International Hate Zardari Day: Facebook Guys Go Wild

‘Power of Social Media’ is a vastly discussed topic which, in my opinion, needs no more explanation at the moment.

In Pakistan where ‘social media’ has already breached enough through our veins, we usually mean Facebook by social media. Facebook, in no doubt, is providing an unmatched platform, at the moment, to the individuals as well as organizations.

Be it an advertising campaign or awareness movement, Facebook provides you free of cost place to gather people.

Earlier we have seen people going on roads against the current government, which had no positive outcomes considering one important fact that dire awareness is needed.

Once again we are going to witness another protest against the government, specifically against President Asif Ali Zardari – and the venue is Facebook.

But the bad thing is that the line has just been crossed – instead of protesting – Facebook users have started abusing, which is immoral, unethical and not acceptable to anyone.

International Hate Zardari Day International Hate Zardari Day, Facebook Guys Go Wild

We are not siding any political party or thoughts here and this is not a promotional post for the event but to praise the idea and to discourage the approach.

Positive criticism in healthy manner is always welcomed and it is the essence of being morally responsible that instead of launching violent protests and campaigns, which end up with utter loss of public but nothing else, things like this should better be adopted than going uncivilized.

But another factor that should be kept in mind that we are supposed to remain in limits here. With great power, comes great responsibility.

And we have the power of social media but using it the right way can bring the awareness, changes and the positivism, we all Pakistanis urge for.

    • I just hate politics…________, who participate in political things..

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      • Yeah insult your people so openly in the public.. Just look at the Picture. You can express your hate in other ways.
        I don’t know par humhen tho yahi samjhaya gaya tha K ghar ki batein bahar nahi keya kartay..

          • beta yahan ki baaten sabko pata hen, jo Government ki In-camera session conference hoti hai uski VCD bhi America ko mil jaati hai, so ye bakwaas hai ke ghar ki batein bahar nahin batate, aur Zardari ke sms to tum log barey mazey se forward karte ho.

  • 31 July is 1st Ramazan!
    I don’t like Zardari but he is currently President of Pakistan.

  • He is not a dictator. if you don’t him to be president then he won’t be. people decided in the democratic government.
    did people forget they voted for their representatives and then representatives have chosen zaradri.
    all i can say is “illiterate awam”

    • In democratic environment ,You are also free to express your frustration within limits

    • @ kashif….
      open your eyes….. look around you…

      the dictator was much better then our democratic president…. the common people doesn’t care about the dictator or democratic government. common man just need food for him and his family education for his children shelter to live inn and security…

      at least the environment was much better, less drone attacks people had jobs the country was progressing…. so don’t sing these raags of dictation and democratic government please….

      lets just stay at the topic…
      i also received this invitation , and as much as a hate zardari i didn’t accept it…
      because i though it wasn’t the right thing to do…

      • For those who claim that 47 % votes in 2008 Gen Elections were fake, please wait for the verdict of your Supreme court before you are booked in for contempt of court. And the inside news is, that IK and Mubasher Luqman faced a setback in their case after it was presented that NADRA ID card wasn’t necessary to vote in general elections of 2008. Majority of senior citizen of semi urban and rural areas voted on their old ID cards which aren’t computer readable or have any record in NADRA database.

        So let’s wait and see what SC decides on this ;)

  • Actually I am more surprised he is still around. There can’t be that much money left in te treasury.

    I am going to start a Facebook page – mr. Z is a smarter than everyone coz he ain’t got caught yet

  • this is a part of media compaign against elected president.i dont know y people feel happy for critcizing without an obvious reason.they criticize becaause other people criticize not knowing y r they doing so.
    if it is not media compagn then y there is no such critics againts gange brothers…………………..
    dont think like kamran khan,think for pakistan.
    before critcizing think y r we doing so? not just becaus people do so…

  • i think u r right ali,people like kamran khan r spreding despair every where as if whatever he says ,is right.
    i am studying in usa and many of us think that some media group is trying to demoralize pakistan
    zardari bura ho ga per har cheez ki koi hadd hoti ha

  • well. i also don’t like him as president. But choose a better way to do this.

  • Instead of celebrating hate someone day, it would be better if people took this anger out during polls at the polling station. That way they would hate themselves in case the wrong man gets elected

  • hahahhahah

    what do u think? to celebrate zardari day you will demotivate him? never ever. he is president of pakistan. he will be finest president of pakistan ever.

    u cant do anything to him.

    Dogs only work is to bark, so do it.

