Naushad Javaid Resigns from Telenor

In a major and sudden development at Telenor’s head quarter, Naushad Javaid Director HR, resigned today – we have confirmed this with our sources in the company.

Reason of Naushad’s resignation is unclear so far, however, sources close to him opine that departmental restructuring at Human Capital Division could be a possible reason. The unsettlement since Nayab Baig and Salman Tariq’s departure still persist.

It merits mentioning here that in addition to Naushad, Mr. Faham, Manager OD, Umair Akhter, Assistant Manager, competence development and others resigned from their positions just recently.

Naushad is considered as one of the top organizational development resource in the industry while his presence at Telenor since 2006 is considered vital for the performance, skills and the yield of Telenor’s workforce.

We don’t have information about Naushad’s future plans.

Naushad had joined Telenor Pakistan as Manager OD, while he was promoted to Director’s position back in November 2009.

He had worked with Pakistan Tobacco, prior to his association with Telenor.

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  • tel

    i think every one should resign from telenor.leave alone telenor.telenor leave pakistan.

    • Caveman

      Still upset you never got that job their, maybe you failed the physc test !

      • tel

        tu appko q aag lag rahi hai?

      • Aizaz

        Telenor sucks man !!! :)… are you really interested in testing his physics :p

  • Faysal

    Aucha Huwa

  • Ghauri

    Just because he became a director in 2009 makes him a TOP OD resource?

    Why is it that any tommy leaving telco becomes the biggest loss for the world?

    Propakistani seems to be inspired by pakistan’s electronic media in creating false impressions

  • LOG

    ok now i am taking over from that guy now … koi tu job vacancy aayi :P

  • Party pooper

    I don’t think telenor will miss any of them

    Telenor is doing the right thing

    [Comment Edited]

    • admin

      @Party Pooper and Ghauri

      I wonder why Telenor kept him for 6 years… if he wasn’t worth enough (according to you)

      • Party pooper

        They were some of the lucky ones protected by Nayab, he was a soft touch, bent the rules to protect them, after Nayab was booted out and the new Head of HR took over it was a matter of time. In telenor you get time to demonstrate improvements so if you don’t improve you are out.

        • admin

          6 years… too much time to prove something…

          you kept nayab for this long too? even knowing he was soft – bad planning huh? should we expect more resignations – maybe all those who were hired under nayab?

          • Ghauri

            Admin, i dont even know the guy but only commented on the sensation you try to create with such news. honestly, i have known many ppl in tp but had never heard of this gentlemen who must have been a good professional but then your eulogy requires some substance :)

    • Ahsan

      You are right bro, telenor guys are very proactive since in there start & no doubt that they are giving outstanding service & right now they are 2nd largest mobile operator in Pakistan. Anyone can experience the signal strength & mobile internet working without hassle & do test the signal if you have a house near IsI office building.

  • Munnu

    I hate telenor

    [Comment Edited]

    • 777

      munnu i also hate telenor.

      • esc

        yes i also hate telenor because i doubt telenor is freemasons company because i saw signs of freemasons in djuice ad.and also brtish government gave secret funds to easypaisa,why?for some secret dirty work?yea.per kuch ho na ho daal main zaroor kuch kala hai…

        • Umair


  • Ghauri

    Telenor is now perfectly hijacked by mobilnkers…

    • Faheem

      @Ghauri: Think again, mate :)

  • Thank God One Job vacancy has been created. I will apply for this post now. Lolz

  • Truth Teller

    News is that he resigned because of difference with the CMO, cause of his insistence on hiring in-ept relatives and personal friends

    • In your face

      I have heard the same, it seems that Aamir is able to talk around the CHRO and get his family in the job. He also got his good friend promoted to VP strategy and he is as clueless as anyone just sits at his desk all day and surf the Internet for ideas.

      Telenor is going down the drain !

  • Keen

    You guys simply love some spicy news…
    If Telenor director resigned so what???? We haev enough problems of our own much bigger then some guy resigning from telenor. KIndly get some good stuff up here on this blog!

    • Jammer

      This spicy news is better then reports of bomb blasts, target killing and tales of corruption.

  • Ghazi


  • Ghazi

    telenor network is destroyed by Huawei and managment is on way to destroye it.

  • Mr Facts & Figures

    I would like to shed some light on the situation. Yes some of you are right, relatives, friends and close associates are being recruited. Its not this guy tho, their are two culprits involved here. The chief and his little sidekick director, looking after OE. These two guys are class fellows and have totally destroyed the structure of HR department and the organization.

