Facebook Friends Get to Roads, Protest Against Government

Power of media and specifically the power of internet is ever increasing in this era and one can never deny their fruitfulness as well as “effective” outcomes.

Starting from a simple advertisement, which mostly companies use for their business initiatives, can trigger countrywide campaigns that can shak the government in the roots.

Yes, the Egyptian and then Tunisian case is an example. Many of us are aware what happened actually and how the “social but virtual power” was used. Once again the famous web social giants were the platforms, Twitter and Facebook!

Most of the people were off the view that this idea, virtual group turning into a solid protest against government in reality, will soon be hitting other countries as well. It was earlier discussed in detail that whether the Social Media Revolution is Possible in Pakistan? and the first drop of rain has just jumped out!

Daily Times reported that there is a group of 150 friends which gathered virtually first, on internet are now protesting on the roads, for an Egyptian like cause. So this becomes the first protest of its kind in Pakistan and one can predict where may head towards, if properly carried out.

And not only this, almost half a dozen people from the group staged a protest in front of the Lahore Press Club yesterday. And literally the cause was the genuine one, ever increasing load shedding, inflations, poor economic condition and above all the foreign policies of government.

Talking about the campaign, Syed Haseeb Akhtar Rizvi, one of the leaders, said:

“Seeing the current deteriorating situation of the country, I took the initiative to launch a campaign named ‘Protest by students against corrupt politicians’ on Facebook last Monday.”

He said that he had gathered more than 150 like-minded friends on the Internet and they fully agreed with his initiative and endorsed the demonstration to bring about a change at the mass level.

Moreover, it is interesting to know that that most people among this group are young students, which shows youth is in the action as well.

Keeping it away from the political nature, as much as I could, we are hear to discuss the state of cyber world in Pakistan. We may soon be entering into a new era and anything at this moment will be pre-prediction infact.

But do you really think that groups like this will work in Pakistan keeping in view the present broadband penetration in the country, are we heading towards a change soon or they will be nipped in bud?

    • Dont you mean “against” Shabqadar blast? And what makes you think they approve it?

      Lots of civil society (aka not political party affiliated) people have protested against blasts. Did you not follow the news?

      It is the religious political parties that are mute.

      • O yea? like other parties condemned this? Seriously you don’t read what religious parties say.

        • I used to believe in them, but after seeing their student unions destroyed universities in 1980s and 1990s, and how they supported Musharraf reelection, how can anyone believe in them?

          In KP they won 2002 elections but in 2007 were thrown out because even the people could see how many were true politicians and how many were getting rich. Too many got rich.

  • 60-80% Public Live in villages, Who even still don’t know what actually is ‘Internet’.

    Out of 20-40% Urban Public, Only 10-25% will be use Facebook, and Only 5-10% will know the word Twitter.

    (These are core my Statics, might be all wrong.)

    • yeah. they are all wrong. your stats i mean, not the people who’re actually trying to make a difference.

  • people in Pakistan dont know the benfits of internet in pakistan. they only look atnegative things such as bad things on facebook etc… the internet is what will improve the standard of pakistan. it is the people of pakistan who need to use it wisely for good purposes

    • State Bank still wont allow us a payment gateway. Think of all the money local companies could have earned from worldwide service sales in previous decade (2001-2011). So many missed opportunities.

    • really? you did a survery on that? what makes you make a claim on behalf of 170 million? So what good purpose you try to achieve online?

  • We’ve already tried last 14th August at Mazar-e-Quaid, using Facebook, and out of 1M peoples (who checked on attended mark) only 60 to 80 showed up !
    thats pathetic, those who invite me to protest didn’t attend, and I invite lot of peoples, but they excused !
    so how come we “deserve” a better leadership, when we are not “Ready” to change “anything”

      • yes and what about CNG/petrol expense? That requires atleast an year sit down protest considering the fact that who is president here. Majority can’t afford that.

      • that why he wont stop using facebook, he cant get up from the chair thats the main reason, he wants to protest from the chair using facebook.
        Wow REVOLUTION will come if we continue using facebook or increase the number of users from Pakistan, just dont get up from your chairs.

        • — he wants to protest from the chair using facebook.

          Sorry I own smart phone, I can facebook from everywhere :)

          But you completed missed my joke. I was acting complaining like Zohair Toru

        • hahahaha “GEO aur SHAHID SALEEM KO CHAIR PER BAITH KAR JEENEY DOO: shahid saleem tu chair se urh kar bathroom bhi nahi jatey farigh honey :P .har wakt bas chair pe beht kar propakistani pe comment aur facebook use kartey rehtay hain :P

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