Aamir Liaquat Video Being Pulled Off from YouTube

aamir_liaquat_videoVideo of Aamir Liaquat, using abusive language (off-air), that surfaced yesterday and got viral all over social media is being pulled off from YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing websites under the copyright infringement claims by Geo TV.

However, it looks that Geo got little late as video was downloaded to local machines by hundreds, if not thousands. They are not replicating Aamir Liaquat’s video by re-uploading it on count-less servers.

This can serve as a case study for many, who aren’t convinced with social media’s abilities and the power it has got in it’s tools. One video, one day and you are doomed.

And a lesson for media outlets and those who want to pull off a specific video: It’s never easy, near to impossible! So, make sure your video never make it to the social media – or you won’t see the face of life again.

Few believe that video was leaked by someone with aims to blackmail Mr. Aamir Liaquat, who currently hosts a Islamic TV show with ARY TV, while others opine that video was deliberately made viral by Geo TV after Aamir Liaquat moved to ARY Group – but of course, these are theories and we aren’t aware of the facts.

Clip shows him using profanity during recordings of various prgammes, most of them from Aalim Online – a TV show he used to do for Geo TV.

Just in case you haven’t seen Aamir Liaquat’s video – and want to have a peek, go and try your luck on this url.

Aamir Liaquat has termed the video as fake and dubbed.


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  • Shaharyar Qureshi

    I cant believe on this.
    Horrible what i saw.

    • GuLZAR

      He is not an Alim, a good host and and intelligent person.

      • Moonpk

        he is just a quake and a juggler… no more

      • Hamza Latif Khan

        yup bro u r absiulutly ri8 (Y)

    • QUEST

      Khuda ki Lanat Paray tugh per Amir Liaquat…….the video is not fake…..even wen u watch it with no sound…..ur body language is enough to reveal ur ghalazat……Lanat ho tugh per…khuda ki lakh lakh lanat…..

      • Faraz

        Correct the body language shows the truth.

      • Hamza Latif Khan

        aur janab ap pr kia ho? ap ki itni pyari meethi aur DUAON se bharpoor zaban pr?

    • Hafeez

      Do you know that when he was associated to MQM, use cut peoples hand and finger as tortured. He has fake degree and resign from NA. He is totally fake person, Video is original.

      • Video is not fully orignal.. But Aamir liaqat have fake page on ARY

        • kamran

          ALLAH give him a persnal burner for him where he will fire every movment. if he want to save so he should TOBA to Allah

          • Hamza Latif Khan


  • Mansoor

    Video or no video I still don’t understand why people follow this fake ‘Alim’

    • Hafeez

      Which Alim is real, all have there own shop and we buy whatever they sell. Name any one, dr. tahir ul qadri, do you think he is real Alim. Please don’t start another topic. All these are crock and they exploited Islam, because we don’t study and give this job as out source. Best thing try to learn as much as you can and follow Quran and Hadith, not these so called Alim.

      • Abdullah

        Hafeez, don’t write such stupidities. If you are away from Islam or Non-muslim, keep you thoughts with you.

        • Shah Jee

          Dear Abdullah,
          Hafeez is quite right. Don’t take it personally. Unfortunately as Hafeez said, we don’t study our religion and know the important details as we should so we have to rely on Alims like him and others. And an other misfortune is that we don’t focus on being Muslim but we love to divide ourselves in various religious sects. When asked, we say ‘I’m Sunni, I’m Shia, I’m Wahabi, Ehl-e-Hadees, Ehl-e-Sunnat, and the worse part is that every sect calls the other ‘Kafir’ or wrong believer. Islam is the religion of logic and simplicity. Read Qur’aan and Ahadees and you’ll see that the basics about life is very clear and easy to understand in them.
          I Hope Inshallah one day we Muslims will be one under the Flag of Islam, which is the religion of peace and tolerance towards our religious brothers and sisters and other religion too, Aameen!

