WorldCall Pledges to Pay Rs 1.425 Bln Dues to PTA For Avoiding Suspension of License

worldcall_logoWorldCall Telecom Limited has agreed to pay its outstanding dues of Rs 1.425 billion to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on the account of Access Promotion Contribution after settlement of all its legal issues with the authority.

The telecom operator has ensured the authority to deposit a huge amount in installments by September 2011 on time along with late payment fees, PTA determination order released said.

WorldCall has made the upfront payment of Rs.250 million out of Rs.1.425 billion and deposited ten post dated cheques of the remaining amounts along with undertaking as per the requirements of the PTA.

The telecom watchdog has disposed off its show-cause notices subsequently the operator withdrew all cases it filed in the court to challenge authority orders.

Worldcall undertook to accept any and all decisions taken by the authority in accordance with applicable law, in case of any default by Worldcall in making the said payments as provided in the payment plan.

Worldcall ensured the authority that it will not go to court of law if any action is taken by the PTA in accordance with applicable law against Worldcall for any default in making the said payments.

However, in case of non-encashment /dishonoring/bouncing of any of the aforesaid cheque(s) along with late payment charges, its license No.LDI-10(17)-2004 dated 26th July, 2014 shall stand suspended from the date of occurrence of non-encashment/ dishonoring /bouncing of each cheque along with non-payment of late payment charges thereon, without further notice, PTA order said.

Earlier, the licensee was issued show-cause notice in May 2010 under section 23 of the Act whereby required the licensee to remedy the contravention by making the payments of Rs. 293.728 million immediately.

The notice issued demanded operators to submit written reply within thirty (30) days of and explain as to why the license should not be suspended, terminated or any other enforcement order should not be passed under section 23 of the Act against the licensee.

The licensee had failed to make the payments on account of APC for USF Contribution despite repeated demands of the authority in contravention of the AP Rules, the AP regulations, condition of the license and directives of the PTA.

It owes dues for the months of November and December, 2009 including late payment charges thereon amounting to Rs 293.728 million; Rs.149.864 million; Rs.136.459 million and late payment charges thereon Rs.7.404 million calculated up to 30th April, 2010.

    • Why don’t you buy 500 shares of worldcall and bring up topic in their next annual meeting? As shareholder you have rights and can question company if they are not maximizing your profit. Bad service = low profit.

      500 shares of worldcall is only Rs 1500 or something.

      • Why don’t you, try yourself?

        Additionally She is referring it to be suspended, while you are asking to complain to improve the service, don’t you think isn’t it better for here to change the provider instead going for your so called suggestion?

        It didn’t make a clue, why would some one buy shares in a company when their service is not good

        • — Why don’t you, try yourself?

          Because I don’t USE worldcall, I am not their customer. However your point about complaining is wrong. It is one thing to call customer support again and again or post on forums. It takes nearly zero effort but the results are obvious.

          But if you go to annual meeting with all board members present and ASK THEM TO JUSTIFY POOR PERFORMANCE, in a room full of shareholders, you get maximal impact. It is very likely that many shareholders there will AGREE with you and also want to know.

          We all know that to get stuff done you need to contact someone high up in company. What better way than to bring up your issues in annual meeting? Not only does everyone who already wasnt aware become aware of the issue, but it makes management uncomfortable, and no one wants to be uncomfortable or want bad publicity like that.

          I learned of this technique from a stock broker.

          — It didn’t make a clue, why would some one buy shares in a company when their service is not good

          Rs 1500 which is less than monthly subscription costs for servic gets you in front of the management and forces them to take you seriously. Posting on propakistani is free and gets you no help from company. What is a better use of your time and money?

            • Additionally, it’s not 1500, but along with this, my time, my time is much much more value-able, and have u calculated how much time i will waste here?

              But seems like it is even useless to talk with u even further, so i won’t be replying now! :s

              • — Additionally, it’s not 1500, but along with this, my time, my time is much much more value-able, and have u calculated how much time i will waste here?

                In comparison with my suggestion, anything else you do regarding the Worldcall problem has virtually no impact compared with talking to the key shareholders. That’s not just in the case of Worldcall, but lots of large businesses.

                — But seems like it is even useless to talk with u even further, so i won’t be replying now! :s


    • ok guys listen,its not easy to satisfy a customer when it comes to become one of the largest Isp’s of Pakistan,u get satisfied customers as well as un-satisfied.there r lots of other elements involved such as “LoadShedding” one of the major factors that interupts to provide trouble free or contineous services.noe the discussed provider is worldcall so we talk about the same company who has becom a multinational organization and a part of world’s renowned Telecom Company “OmanTel” manged and operated by the Government of Oman.the said Telecom must have evaluated before taking Worldcall as its part in every aspect that includes the Quality of services so pls before take a conclusion and simply say “i dont like Worldcall bla bla bla” is totally me i am not using any of worldcall’s services but its our moral responsibility to not comment without thinking its after effects please mind it a foreign group of companies has recently acquired major share holdings of this company and after that lots of value additions have been made so far even they’ve employed 100’s of employees in the expension process even nobody in the whole world willing to invest in these circumstances not even overseas Pakistanis but OmanTel has made it possible bringing a foregin investment to our beloved country.may Allah help us highlighting and commentting to those elements who are actually destrying the cradibility of Pakistan please encourage any positive move taken by any private sector because this is the only way we can bring our country back to its true colors and stop commenting on the public forums which leaves a bad impression not only to Pakistan but to the rest of the world. May Allah help us. Jazak allah.

  • I want to use Wordcall but it’s not available in our city :(

    Can you please write an article on Dreambox500/600, how to use it, requirments, in which cities can we use it, charges etc.


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