Osama’s Compound Now Available As Counter Strike Source Map

Soon after the assassination story of Osama Bin Laden went online, everyone is curious enough to dig into the issue as much deeper as one can. People really want to see what is inside.

Yes, inside that Osama’s compound in Abbottabad. To add to the curiosity, here is an exciting thing for gamers.

Now you can play Osama’s compound map in Counter Strike Source, a very famous shooting game. The map is named as fy_abbottabad and now available for download here – size 1MB.

Map creator says:

Based on Osama’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Map may be used as a base for a bomb or hostage map at a later stage. 3D skybox will also be added when/if I have time.

Following are some screen shots:


    • Zaror khailan, American ban kar PMA ky upar sy fly karian,Pakistan mai bomb aur golian chalian…aik Musalman jis ky khilaf aj tak America ny arrogance mai aik proof nahe dia, usko marian, bv bhe mar daen, beti ko bhe rifle ky butt marian.. Zindaband..Zameer bohat achi cheez hai agar ho to.

      All of you who will disagree with me, please watch Alex Jones’s documentaries (prisonplanet.com) on youtube. Before rejecting it like US administrations don’t forget he has great deal of acceptance in US. And questions raised are technically, scientifically raised and shown. Alex also claims that Osama never claimed that he was responsible for 9/11. Another must watch documentary is 9/11 missing links.

      I am surprised why the code name for this operation says alot keeping in mind history of Apache leader.

  • abi download krtay hain or kheltay hain …app ke abba k e sath ye hoo or uski video game aye to mein b khelooo…non sense

  • @ Aamir Atta,
    Please consider the fact that what are we spreading here? One might say this is just a game so there is no problem in it…Is this not ignoring the fact that Americans walked over our sovereignty and this game is showing that. Pakistani youth (even mature people) will play it as Americans forgetting how this operation has actually shown the world how weak our defense is, how weak we as a nation are. Irrespective of fact if Osama was there or not, what is the actual story but if we can’t protest over violation of our territorial rights we shouldn’t spread such amusements which are actually depicting the whole scene that has very long lasting effects on existence of Pakistan.

    I request you to please remove this post and let poster enjoy the game as an American commando.

  • Pakistan lost its ______ to loans, be it IMF, US, GB, France etc. Nothing to worry about. Lets play the game.

  • I totally Agree with Ahmed here we should not spread such things among Pakistani youth.

    to me, playing with this map is like we as American targeting Osama Bin Laden in his compound.

    Please remove this post from propakistani.

  • I dont want to say any thing who is participating in this thread I just have some suggestion for Pro-Pakistani please change your name Pro-Pakistani to Pro-American.

  • Hey shut up all noobs.
    This is a map NOT a mission FFS! N00BS N00BS N00BS
    Pahlay dekh lia karo phir bakwaas kia karo stupids.

    • I am surprised if propakistani has given up on apparent decency they allowed in post. May be this guy “Salman Abbas” post is what propakistani wanted to say to those objecting to this post.

      2nd to those who are saying its “just a map”, for them it would be just a little inside the international borders, just inside our airspace, just a little boom boom in Abbotabad ..right ? So we should live with it ?

      If someone ruling this country I never voted for is begging dollars from IMF, US and others and has a lean attitude towards them can’t provide an excuse to anyone to suggest me or a majority of Pakistanis to shut up and not to speak against it because some “Mir Jaffarz” here get financial aid from US, IMF etc.
      Why don’t you suggest eliminating corruption in public institutions in which we lost 400 Billion Rs last year while we get only 1.2 Billion $ in Coalition Support Program (not in charity mind that) from US.

  • propakistani.pk admin … kindly delete this post … dont spread this atleast if you luv Pakistan … instead you have to support our army and post content against america and cia … we all know they are losers and they created a fake story … even 5 videos they release before these videos are fake and exposed … and still we are helping them to degrade Pakistani Nation and you are supporting them ??? Please delete this post or i never ever visit this website again

  • This was my last day at propakistani. Guys there’r lots of other it news sites. Lets join them. Khamoshi ki khilaaf boycot. Come on guys

    • What if (God forbid) tomorrow we see a map showing US Marines, B52, US Airforce F-8 attacking our nuclear assets (which is saving our @55 right now after Allah), your reaction will be just a map ? Or God forbid on roads of Islamabad we see American troops checking every car just like in Iraq and Afghanistan and some freedom fighters attacking Americans. What about depiction of that in a map? Just a map…

  • Really nice design and style and excellent content material, nothing else we want :D.

  • can any one help me how can i play multiplayer cs with my friend without LAN with use of Ip address

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