    • Asif Ali

      You r right Mansoor He is not Alim even he is a fake degree holder. People calling him Islamic Scholar (My GOD) how could he be a scholar he is even not a B.A degree holder.
      Mujhay nahi Pata Kuch log Itne bhi Aqal k Anday Ho saktay hain k sab kuch dekhne k baad bhi iss Laanti ko support kr rahay hain. Asal mein Un ka apna koi Mazhab hi nahi he.

  • Adeelx

    Real Face of @AamirLiaquatt (HQ 50MB Video)
    TORRENT: thepiratebay.org/torrent/6604967
    DIRECT DOWNLOAD: http://www.4shared.com/video/2f5BJnho/Real_Face_of_Aamir_Liaquat_Hus.html

    • Adeel

      The video is fake as the lips are saying some thing else while he is abusing … it is totally a professionaly dubbed video.

      • Mustafa

        we see many videos where audio and video are not synced .. with minor timing issue. i think it’s not dubbed as his gestures are helping what he is saying. for example when he was talking about a singer/qawal, he was really clapping like a heejra!

        • CrySTal DreAms


          • salmanaslam


            • Imran


              • A for Apple


                • Cody2907

                  check this out:

                  Nothing is dubbed … its absolutely real, he is liar, the biggest of these times.

                  • Omer

                    Even if this video is real, who in whole world can come forward and say that he has never used false language before and is a perfect individual? a real pak, perfect, free of all sins! I guess there’s no one, not at this time, Only Rasool Pak is a perfect individual. A perfect human being.

                    Problem with pakistani people is! They forgive who they want to aka (nawaz shreef, zardari etc) but if someone like amir liaqat makes a mistake then he is a sinner of all times. none like him etc.

                    Kisi ne acha kaam kia us ko to na bhulao. Jitna knowledge aur raaz ki baten amir liaqat ki wajah se maloom hui hein. kis ne aaj se pehle kia ye sab kuch?

                    It’s very easy and fun to point a finger at someone then being pointed at. Every one should first look at yourself.

      • Adeelx

        The video might not be in synch with the audio, for that I can show you a multitude of videos! ;) The video is 100% authentic – Most of the videos are in continuous frames.

        • CrySTal DreAms


        • CrySTal DreAms


      • Aamir Liaqat

        Kafi Nazuk mamla hay…

      • ALY

        @ Adeel come on, it can be judged easily by any sensible person that its a true video….. especially his bad language shows how he perceive the Religion behind the camera. I really felt bad the way he took Religious conversations off the camera in non serious way.

      • Shazad

        O.K video is fake?? cause lips not getting match than how about of his hands movement like clamping and specially his hands when he is trying to find that Indian actor name and he is saying that actor done so many rape seen in the movies. Being a sound technologist and dubbing, I can assure that video is 100% REAL.See even what Amir friends are saying about him. He is a big cheater and liar. Even his father Sheikh Liaquat Hussain declaired ” Aaq ” to both of his son Amir and Imran before his death. His brother Imran is another cheater and both brother doing buisness in the name of our holy and great religion of Islam. Please rid off this cheater from every T.V channel also take him in the court for cheating for the religious T.V program and using dirty language when helded ” Qasida ” in his hand also Quran on the table.

      • Asif Ali

        O Mian saab Puri Video theek se dekhi bhi he mein ne 1 1 lafz per us ki lip reading ki he uss ki body movement check ki hain. App ne konsi video dekh li jis mein uss k lips wo baten keh hi nahi rahay ussi Video ka Doosra slow mixing version bhi aya he aap jese logon ki Aqal ko dad dene k liye usse hi dekh lia hota.

  • zain

    look like video is deliberately leaked by geo tv as it contains his clips from various shows.
    what so ever is the case, this video is shocking

    • Shazad

      You are right. I am agree with you that video leaked bu Geo than they baned on the Youtube too and saying copy rights. But how conme Geo took this guy on the T.V program when they knew he is a piece of shit and dirty person.

