Transition of ‘Ads by Google’ to ‘Adchoice’

By Atif Hamid

Google Adsense has made a change to their ads and the way they look like by changing the in-ad notice icon from “Ads by Google” to “Ad Choices”.

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For most of people it might not be a very big thing to notice and even the people who publish Google Ads might not have an idea what its all about.

But Google says that these in-ads notice icons to "AdChoices" were developed by the online advertising industry’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising to more proactively give users notice and choice about the ads they see.

With this change, Google has actually given the control to the users to set their own ad preference categories to see the most relevant ad. This would be helpful for marketers to reach the right audience to drive better ROI.

Digital agencies need to redesign their ads because in most of the ads small button is overlapping with the ad content at top right corner. When user mouse over button the text of  ”Ad Choices” is appearing on top right corner which is overlapping with the ad content more prominently.

This was a guest post by Atif Hameed, CEO of eTechsol