Mobile Zone’s Website Down, Account Suspended

Seems like Mobile Warranty providers are going down in the country, earlier we saw MOBO International’s website in wrong hands and here comes the second of the list.

Mobile Zone’s website has gone offline with an Account Suspension message.

Now this is something really disappointing as we have repeatedly asserted on the importance of official websites and how important role they play with the fluctuating trends of the market. But instead of aggregating the trend we are going negligible here.

What Possible Reasons can be, For this Suspension?

Though we cannot state exactly what happened at the back end but still possible reasons can be discussed.

First of all if we look into the whois details of Mobile Zone’s website, it states that website is hosted on a dedicated server.

But it is not necessarily true that website is hosted on a dedicated server as whois details show this information when website is assigned with a dedicated IP address and you can even have a dedicated IP on shared hosting as well.

And I must say, errors like ‘Account Suspended’ never show on dedicated server as no one can suspend you like this but to put you offline, and that is an extreme.

So it apparently rules out that is hosted on a dedicated server.

Next comes the privacy thing, your hosting provider can suspend your account for any copyright claim, piracy report or illegal content. So we are all well aware that Mobile Zone had a custom designed website with slightest chance of piracy or copyright issue. Even if they had, hosting provider always warns you about that to remove the disputed content or your account will be suspended.

Mobile Zone’s tech department might have ignored that but still there are minimal chances of such incident.

Over-usage of the resources is one big factor here as shared hosts usually manage hundreds of clients on same server so they won’t allow anyone to use extra resources, resulting in glitches for other users. Hosting company will surely warn you about such incidents and even if it was the issue, Mobile Zone should have moved it’s website to some VPS with high resources, at least.

Last but not least, the only reason we are left with is, Non-payment  and literally hosting companies won’t tolerate that. So chances are, that account got suspended due to non payment of the dues.

We haven’t got any official word from Mobile Zone on the issue yet, post will be updated as soon as, and if, we are able to dig further into the issue.

Thanks to Agha Mansoor Azeemi for pointing this out.


Mobile Zone has finally taken action about the issue and the website shows “under construction” message now.