      • Faraz


        Dear Geo wants to make money…..till the time they were able to sell him they were happy….but as aamir left them they took a kind of revenge…..in our country mostly (not all) people wants money no matter which way it is coming…may Allah swt guide all of us…Ameen

  • kashif

    Thanks Amir for exposing this so called alim, who is acually the opposite.

  • Gulraiz Ahmed

    I saw this video it is really shocking I already knew about his dual personality he should be kicked out from all media channels. Lets not be fools to follow him again, but I know we will forget all this Hippocracy and we will again be calling “Amir Bhai…!!”

    • Adeel

      Well he is not getting any thing from public or we are not giving anything to him. but he is spreading the good knowledge and doing good deeds while being in the media.

      He is just helping the peoples.

      • Faraz

        Yah, but if you find anyone using such abusive language and later the same will come and ask you to do good deeds and stop doing wrong. you will think that he himself not following and try to force me for that. Its a big mark on his character now.

      • Shahid Saleem

        — Well he is not getting any thing from public

        When you have ANY TV show, you are not giving directly to channel. And yet they are making money! How? Viewership! If people keep coming back to a channel, they make more money from ads. You can get a 30 second ad for Rs 50,000 (example) but if many many viewers watch a certain show, the channel can says Rs 150,000 for the ad.

        How else do you think TV stations make money?

  • Stone

    The article should be renamed to “Being tried to be pulled off social media”. Most interesting thing would be to see what Aamir liaqat’s reaction is when he comes on tv today….

  • waqas

    i just saw it, if Geo knows than why he was part of Geo for at least three years

    • Faraz

      Geo is a commercial channel bro. No matter if they are making money form anything they will let it be there. They released now because Aamir is not a part of their team .

      • Arsalan

        That’s the reaction of Geo TV employees when he was in Geo:


        It means, everyone there knew he is fake and just an actor.

        • Naeem Ilyas

          Brothers i saw this movie 1 year back, and that time the movie of amir liaquat was not exposed,

          byetheway amir liaquat is such a rubbish person, get him through out of all media channels,

          he not a amil, he is such a bas***d

  • I solemnly believe this guy is “Dahria”. He is in the news almost two years back when he made abusive statements for the Khulfa-e-Rashdeen.

    {comment edited]

  • Cute

    Wish that people comes like that against our Culprit Govt. So that we can get liberty.

  • Nauman Afzal

    What a shame. I think he is Zalim online. Somehow his sugar coated words never appealed to me. My hunch is true I guess. And I think Geo is no different, all con men and artists have joined their ranks. Its a pity our religion is being propagated by such cheats as the like so f AAmir Liaquat. These are the kind of people who bring bad name to our religion.

    • Shazad

      Hahahaaa, I like it” Zalim on line”. but brother I can say ” Stupid on line” or ” Evil on line” who is dirty byself but using riligeon to make money.

      • Lostdude

        Itna saj dhaj k, koi alim nahi, koi “Riakaar” insan hi TV pr a skta hai, Allah wale logon ko itni sajaawat or fashion se kia wasta.
        Pahnawa or shakal dekho, larkion se ziada wakt or paisa barbaad kia hota hai.
        Dajaal k lafzi maani bhi yehi hain k jhoot ko such k parday main aise chupa lena k jhoot hi such lage.
        wakt ka dajaal hai ye.

  • Siddique

    Its so late to get expose him…anyhow “der aied drust aied”
    He has captured ppl only by his style of speaking not by the Knowleged. He Phd in only 20 days after doing Master from Trinty collge of spain.(Mubashir Luqman @ Dunya news exposed). Its looks very funny he took for master 7yrs aftr bechalor and only 20days for Phd.
    I would only say about him he is Kabees-ul-Khabies

  • kashif

    amir, geo owners and programe producers all should go in jail, why geo hired a guy who is not an “aalim”. this mean they are just joking with our religion. GEO murda baad

    • Faraz

      Aamir liaqaut was only anchoring in the show where aalim sits and talk about religion. he was a host only. But the thing is mufti’s and Aalim should not allowan abusive person to host that kind of a show.

