Country’s Expense of Imported Handsets Increasing

The nation expenses of Mobile handsets have been swelling substantially in the current fiscal year, showing huge burden on the imports bill of the country to reach Rs 33.549 billion during July 2010 to March 2011.

According to the figures released by Federal Board of Statistics, the mobile handsets sales have increased to Rs 33.549 billion in Jul 2010 – Mar 2011 as against Rs 18.061 billion in the corresponding period of previous fiscal year, showing a tremendous growth of 85 percent in the third quarter of current fiscal year.

In terms of dollar, the imports of handsets swelled to US $ 392.028 million during July to March that signifies huge spending of Pakistan’s nation on mobile handsets every month at the cost of foreign exchange loss.

On average, Rs 3.72 billion imports are carried out every month in the period under-review. In the month of March, the handsets imports were recorded Rs 4.759 billion (US $ 55.766 million), up by 48 percent from last

The sales of handsets have increased to more than 9 million in the said period if average monthly sales are evaluated at 1 million in the nine months in accordance with data shared by market experts.

As per estimate, if 1 million handsets having an average cost of Rs 4,000 are sold every month, it translates into Rs 4 billion overall sales. Therefore imports and sales costs are almost same.

The little difference in numbers of imports and sales figures shows the high demanding trend in the local market owing to change of technology and introduction of new designed brands of handsets.

Market experts said that more than 60 percent of the market consists of $50 to $100 ( around Rs 4,000 to 9,000) price range. Moreover, Pakistan’s market has solid demand of high cost handsets that limits exceeds to Rs 50,000

The imports and sales are constituted more than 70 percent share of Chinese-made handsets whereas different brands such as Nokia, Sony Ericson. LG and Samsung have retained their 25 -30 percent share in the local

Importers and dealers forecast the import and sales may hurt slightly as telecom authority seems to come up with strict regulations, which could slow down the inflow of Chinese-made handsets in the local markets.

However, the demand of different brands is likely to increase as a result of imminent opportunity in the market, on the other hand, sales of Chinese brands with IMEI numbers are expected to be increased in months to come.

  • it is shame on pakistan.all pakistani capital moving abroad.loot at india which have its own branded localy menufactur mobile sets. And also state own service provider.same in china and they are earning we are just losing

    • Indeed its a financial loss for a country like us.

      India doesn’t have vast mobile development facility.They use their marketing methods to capture local market through local brands name although all of them are Made in China.

      It is almost impossible to beat Chinese handsets prices and features and vast industrial platform they hold.

  • bhai ..China mai hai china, china se hai meri pehchan ..Mai to daikhun ga tum bhi daikhogay ..china mai hoga pakistan!

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