Cyber Crime Rises Rapidly in Pakistan

The cyber crimes of various types in Pakistan have increased in numbers by five times over the past four years, reported CRI, citing cyber crime investigation officials.

Quoting a Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) offical, newswire reported that 62 cases were reported to the unit in 2007, 287 cases in 2008 and the ratio dropped in 2009 but in 2010 more than 312 cases were registered in different categories of cyber crimes.

According the officials, these registered cases are even less than 10 percent of actual crimes, while other crimes go un-reported, due to lack of awareness and the law.

There are a number of cyber crimes in Pakistan mainly including cyber pornography, sale of illegal articles, online gambling, intellectual property crimes, email spoofing, cyber stalking, forgery, unauthorized access to computer systems/networks, theft of information contained in electronic form, virus attacks, Trojan attacks, Internet time theft, password cracking and financial cyber crimes (hacking of ATM card numbers and bank accounts).

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