International Hate Zardari Day: Facebook Guys Go Wild

‘Power of Social Media’ is a vastly discussed topic which, in my opinion, needs no more explanation at the moment.

In Pakistan where ‘social media’ has already breached enough through our veins, we usually mean Facebook by social media. Facebook, in no doubt, is providing an unmatched platform, at the moment, to the individuals as well as organizations.

Be it an advertising campaign or awareness movement, Facebook provides you free of cost place to gather people.

Earlier we have seen people going on roads against the current government, which had no positive outcomes considering one important fact that dire awareness is needed.

Once again we are going to witness another protest against the government, specifically against President Asif Ali Zardari – and the venue is Facebook.

But the bad thing is that the line has just been crossed – instead of protesting – Facebook users have started abusing, which is immoral, unethical and not acceptable to anyone.

International Hate Zardari Day International Hate Zardari Day, Facebook Guys Go Wild

We are not siding any political party or thoughts here and this is not a promotional post for the event but to praise the idea and to discourage the approach.

Positive criticism in healthy manner is always welcomed and it is the essence of being morally responsible that instead of launching violent protests and campaigns, which end up with utter loss of public but nothing else, things like this should better be adopted than going uncivilized.

But another factor that should be kept in mind that we are supposed to remain in limits here. With great power, comes great responsibility.

And we have the power of social media but using it the right way can bring the awareness, changes and the positivism, we all Pakistanis urge for.