PTCL Increases Line Rent to Rs. 199 per Month

PTCL-logoIf you remember, back in May 2011 PTCL had introduced Super Sunday offer that allowed unlimited free PTCL-to-PTCL calls on Sundays.

With Sunday offer PTCL had also increased line rent from Rs. 174 to 199 per month.

This promotion was meant to remain valid for 2 months – but now PTCL has decided to keep this offer till further notice, with increased line rent for everyone.

So in short, PTCL line rent for landline phones is increased from Rs. 174 to Rs. 199 per month – and you will get unlimited free on-net calling on Sundays.

Not to mention, Sunday package was activated for every customer, even if they didn’t want to avail it and hence everyone was made to pay Rs. 199 line rent per month.

Telecom Recorder claims that PTCL has got the mandatory approval from authority regarding this – which means PTA has not put any objection against this increment in line rent.

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  • While this is a good move by PTCL to offer something of value against an increase in line rent. I have come to know that people who have subscribed packages with line rent waived off dont need to pay anything more and can enjoy the free Sunday free of charge.

  • i already knew that ptcl is trying hard to get more from customers pockets. all this is due to monopoly in DSL .and they are taking advantage of this.

  • Not too bad at least I liked the Sunday free offer. But I think their should be a opt choice for users who don’t like it.

  • line rent increase is not a package Mr. Propakistani…it is just that PTCL is marketing it as Sunday Offer.

    So if it is a package it could be opted out or in but since it is an increase in line rent all have to bear with it with the exception of those who are on packages with zero line rent.

    The packages with zero line rent in fact include line rent and this increase in line rent makes those packages more attractive.

    Yes single play dsl sub are disturbed from this but honestly speaking the unlimited offer from PTCL is too attractive and economical

  • PTCL commercial team ands management is baseless and should be sent home…they are pathetic, has no esthetics and has no idea about how to make or market any package …they have hired all shifarshies who are all the time politicising the organization and making under carpet money

  • What is the basis for this? I don’t know why our telecom fees are being raised nowadays? Yet i have not seen any of them raised their employees salary. Weird telecoms industry

  • I would prefer people switching over to mobile. This people really sucks, if you can not extra provide quality service for the extra charges, then it doesn’t make any sense. Nowadays people need to abandon them and go for mobiles, preferably loading with prepaid calling cards.

    • When was the last time you heard companies taking a 2-sided decision…sunday kau muft caalain kar paisey pooray kar lau.

      That is the only option we have otherwise pay for it if you are a dsl subscriber and download more to recover your money.

      the commercial relationship between a customer and the company has always been and will always be about power to exploit the needs. The need to make money vs. the need to get the service/product

  • PTCL wants to increase the line rent of those lines which are not according to the standards. So about 15% increase on this poor media is not fair.

    Increase in line rent will also reduce the numbers of lines of PTCL because people will prefer to opt the services of other operators or mobile connections. As per my knowledge the number of lines in 2005 was about 5.5 million but in 2010 lines reduced to 3.3 million. It clearly shows the interest of people is going down. At this stage increasing to line rent is not justified, in my opinion. PTA should take necessary action against this decision.

  • You dont expect consumers to appreciate increase in prces but then telcos are commercial in nature and businesses are run on profit motive.

    Line rent all over the world is charges and much higher than what PTCL charges. Earlier PTCL used to get subsidy from international incoming but thanks to Dr. Jasmine it’s nore there.

    However, a nominal increase in line rent with unlimited calls on sundays is a very attractive and commercially sensible proposition for residential subs.

    Unortunately the blogers on this site are data driven and have no value for voice services on fixed line and are irrelevent for PTCL walas

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