  • Tipu

    Yes, he should be kicked off from media and thrown-ed into dustbin.
    I think most of the women call in his shows who dont know his real face.

  • Kamingi at its peak!

    • lol, Ahmed Bhai, You are right though.

      • Aslam o alikum kasy ho DR:aamir hussain bhai muj ap ka show bot acha kagta hai our ma is ko shok sa sunta ho bhai meri ap sa ruqst hai ap aj ke raat ma meri name dua ma shamal karan

  • admin

    aamir liaquat

  • Jon

    He is a great actor, even how abusive language he is using in this video regarding that Indian actor when he says how many girls he r**** and much more.
    and still in evening most of us watching his programme daily, he need to resign immediately and stop his programme anymore.

  • irfan zafar

    He speak a truth about Qadiyanies on Geo TV`s LIVE show. After that they(Qadiyanies) protested against him from England. Then a Telephone call was made from Mr. imran (Karachi Geo) to sorry on this. Geo is a secular TV Channel and asked him to excuse from Qadiyanies, but he didnt do that so they fired Mr. Amir Liaqat from Geo. He then joined ARY Last Year. This video is published this year to Blackmail and heart his Popularity. He was in MQM and too young of others Islamic scholars, so he was an open minded person. I worked with him in Geo in 2005.

    • tipu

      What are you trying to justify???? That he is not a**h*le??

      • Saleet

        Whatever he has been doing in past… no issues… agreed… Q is …What he has done ??? Why he is not even daring to justify it on media ??

      • Ahmed Shabbir

        Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain person who resion the national Assembly after incident of “LAL Masjid”. And May be this video is early day of its learning. Now day no one defend the Mumtaz Qadari in media…
        In End Allah Amir ko Hadayait de. Ameen

    • Mansoor

      You forgot to add the conspiracy of RAW MOSAD CIA Aliens etc against this angel of a guy who can do no wrong. This exactly the mindset due to which people get duped into following jali peers.

    • Siddique

      afsos howa hy Mr. Irfan……u r still defending him

      • irfan zafar

        Not defending him. he excused on Geo about his acts. So Allah will make a justice. We cant, after his excuse.

        • Abdullah

          Remember, Irfan sahib.
          Sahaba ko jo ghulam haa, humara wow imam ha.
          He has to face alot anger of ppl.
          How deliberately he is abusing and using bad language and still we are blind and deaf to protect him.

    • Well, Your statement make no-sense. I know Qadiyanis are something not which are MUSLIM is but why to kill him? Aren’t they HUMAN BEINGS atleast? People should learn tolerance.

      Many people wrote Qadianis as AGAINST Creation of Pakistan… People should see the character of Sir Zaffarullah, who Draft the Lahore Resolution. He also didn’t recite the Janaza of Quaid-E-Azam. Whats bad in it? He not tried to be a MUNAFIQ at the time.

      I also don’t like Ahmedi`ism & Ahmedis are not MUSLIM but Still they are human being.

      • irfan zafar

        murataddeens are able to kill.

        • Shahid Saleem

          People who CONVERT to other religion are different from people who are BORN to other religion. Understand that. Children have no choice.

    • Mani

      Haha… How he laughed on “nazuk sorat-e-hal” and fake mula was just surprised…. lol

      • f5

        is ki ye video anay k baat tu isey koi bhi dekhana pasand nahi karey ga likin is ney jo qadiyanio k khelaf jo step liya tha wo bhot zabardast tha.but is video k baat tu is ki credibility shayad zero ho jai.

        • Shazad

          O.K who can take step against ” Qadianies” can use dirty language even fron of Quaran cause when he is saying dirty the Quran also was on the table and ” Qasida” in his hand. Please brother do not think like this and we have to eleminate these kind of peoples who they open shops and selling religion there, I mean doing buisness in the name of Islam. Thanks

    • tari

      absolutely true
      Amir is much better than most of the so called religious scholars.
      atleast he is not promoting violence on the basis of religious beliefs.

      some people who remained antipakistan in the past , now want to occupy and make it a failed country only on the instructionof their uncle Sam

      • Ahmed Shabbir

        I agree with tari.