    They are both not competent and totally out of their depth. This HR guy i am talking about is simply copy and paste from previous job and the director is simply yes sir i I LOVE IT. It’s sad to see actually, as these guys should not be in these positions to play with careers like this.

    • Jammer

      You mean CHRO is involved as well??? No way man he looks so innocent with his sheepish smile :D

    • Twisting Facts

      The little sidekick director is amongst those who joined TP in 2004/5….he has a good reputation and did well in regulatory as well as LDI business as director before moving into the wretched VAS… was his efforts that brought momentum to internet usage on mobile although by that time he had just been moved to jon eddy the ex ceo

      So if nayab beg asked him to join HR and jon eddy agreed and on top of it hired another beg as vp HR who happened to be director hr’s class fellow then i m really impressed :)

      and by the way i hear naushad was also CMO’s university mate.

      ohh arent we impressed that the new vp HR has ruined company jus like that?

      we are nothing but good at spinning conspiracy theories

  • Who ME

    The CMO in Telenor Pakistan is hiring his own friends and family members, and is ruining the culture at Telenor. Naushad was also part of the CMO gang because he was completely incapable of being a director. The new VP HR in Telenor is an immature person and it is said that he will also be thrown out in less than six months.

  • Mr Facts & Figures

    Yes he is. Looks are decieving my friend. Very decieving. Conducting interviews on saturdays (a non working day) away from head office and also outside of Telenor office premises. :)

    • Jammer

      I have heard same from many others as well. No wonder people are resigning.

    • Twisting Facts

      As if interviews outside TP office have never been conducted before? you seem to be too innocent Mr Facts….

      Ask nayab beg and the ex gora CMOs where they interviewed ppl for director level jobs

  • Mojo

    tHe TEL-e- NOR top management sucks instead of improving the quality and services playing dirty games why the feel threatened by someone who is more competent than them MR -X your days are Numbered here one way ticket back to island , it is writing on the wall

  • Mr Facts & Figures

    now you guys are talking, Top management play games and theres no one to protect innocent competent people, thats why the good guys are resigning. policiex are being broken. someone must investigate quick. one more year for Telenor unless they fire these two HR comedians.

  • Someone

    I hope Telenor does not start making the same mistakes which Mobilink made a couple of years back. Messing with workforce in the name of cost cutting can prove to be very expensive. I am not saying the employees who do not perform or who have integrity issues should not be kicked out but this requires to be done with extreme caution otherwise some people start settling their personal scores under the umbrella of restructuring and downsizing/right sizing. If you lose employees trus once, it takes years to rebuild it.

  • Anyone

    Hi all one thing is for sure as Director OD time was completed in telenor, no issues he will find something much better as he know his way to success. But people in this corporate world nothing is permanent and my advice is we should be prepared for our end results, rather than raising finger on others…telenor is a good company to work in but the people at higher level are not competent enough to take challenges…for a competent person.

  • Up in smoke

    I hear Nayab has been asked to come back by the CEO, it would appear that he has won his court case in Norway for wrongful dismissal. It is chaos in that department these days, apparently there has even talk about going on strike.

    Let’s see how this turns out, I knew this would happen once Nayab and Haroon Bhati left, it was but a matter of time.

  • Mojo

    ok one should hire legal services in Norway before working in the TelEEEEEEeeee NORRRRRRRR — kamoshi ka bycootttttt– and TALK shock replaced by new package for employees JOB shock – — To da moon Babbbbayyy—

  • David

    Telenor has become a mobilink hum lately. The CMO is calling all the shots with him hiring his buddies from mobilink. Someone here mentioned him getting his friend promoted as VP Strategy. I have also heard that they got some girl promoted with very less experience as a manager in strategy just because she is friends with these directors. Its sad to see Telenor who came with a promise of being fair about hiring people is slowly turning into a typical pawaa lagao jaga bano company now.

  • Justiceleague

    As an HR professional, I can confidently say that you cant just fire someone and that too at a director level without solid and concrete evidence. That evidence usually is a combination of Performance and Behavioural assessment. Moreover, firing someone requires the approval of the whole top team who make an informed decision. To all those conspiracy theorists out here, please grow up and stop blaming innocent people, i am referring especially to “Mr Facts & Figures”. Its very obvious that you have recently left the team diosgruntled. If you are so sure about things, you should have confronted them not run away. We all know that time is the best judge.

    • hungry for your job

      i agree mr Justice – isnt it time all the truths come out. Wait, whats that sound ?Do i hear a compliance officer knocking on your door ;-)

      • Justiceleague

        You would love to hear a compliance officer knocking on my door, after all, you are Hungry for my job :)

        • Unman

          How was the visit from the group HR person, i hear he was very keen to meet with you!

