MeeGo Based Nokia N9 Confirmed for 2011

Seemingly Nokia isn’t going to give up with smartphones. At the Nokia Connection event in Singapore Nokia CEO Stephen Elop confirmed that the company’s first MeeGo-based device Nokia N9 will be made available around Q4 2011.

Nokia is hoping that this new phone will be able to attract Samsung, HTC or even Apple’s latest product lovers who value elegance.

Nokia says that N9 will be a high end smartphone, built for those who value class and beauty and, arguably, can be termed as one of the best phones of Nokia till date.

Most calling feature of Nokia N9 is it’s design. The 3.9 inch curved glass AMOLED display fitted in unibody design provides a new experience. Practically there is no gap between the glass and the display giving new life to phone display.

Made from polycarbonate in one-piece, phone has no screws, no edges, seamless design. All you get is just the elegance and smoothness. In addition to the design, polycarbonate helps reducing the weight and results in better signal reception giving user the best out of it.

Another prominent feature of this phone is that you will not find any button on the front side of  the phone not even a home button which Apple always loves to add. Here the phone gives you new control experience which is identification mark for this beauty.

‘Swipe’ is the word that is chosen. To visit home screen from an application, swipe the screen from corner and to unlock the device, simply double tap the screen.

The Nokia N9 comes in three colours: black, cyan and magenta and with storage capacities of 16GB and 64GB.

Nokia claims to have  8MP auto focus camera with Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash and super wide 28mm lens, which as per Nokia  works faster from start to capture than any other manufacturer’s Smartphone camera in the market.

HTML5 supported browser with Webkit 2 technology gives better browsing experience. Latest Nokia maps with voice guided navigation puts another feather in N9’s cap.

Downside of the phone is that it is still using MeeGo OS, which may not be very welcoming for the ones who are comparing it with other competitors. Unlike the other Nokia may be lagging on this point considering the application development on this platform.

Also this phones comes with 1GHz single core chip which in no way is going to compete the other giants in the market with Dual Core Processors.

Summing up, if you are looking for the beauty and class, N9 will welcome you with both hands but for those who are more interested in inside than the outer one, you guys really need to wait meanwhile Nokia launches something to compete Apple, Samsung or HTC.

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  • Nokia is still alive and great come back as this is better than windows
    This will bost the brand as well.
    Now i think this is real tough time for Andriod and iphone.
    Considering that Meego still needs lot of improvement.
    Just consider what pathetic iphone was when it was launched no MMS at that time no message forwarding.
    So good healthy business

    • — Now i think this is real tough time for Andriod and iphone.

      Ha ha! They are gaining market share by leaps and bounds while RIM and Nokia losing.

      — Considering that Meego still needs lot of improvement.

      Who cares. Based on Nokias plans it is basically obsolete compared to W7.

      • no meego is not obsolete. their will be more meego devices in the future. go and read something every one is saying that N9 is like of iOS 5 and android. look its performance and fluid ui. no keys required only you have to just swipe. much better than android devices. and yes nokia is coming back in smartphone market. even they are preparing 1 ghz s40 device. it’s now a tough time for android and iphone.

        • The only “keys” on my android device are: power, volume up, volume down. That is all.

          — it’s now a tough time for android and iphone.

          Keep dreaming ! They have already lost probably half their smartphone market share and will lose more before the first N9 ships.

          Remember, in West which is biggest SMARTPHONE market (unlike here which is DUMBPHONE market), people only buy Nokia if they cannot afford Android or iOS.

          • I don’t think meego will be cheap, as nokia symbians were never cheap :[ so better i will stick with Android which provides free application which symbian never does and people here use cracked symbian apps.

  • This is a little too late for Nokia. They should have come out with this kid of device earlier to have any chance to stand against the onslaught of iPhone and android devices.

  • Intel will abandon meego, and it will die like many other open source projects. Nokia should have gone Android but who knows whats going on between the executives. Seems Microsoft owns Nokia now. I hope to see Nokia fail and leave the industry. They switch up toolsets a lot, and they are still releasing Symbian phones? They should have scrapped plans and just start getting a Windows Phone 7 powered Nokia phone out. They are slow as heck!

  • I have checked the video of OS (Meego) really it will give tough time to Andriod and Hardware we all know Nokia is the best

  • it must be a dual core. Nokia have to make seriouse efforts to regain its position and remain on the top in the smartphone’s world. They are quite late in adopting the latest technologies. They are always behind of other brands like samsung, HTC and Iphone. They are not doing well in the processor’s race and displays on the nokia’s phones are also not so impressive at all. One good thing in N9 is that it has camera with autofocus rather than that useless fixed focus cameras. Really as i’ve used those cameras with fixed focus thay are totally useless even having a higher number of megapixels. Autofocus camera from carl zies are simply the best in the world. So in the camera’s field N9 is unbeatable. Design and shape is really stunning and eye catchy. Meego is not a bad OS, but there is always a problem of applications for that platefom coz it it doesnt have so much apps like andriod and iphone. In my opinion N9 should be launched atleast 6-8 monthes ago.

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