        • Abdullah

          Daikh laina, Both of you.
          Jahan wow jai ga, tum hee waheen uss kay sath na chalay jana.
          AP yeh batain iss liya likh rahay haan keh emaan banaya nai, aur jo ool fool bakay, wow better ho jata haa…

    • Shazad

      I know very well about this guy. If you were working in Geo than how come you do not know about him. This guy taking good time on make up before start program. Make up is requirement before every program on T.V but for the religious program?? This not drama serial and he is not actor who is taking long time to do make up even very expensive garments. I am related with media too and knows he is a lier cheater person.The video is REAL. Geo staff knows video is real and true representing Amir reality. Actually he and his brother both knows how they can make money to use religion. Just see his brother Imran, what he is doing. There is video about his brother when peoples doing ” Sajida” on his feet. Is that video fake too? come on brother say cheater to him and please kick out him from the media. Shame on him. He is representing ” Shetan”.

    • Shazad

      I do not know what you are saying. He did Zabardast for qadianies than he can do every dirtiness in the name our holy and great god gifted religion. Come on brother. He is a big cheater and doing everything what he can do for money. O.K He did great job against qadianees than how about when he said against the our Pask ” Khulfa-e-Rashdin” and Sohaba. Than he said sorry on it. Try to understand that he is a lier shetan.

    • Mudassir

      A man of such a character has absolutely no right to portray himself as a religious scholar and issue fatwas. Islam is not a joke, its a religion for the whole mankind. Shame on people who still advocate his innocence. This shows we are really an illeterate nation. His face shouts wickedness and shrewdness, how come people can’t recognize that. Even the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) never preached hatred and killing of infidels, how can anyone declare Ahmadis (qadianis) liable to be killed, when they claim to be muslims. Its a tragedy that a claim by a community for being muslim hurts the feelings of so called muslims.

  • Tufail

    I already know him to be so long before but the tirany is that people will still keep on believing in him.
    You can watch his current programme and will observe as if nothing happened.

    This is black side of our media that even they come to know about bad actors of society, they continue as they want money only. Unfortunately, Geo has been on top in this regard as Geo had this seen before and never stopped promoting him.

  • alina


    [Comment Edited]

  • Altaf

    Such people have damaged our religion and country more than any one else.

    Please spread it as much as you can so that the innocents don’t get trapped in his fake personality.

  • Danish

    Actor hai. siyasi adakar ke baad ab pakistan k fakharya peshkash “Mazhabi Adakar”

    • Copper


    • awais


  • Xahid

    hahahah, I saw it in the morning at FB !
    never seen his show but after watching his “real show” I think, he is real funny …
    but using Islamic Platform for his stupidity should not be tolerated, Geo and Ary Both are equally involved in Islamic Bashing as much as Mr. Amir Liaqat, Good News from Propakistani. spread it as much as possible … so peoples should learn not to trust on “Media Mulla” ie, Ghamadi and Amir Liaqat Corporation !

    • irfan zafar

      yes you are right. we dont ask questions from our Neighbor Masjid and Any AAlim faazil by face. We pakistani people are also fake and ask questions like these fake persons on phone.

  • Yasie

    I have actually known since many years that this guy had a fake Doctorate degree just like Babar Awan…Apparently Geo decided to expose him only after he moved to ARY…..No denials will protect him now because every sane pakistani who has seen or heard about this video will know how Big an Alam he actually is

    • irfan zafar

      Not only he but also Mr. Babar Awan, he is also a “huge huge media Aalim” of our time, his programs on airs on both Atv and Ptv. An other big name is Mr. Ghamidi(Whiski scholar). Its our fate to seeing these type of people on TV.

  • Taha

    He should be kicked from all media channels now on..By the way dont learn islam thro these kind of idiots….Aab to sub se he yakeen hut gaya….

