Financial Tale of PTCL During Last 5 Years

We have discussed before the expanding portfolio of PTCL and it’s connection with landline giant’s decreasing revenues – over the time.

We also keep you posted about the financial performance of telecom companies, whenever they are available to the public.

Today, we thought of bringing you the financial stats of PTCL for last five years. We won’t add much words to this story – instead we will try to narrate the financial state of this national asset through graphs and figures.

You can see the performance – and share your thoughts in below section.







dividend per share




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    • Before privatization they were just focusing on revenues.
      i think it’s better now in terms of customers

      • what customers…their revenue ha sgone down drastically…they are issuing cheap releases and n news about their recent year end board meeting in duvai…

  • After going in loss in 2008,they made good recovery in terms of customer as well as revenue!!

  • Yes, but more important thing is revenue to run and retain any organization. ptcl have lots of changes no doubt, like their customer care center, billing applications and specially call centers and also online applications and marketing campaigns.but yes down in profit is alarming

    • their marketing campaigns sucks…their PR agecny …….customer care centres sucks….what else…no doubt their revenue going down the drain….

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  • I would say excellent anticipation by Pervez Musharaf’s economic team! I mean they rightly saw the future of fixed line. Privatization was certainly a good decision!

  • This is bad luck for Pakistan. The Management of Etisalat is enjoying all benefits from the account of PTCL. The CEO of PTCL is going about US $ 100,000/- per month salary, is he justifying his salary. The telephone users of PTCL is going down from 5.5 million (in 2005) to 3 million (in 2010).
    Musharaf Government gave assets of Pakistan as a gift to Etisalat, very surprising. Now PTCL is sending huge amount to Etisalat account on account of technical fee. My question is, how Government of Pakistan was running this PTCL without paying Technical fee.


    • SAD BUT TRUE. they forget about the landline and wasting money on other things, they should work on the strategy to retain and gain landline customers.everything is connected to landline their major line of revenue. the major problem in PTCL is company loyalty, u can ask any person from higher management OR lowest cadre employee, he just not happy.Its a service company and cant survive without manpower..god bless them and we hope for the best.

      • Lets pray PTCL management considers the value of its workforce and compensates them appropriately and eliminates the ever threatening policy of lay off. This will motivate their staff, will improve customer satisfaction and will give them better returns.

    • let me correct u, in 2005 8 million landines with 78000 employees, with billions of profit in single quarter.

      • It is the employees that destroyed PTCL, lazy, self serving with no customer values. Why should we care !

  • Guess if the porn is block, where this line would go? it will suddenly crush down, the UAE management has to windup within a year. and so will PTCL.

    PTCL is currently planning to introduce very high speed internet in Pakistan. They have invested much much money in this project. I wonder what will they do. if there is suddenly no demand.

    • At their rates for this high speed internet, there really is very little demand I think. Few home users can afford it.

    • How much they invest please. They are using Money of Pakistan without any foriegn investment. PTCL even didnot pay the balance amount to Government of Pakistan. If you are from technical side, can you please guide me that on copper line they can provide 10 Mb connectivity please.
      PTCL was asset for Pakistan but now its revenues are going down. Somebody told me that actually they are in losses.

  • I am not sure what kind of journalism this is. Landline is turning into an obsolete technology. I rarely use my landline now and still, I get disgusting amount of bills.

    Furthermore, it is written Revenues. What kind of Revenues? Landline or WLL? Both?

    Secondly, what happened in 2008 that it went so down? Global credit crisis?

    Where are the broadband number? Where are the numbers of Ufone? A lot of the times, this blog has done one-sided dramatic postings.

    I want to see how much Government is paying back to PTCL. Non-payment of bills is an issue in Pakistan. Furthermore, the overall outlook is 2008, please keep in mind there was a financial crisis, has been good. The share price is going up, backed with a good dividend. Surely, the company is doing something right.

  • This is not the fact because Still Ptcl is a market leader and there packages are very customer friendly and also they are number 1 in V fone, EVo , and broadband. and also they are doing very good business in stock exchange due to zero loan on it.

  • if u see in the different organizations and Companies in Pakistan they are dealing through land line so this is a very heavy rate of using Ptcl land line thats why there income is good as compare to other companies.

  • First of all I would like to point here that these figures are not alarming for PTCL alone but they pose a threat to the nation itself. The trend shows that people have substituted to cell phones which might have devastating effects in the long run. We must realize here that cell phones are not only dangerous for the health of its users but also loosens up the family ties and -as the current night packages offered by the telecom industry suggest- may free the youth from its social responsibilities. Therefore, we must take a step to discourage the use of cell phones and revive the landline system in the country. We can’t completely abandon cell phones from our lives but we must atleast try to limit the use of it.
    As far as PTCL is concerned, I would like to point here that PTCL still holds a firm position in the industry. It has been the market leader in broadband and vfone for many years now and has reached the standards which no other competitor has been able to match.

  • PTCL is a leading broadband internet provider. its ship pricing is good enough and is doing quiet well in stock exchange.. PTCL Landline customers fell to almost 3,000,000, i think they should work on stratgies for retaining their customers by providing them attractive pacakages

  • i wpuld say their marketing campaign is not that bad. their customers significantly increased after 2008 but they should focus more on retaining them and also increasing the revenue , ptcl has efficient management team that is trying for the increased progress to the company

  • Well, For one, this is a textbook example of a company’s turn around (PTCL isn’t exactly my fav btw).

    For all those criticizing privatization, Please understand that there had been ‘fierce’ competition from GSM networks – and If it wasn’t privatized, PTCL would have been dead long ago; and that PTCL had been investing very heavily in its braodband / IPTV initiatives, which explains a downward trend in profits).

  • it is horrible story for throwing gold at the rate of silver. Even Etisalat has not paid for the installments against 26% shares after the elapse of stipulated time frame. PTCL CEO is getting more than 10 Million per months (excluding other benefits like permanent executive suite in 5 star hotel in IBA) can u guys believe many other so called consultants of UAE having ZERO knowledge / under graduates are getting nearly 02 M per months just for nothing. this is so because out Govt., has no contribution in strengthening the institutes, Govt has totally failed and our CJ is also not taking notice of this loot sale because of “brotherly country UAE”

    • In 2008 company offered voluntary Separation Scheme in which more than 30,000 employees were laid off by offering handsome amounts. This caused HR cost to go abnormally high in that year only.

  • Etisalat of UAE’s subsidiary, PTCL of Pakistan performance is not so bad given one would have expected revenues to halve and so would profits.

    Previously they were running in monopolistic scenario and given the figures we see today, the results are pretty good and solid.

    The numbers and the advancements in wireless technologies makes one thing very clear, fixed line in any form is dead. With advancements such as LTE that can support hundreds of megabits, even the future of fiber optic is uncertain. I think the fate of fiber optic too as an inflexible technology is sealed.

    PTCL should aggressively move onto LTE bandwagon and build out capacity for solid data and voice network. PTCL also have frequency in 3.5 ghz space which has recently been made compatible with LTE. In fact, PCCW is building a network for LTE based on 3.5ghz in all of UK.

    Propakistani perhaps you can do a piece on this…
    and the threat to Pakistan Wimax players if PTCL moves to LTE network???

  • Rather a non professional approach for not being able to portray the picture in full context.

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