads from other ad programmes, big websites like, ufone and many more, they also running google adsense.
    I’m not sure about those private companies websites, however on these govt website, I’m sure they are their webmasters which are running those ads from their personal accounts, and govt personals dont even know what they are and what impression they are providing to their visitors.

  • Very true, almost every website of any government department has incomplete information, technical issues or not up to date. Problem is senior old officials have no knowledge of Internet and are unaware of how important it is today.

    Almost every service in many countries is going on Internet, while in our government departments we still go to “patwari” and “tehsildar” to bribe them even for information that I am owner of this land/house while this can done online paying online to government.

    This is just an example of how these people want to see our faces so they can demand bribe.

  • very well written blog unlike the earlier UBazar post.

    Indeed govt should pay attention to such things.

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