Microsoft Accidentally Leaks its Social Network!


Facebook, Google+ and now Microsoft’s Socl? It seems Microsoft doesn’t want to stay behind.

Reported by Fusible, Microsoft accidentally published something on its officially owned domain and yes it was all about “social and share”.

As the image shows, the service called “Tulalip” is thought to be an initiative form of Social Networking, and this time by Microsoft.

Teaser page stated that “With Tulalip you can Find what you need and Share what you know easier than ever”

It is said that Socl is guessed to work in pair with Bing making it Social Search, if it comes online again.

Later Microsoft said that this page was accidently uploaded and they had no intention to do so. Microsoft said that is an internal design project from Microsoft’s research team – unintentionally published on the web.

Website now states:

Thanks for stopping by. is an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research which was mistakenly published to the web.

We didn’t mean to, honest.

By the way, is said to be Microsoft’s domain as well.

  • there is nothing accedential, do you think so such a big player can make a such type of mistake and at a time when everywhere is G+. I bet that was a ‘planned’ mistake.

  • “There are NO accidents.”

    ” Wu Gui said ”

    “kung fu panda”

    Ha Ha Ha .

    watch the Wu Gui speach try this one

  • i cant really say if it was a mistake or a calculated move but i have been following nokia and microsoft for a while and they are planning for something big …… nokia has already realised that it wont stand a chance again IOS5 eventhou what n9 is offering is something really different so in order to break the trends it filed a suit against iphone n won royalities n then its n950 developer phone which in a press release was said too be a powerful machine doesnt makes sense if they wanted apps and games developed for the meego it cud have been easily done by a pc or n900 so something fishy is absolutely going on …… one more thing microsoft is nailing companies using the android os and won a case against htc already n sonyercson is in lineup so this clearly shows that the two gaints i.e microsoft and google have a cold war going on but the most amazing thing that i read was that microsoft is not suing google eventhou android is smthng google strted

  • This could be more of a social dashboard kind of a thing you can see the facebook and twitter logins. It would ‘combine’ user’s live data, facebook and twitter accounts etc

  • Microsoft own skype now and 40% shares of facebook :-DI don’t think they will launch a new social network to beat facebook/googleplus. Google Plus is still unsure for its success because community is waiting for their application engine they would provide like where peopple integerate application and facbeook gets x% in revenue.

    Let see.

    • Who owns Google? About 50% is owned by just two people Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both of them Jews.

      Check your facts boys

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