Conference Held to Promote Local Language Content

PTA PICPakistan Network Information Centre (PKNIC) and Urdu literature website U4U.Com arranged a conference for the promotion of local language content on the internet.

The conference was a joint venture titled “Local Language Content Stimulus” arranged at Lahore.

Talking as Chief guest of the event, Chairman PTA Dr. Muhammad Yaseen said that producing local content and applications is the need of hour towards development.

He emphasized on bringing future technological platforms to people at all levels. He said that local content can be handy in this regard in different fields such as education, health, governance and banking.

Quoting the example of China, Japan and Korea, he said that, local language content should be promoted by developing social media platforms, search engines and entertainment portals in local language. A huge number of people are already addicted to browsing this stuff in English and local language content should be promoted among them.

Chairman PTA praised that such events should be held for the promotion of local content and invited stakeholders to discuss this issue from future perspective.

Chairman PKNIC Mr. Ashar Nisar second the thought:

“This is a continuing effort of likeminded companies in the local industry to recognize the importance and growth potential of local language content on computer and mobiles”.

Pakistan Software Exchange Board (PSEB) was co-sponsor of the event.

  • It’s a great initiative but the entire site does not use Unicode but relies on images which does not make it portable, indexable or searchable. They need to start using Urdu Unicode if they want more wider distribution and adaption.

  • – بہت زیادہ ضرورت ہے اس وقت اردو جو کہ ہماری قومی زبان ہے کو اپنے مواد میں استعمال کرنے کی ہماری ہر پاکستانی ادارے کا اردہ میں بھی لوگو ہونا چا ہئے

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