Telenor Posts Strong Q1-2011

Telenor group today announced its results for first quarter 2011, according to which, Telenor Pakistan showed 9.7 percent in Norwegian currency, due to increased share from tower sharing and Easypaisa revenues.

Telenor in its financial report said that group’s Pakistani arm generated a total of 1179 million NOK or 18.769 billion rupees, up from 1074 million NOK or 17.098 billion rupees (according to current day exchange rate) during same period last year.

Company said that The EBITDA margin increased by 6 percentage points, as revenues increased and costs related to leased lines declined.

Telenor said that it continued to focused on network capacity investments to align with subscription growth and traffic volumes to decrease capital expenditure .

With 26% cash flow margin, Telenor says that company is on track to deliver good returns in Pakistan.

Telenor Pakistan said that it added 1 million subscriptions during the said quarter. ARPU in NOK remained unchanged, while it showed 2% increase in local currency.

Following are few financial figures from the company:


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  • thanks for the report. why dont you publish warid and zong profits reports?? plz plz inform us about them as well

  • Now they have gain lot of revenue so they should give some extra advantage to there consumer as well as the country.

  • they’ll never do any good for us. The meanest company ever. Gaining profit by deception.

  • yaar itni controversy kay baad bhi, telenor is on top interm of revenue and users. very strange:( ye tu awam theek nahi or statistics theek nahi?

  • those of who are curious abt k telenor kahan profit spend kar raha hai… following is the answer:
    1) they are re-investing most of the reserves for easypaisa, they didnt buy tameer bank from donations!

    2)first celco to start khuddar pakistan campaign for physically challenged people, u can see many such people at their offices

    3) telenor was among highest donors during flood relief campaign

    4) which ceclo started campaign like karo mumkin show?

    5) telenor has one of the best CSR campaigns

    lots of other examples as well. so kindly, think before u write lame things, they are much better than our own UFONE.

  • i think telenor is not able to introduce 3g at that time in pakistan bcoz LTE(4G) has been introduced in the world……

  • This is indeed a great news and Telenor is rightly on the track with a focus on customer satisfaction. Telenor has done remarkable job as a socially responsible company and Telenor Pakistan always came forward whenever some hard time can to people of Pakistan. Telenor Group and Telenor Pakistan employees generously donated for flood victims and also participated in volunteer efforts.
    Telenor has emerged as a company which doesn’t exist just for earning money, rather it’s striving for social uplift of the people of Pakistan.

    • hahaha…. very funny u are man. come in the reality world. u are forgetting all type of controversies about telenor. or u dont want to see the real pic.

  • if you charge 0.23 to check credit in your sim, then you obviously will be making huge profit out of it

  • telenor itself is a ___ against ppl like faisal. Pathetic voice quality n coverage. If they’v errected a tower in ur area, it doesnt mean that they’re done. ____ ppl use telenor n waste their money for them. European standard ____.

    [Comment Edited]

  • telenor has invested over $2b in pakistan. to my knowledge not a single cent has been given back to the shareholders yet.

    it invests in its “pakistani” employees who get exported to international assignments and send back zareimubadla to pakistan.

    its “pakistani” franchisees are the most well respected and profitable in telecom trade.

    as for controversies… thanks to mobilink, zong and propakistani… koyee kissie key liye khush nahi hoe sakta

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