Mobo International’s Website Gets Horrible

We have discussed over and over about the importance of maintaining official websites and how they impact company’s reputation in market.

Customer always have a soft corner for the brands having official websites and they (unintentionally) give priority to them, considering it more quality product or organization, which is not necessarily true though.

MOBO International which provides warranty for Mobile Phones is now dedicatedly serving Samsung Mobiles.

Mobo International’s website is under construction, even worse, the webmaster seems to be pretty ill-mannered in nature and is using foul words in website’s title.

Mobo International’s website title says: ” ::-Mobo f**king you Internationa-:: “

Part of the main page source code is shown here:


<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />

<title>::-Mobo fucking you Internationa-::</title>


It merits mentioning here that the website is still under construction and we do not see any sign of hacking attempt so that someone else might have changed it.

Also the website is being hosted on a shared account so there are least chances of unauthorized access but from those who have credential details.

We are not yet sure about who actually is maintaining the website and any news on the issue will be updated, as we are in process to get some.

Thanks, Rizwan Yaqoob for tipping us on this.


Finally the web developer has removed the filthy content but “under construction” page is also gone. Seems like all the data has also been removed, including the index page as well.

  • I joined propakistani for being consistent and original information making rounds in Pakistan, but it seems that day by day, it’s losing it’s focus on delivering quality content I’ve been fan of.

    Please make sure it stays the same ProPakistani website it’s been from the inception.

  • i am unable to open completely

    but some part is display

    my anti virus is avira

    help me

  • Sorry to be off the topic, but why pro pakistani articles start from background of the topic? Actual discussion is buried in useless hyperbole or something. Why dont you start from actual topic? You can incorporate background some where in the middle of writings. But it feels very non creative and passive when you always start from abc… Do you think your readers are too creepy?

  • mobo is fake…………. with 2 no waranty……………. thy r faking us …………. is ka koi b mobile waranty main repair ni krte ye………. jst chote moti problems solve krte hain………… main ne apne payse zaya kr dy, but tm log na krna……….

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