          • Justice is blind …

            Very keen, the rope is getting tighter and tighter Mr VP HCD & Mr Director OE. Im sure you must be having sleepless nights,which is well deserved. Bringing your own buddies from backgrounds not even remotely resembling HR. I am also sure you guys are making money in placing friends and family in TP. You guys desreve to be on the streets begging for jobs. I can see a few more lawsuits in Norway soon.

  • Mr Facts & Figures

    Firing, who mentioned the word firing. OOOOOh Mr Justiceleague it was you. WoW, now thats news to a lot of people. I can see a breach in confidentiality as Justiceleague writes on this forum from within the boundaries of Telenor’s premises.

    Was a Director realy fired here, whats the story, please share more justice :)

    And as far as leaving Telenor, who said i have left ??????? LOLZ

    Change your name to Mr insider information. haha

  • concerned

    Much of what is mentioned above could very well be true, God knows – but it seems to me that some of the people leaving these comments are TP employees and all they’re doing is to defame their own organization and causing reputational damage – that’s not grand!

  • Justiceleague

    You call yourself Mr Facts and Figures but rely on assumptions and allegations. The way you have been reacting to the resignation of Naushad and the comments you have made for others, it seems obvious that you are the disgruntled insider yourself. People like you have nothing better to do but to defame others by spreading rumours. stop being sleazy as its a sign of a coward person. If you are so sure about your facts and figures, share them with us rather than hiding behind your false alias.

    • Sad but true

      But Shan – why would anyone come to you, you are part of the problem, what you gonna do, fire all of us that complain. You yourself know where the TP values originated from, how could you let them go. Imagine after your failure as director of VAS you were asked to resign. You would be with us all here today protesting the shame of it all. All I can say now is that you used Nayab to protect yourself, but now you change your coat to keep yourself in a job.

      Shame on you

      • Justiceleague

        What makes you so sure that i am shan? thats exactly the problem is, you guys are so sure about yourselves that you miss the whole point. I dont even wanna waste my time replying to your comments because they are SAD and not true.

        • angrybirds

          they maybe sad for you but being an insider you should atleast verify them. they are very much true and a general feel in your division. you should be concerned and work on root cause of the issue by not favoring few copy paste U’s around you

      • Twisting Facts

        Director VAS isnt that challenging role in my opinion that if someone couldnt do well you ask him to leave.

        TP didnt do well after torre left because the next ceo had to prior experience of runing a cellular company as a ceo and u cant run a company in Pakistan by residing in dubai.

        so once again nayab came to shan’s rescue and then resigned from TP to bereplaced by shan’s class fellow…

        Shan you sure are very chalaak ;)

  • Justiceleague

    You call yourself Mr Facts and Figures but merely rely on assumptions and allegations. The way you have been reacting to the resignation of Naushad and the comments you have made for others, it seems obvious that you are the disgruntled insider yourself. So stop whining and for once write with facts and figures or change your name to Mr assumptions and allegations :)

  • Anyone

    Me and all other people out there want to know the hidden real story of Mr Naushad Director HR resigning so suddenly, and above all the higher management let him go without putting any effort to “Retain” the real talent of telenor….either he was forced to do so and if not then why people are hiding the “Facts”

    • Next steps

      It’s very simple – a few individuals have taken it upon themselves to destroy Telenor from the inside. It will all become clear soon when you see various movements who is pulling the strings and telenor is so stupid that they can’t see it.

  • Ghost

    Naushad was a class and a resource that cannot be replaced, its a gap that Telenor Pakistan will not be able to fill in for sure!

  • Anyone

    I agree with you ‘Ghost’, Mr.Naushad was a class resource for Telenor Pakistan. Telenor will feel the gap very soon, which is for sure is not replaceable.
    I am very curious to know…..if anyone can answer it……

    “Why Mr.Naushad resign”?

  • Gul Khan

    so why Naushad resigned??
    any update?
    btw why commercial is flooded with people from brand and marketing and why 80% of the new hires are female??
    What is mr CMO’s hidden agenda??

  • Watcher

    Chalein Naushaad Saab, aub soota kahein aur lagaeein…… :)

  • Watcher

    Anyone… your answer to “Why Mr.Naushad resign”?..

    He had conflict with the new VP.

  • Anyone

    “Watcher”….well as far i come to know is that Mr.VP have some professional threats from Mr. Naushad, as he knew that Mr. Naushad is a great resource and he know his field better then Mr. VP so i dont think it was a conflict issue, as none was raised……. so i think u better come up with the real answer…..