Say it All – For the Love of Your Country

say it allBy Hareem Deeba

Independence Day is just hours away and my mind is drifting into the time when I used to do a lot of preparations to celebrate this special occasion weeks before its arrival.

There was this time when August 14 actually used to be a Green Day – a day when you could witness no other colors but a combination of green and white, when you could hear no other sounds but those beautifully composed national songs which can trigger your nationalism any moment.

Months and weeks before, one could see that wave of emotions rising among the people of Pakistan. It was the time when Independence Day was actually celebrated as a day of freedom for all. And today, while thinking of that beautiful old time, I cannot decide how to celebrate the freedom while I am confined at home over the weekend due to this political chaos spread in my city of lights.

Few hours back I shared this thought with my friend. Out of frustration, I told him of my desire of taking some action in this regard. I confessed that it’s not easy to bring a change but a collective effort can surely turn into a productive effort gradually.

But a direction is required in this regard as well – a direction of what we should do and how we should do it. In response, he shared a link of the website of ZONG with a remark, “Go on! Say it All”.

I thought he passed this comment to cheer me up as this famous tagline of ZONG is commonly used among all age groups during conversations especially when they are about expressing yourself with freedom. But to my amusement, the link took me to the “Say It All Contest”.

Yes! You read it correct. By excavating details, I found out that this contest was initiated particularly for August 14, almost a week ago. Considering the fact that a lot of people are still unaware of this campaign, it is amazing to see the number of participants on the website.

Totally impressed by this unique idea of ZONG, of once again providing a platform to the people of Pakistan where they could express their feelings and thoughts with complete freedom, I couldn’t resist the urge of mentioning this campaign in my write-up.

The competition, as explained on the official website of ZONG, is an opportunity to show respect and love to our motherland. The contest is designed simply and all you have to do is to submit your answers to these questions,

  • Share one good thing about Pakistan
  • Identify one major issue of Pakistan and suggest a solution

The comments are open for online voting and the best and most voted responses will be awarded with exciting prizes.

The procedure to take part in the contest is as easy as the contest itself. Just enter your name, NIC number, mobile number, age and complete address. Write your opinion for each question and submit the answers for voting. That’s all! You have said it all that you wanted to say.

Once done with sharing your viewpoint, you will actually feel that you are heard by this whole lot who is reading your opinion and if by chance, you got maximum vote then that is going to be a double treat for sure. First, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of being one of the lucky winners and second, you’ll achieve a satisfaction of being a partaker of this rewarding opportunity where you actually managed to influence a certain number of people by your beliefs and won their votes in your favor.

At such situation, when we can’t assure the possibility of celebrating Independence Day with complete freedom this year, I find it quite satisfying to celebrate it with full liberty at this platform given by ZONG. If you wish to contribute to this thoughtful contest, then express your love for Pakistan by visiting the link below, and say it all!

  • Sigh. Another contest that wants your CNIC, with no clue for us on how the CNIC information will be used and then destroyed.

    I do not understand this obsession with CNIC in polls, contests, etc. It cant be for “security reasons” for a contest like this.

  • Azadi Mubarak to all and Zong has taken a good initiative to encourage the youth to speak loud about the country.

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