LinkedIn: Pakistan makes it to Top 20 with More than 700,000 Members

linkedin-logo (1)By Jawwad Jafri of Converge Technologies

LinkedIn, the World’s largest professional networking website has more than 700,000 members from Pakistan.

This places Pakistan in the 18th spot just behind Sweden but ahead of Denmark and Philippines.

Though the penetration rate is not sizable enough, but given the huge head count of Pakistani internet audience, Pakistan is easily placed as one of most populated communities on LinkedIn.

While the growth of social mediums like Facebook and Twitter has often been analyzed and debated, LinkedIn continues to grow in Pakistani market without causing a major uproar.

According to Alexa, LinkedIn is the 10th most visited website in Pakistan.


Source: SocialBakers

LinkedIn is helpful in multiple ways. Firstly, it helps people connect with their professional network without exposing their personal lives to everyone like on Facebook. Members can communicate with each other through private inbox messages.

One great feature on LinkedIn is the Groups. While the concept of groups is nothing new, the quality of Groups on LinkedIn is far superior to other websites. Each specialty area has a niche group and if not you can always create one. Experts from around the world are available to help and guide each other which makes the experience extremely rewarding.

Apart from the experience and learning for members, there are more perks of being a LinkedIn member. Headhunters are increasingly turning towards LinkedIn to screen and shortlist their candidates. The members who are highly active on Groups and establish themselves as “Subject Experts” get easily shortlisted. Also, the recommendations that each member accumulates for his past performances play a vital role in getting shortlisted by headhunters.

The major competition for LinkedIn in Pakistan comes from which is the 19th most visited website in Pakistan. focuses only on job opportunities and is the favorite of local crowd when it comes to online job application.

However, LinkedIn is emerging as a tough competitor even in this space. The power that LinkedIn has and lacks comes from the professional network and recommendations that is the core of LinkedIn.

For young professionals who are looking to move up the ladder in their career, LinkedIn is an extremely helpful resource which should not be ignored.

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