    • dude i believe you are a jiaala or something….

      the thing this that the event is unethical and that’s it..

      don’t try to defend his wrong deeds….

  • I doubt anything can happen on 31st unless:

    1- People in twin cities come on roads.
    2- Generals stops scratching his back and vice versa.
    3-Maha Raha Obama turns his face off him.

  • i dont hate Zardari, but i hate the system. He was democratically elected(socalled) by all and now all those are parting ways one by one, because they have eaten their
    share of pie and again out to fool the masses for next elections. It is “we” the people of Pakistan who are at fault. So we should blame ourself

  • Simply Idiots…. Zardari is our president because we deserve a president like him… We are individually a lot worse then him, farq sirf mauqa milne ka hai jo humei nhi mila, usse mil gaya lootne ka…..

    • salam

      bhai ek selfrespect b hoti hay jo app main zaroor hogi but zardari main nai hay garanted ;)

    • Asad,

      tum nai bilkul teek hai bat sirf moqa milnay ke hai, Begarat tu is sai bhi baray baray hain

  • Why only Zardari

    why Not Altaf Hussain (Drame Baz)…Nawaz Shareef (Asooli Siyasat)………Shebaz Shareef (Singe)……..Pervez Musharf(Dancer)….Choudhry Shujahat (Mati Pao)….Sheikh Rasheed (Cheater)
    Imran Khan (Play Boy)…. Moulana Fazal ur Rehman( Halwa Party) ……. Munawar ul Hassan ( Doghly)

  • Aaj kal jisko dekho ZARDARI fobia me mubtila hy
    Kia iss se pehly mehngai nhi thi load shading dheshat gardi loot maar daake nhi thy Musharaf dor me log Aat Chheni aor Ghee k liay liney lagay hoa hote thy Droon humle tu ussi k dor me start hoay
    Nawaz Shareef k dor me corruption nhi thikia Qarz Utaro mulk sanwaro Yallow Cabe Scheme aor pata nhi kia kia drame MQM haq parst jamaat hy iss liay hr Hakumat me hoti hy jb tk maal milta rehy theekh nh mily tu black mailing Karachi aor Haydra bad k baad ab yh jamat poory pakistan me misaali amn qaim krna chahti hay……… deni jamatain inh ki siyasi kalabaziyon se kon waqif nhi

    Asal me hum sab corrupt hain apne gireban me jhankne ki zaroorat hy hum corrupt logon ko vote dete hain woh apne se bady corrupt logon ki hakoomat banwate hain har adaada har jamaat har shoba corruptin k samundar me gharq hy
    so Why only HATE ZARDARI DAY
    Khud se bhi nafart ka din manao

    • Very well said Mr. Tahir Hussain, it is certainly a very shameful act that we defame our own President on a platform which the whole world can view.

      It is a fact that Pakistan already has the worst possible image internationally, and we are just worsening it day by day.

      Instead of working towards improving it, we just blame President Zardari, a democratically elected President because we like blaming, and he is the only person in the forefront.

      I have personally visited areas where he is very liked, mostly in rural, because of his BISP and many other programs. People do not realize that making a country progress after nearly 36 years of dictatorship, things cannot change in a few years. It takes decades to undue the wrong doings.

      Unfortunately, our people do not understand that, and that is why we are in this condition today.

      How many of us perform our daily prayers, and do rightful things. Sins have prevailed in our lives and we expect good things to happen to us. Corrupt is not the government, but it is us who are corrupt, look at every institution from clergy, police, army, civil bureaucracy and every other. It is hard not to find corruption.

      First we must change ourselves, than expect others to change.

      • Man, He is ‘President’ of country, He Can Change the things, I know personally many peoples who are have been DIRECTLY threaten by President Zardari for corruption, Now See, Why is there 2 Day LoadShedding ? Don’t he supporting the Cartel of Patrol Pumps, for the Sake of Patrol Pumps earning he is putting in the hELL Whole Nation.!!!!!!!!!

        Zardari… CURSE ON YOU……..

  • Zardari’s name should b included in the Guiness Book Of World Records for getting a compliment which no other President of any country in the world had ever got in the past nor would ever get in the future. On his official visit to UK he was shown in an English Daily shaking hands with the British P.M and underneath it read” Our Prime Minister should count his fingers after shaking hands with Zardari. MQM made a political blunder of their life for nominating him as The President. Had Justice Saeeduzaman Siddiqui been elected, We would have been in a much better position than what we are now. We can pray to God help us in getting rid of this group of evil genius people who are sitting on the places where they do not belong at all. I hope now people would realize think twice before u vote.

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