  • Ibn Sardar

    The real FACE of nam nihad Mullahs of our country, spreading the message of hatred, calling other KAFIR and murtads…What are they themselves?


  • How many access to internet / facebook. Ofcourse viewership of television is quite higher then internet access. And video won’t be on air on any tv channel i am sure.

    • Copper

      You are underestimating the power of net. Its viral now!

  • Yaar Aamir Atta Bhai, Thora Check karain iss video ko with deep analysis or by some softwares, Is this video fake or real? Some parts really seem fake to me. not all but some parts.

    • Xahid

      Looks so real with his body language …

    • Mani

      The video is made from various off-aired segments of old tv shows which were aired on GEO TV. Definitely its a professional editing work and deliberately released by GEO. However the video is not fake and the person (Amir) in video is 100% real and his voice is genuine.

      • Mustafa

        i would have doubted that this video is fake but at several ( i should say many ) places his body language and gestures are completely helping his words; audio/video sync could happen with any video, watch tv programs carefully today and you will notice this thing quiet often.

    • irfan zafar

      these are real parts. Because he also used this type of cheap language in Earthquake transmission in 2005 in Muzaffarabad off air. He was a powerful minister at that time.

  • This video is not fake, coz each and every moment of this guy meet with sound, if the video was edited then there must be some conflict.

  • safder

    I love my pakistan……
    But there are many culprits in my beautiful country and he is one of them……
    aik baat aur …
    pakistan men agar ek makkhi bhi mar jaye to ilzam qadiyanion par hi aata he.
    sorry to say ….
    Typical mentality of my poor countrymen.

    • Xahid

      is topic main qadiyani beech main kahan se aagaye ?

      • Shahid Saleem

        it is because Amir made comments on his show and then soon after that many Qadianis were targeted and killed.

  • I never watched any of his or other secular’s on tv channels…
    Mano ya na mano ye sab islam dushman log hain…They are working for agencies like CIA, Mosad, RAW …..
    He and the channel should be banned if the channel knew all this…

    • Ali Haider

      Yes U r Right

  • Ali

    No doubt ” Shatan Online “

  • junaid

    @Amir Liaqat Hussain if it is a fake video then what are you sorry for in this clip,,,,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JjS9lrglYo

    Allah Knows better, May Allah protect us from the REAL munafiqeeen

  • Mohsin

    fake video hay yah, kuch parts real dekha ker or baki fake per dubbing ker kay Aamir Liyaqat ki personality ko kharab kernay kay liya kiya gaya hay. i hope juld hi sub kuch samnay aa jay ga. Kam az kum is baat ka hum sub logon ko khiyal kerna chahiya kay ager woh media kay through koi bhi achi baat hum tak pohancha raha hay to bora nahi ker raha. baki jo bhi hay us ka apna fail hay.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Is it more fake or less fake than his PhD? :):):)

    • Mansoor

      If this had been any other country the person in question would have apologized and resigned over this allegation from his program but no we are Pakistanis and we never admit our mistakes instead we blame everyone else except for ourselves. And people who make excuses for these kind of people deserve _________ like him good luck…

      [Comment Edited]

      • Shazad

        You are right. Perfect what you are saying. We are ” Dheet ” not resighning even going clear our selves and how many peoples still bleaving that Amir is true and video is fake. See even he is taking telephone calls in the program from next room.

    • Copper

      Instead of apologizing he is trying to save him by calling it fake, just watch the video and you will realize how fake it is.

    • Faraz

      Mohsin, I am not sure for what reason you are trying to save Aamir. Actually aamir’s body language matching the words and statments itself a proof.

      And remember Izzat aur zillat sab Allah swt ke haath main hai. Allah exposed his face. Ikhlaaq pe chalna sab se mushkil hai. he should applogize Allah and he will be forgiven. Allah the most high and meriful

      • Burraak

        I think This comment was posted by Amir liaqat himself…

        [Comment Edited]

        • Mohsin

          sorry, brothers agar ap logon ko yah lag raha hay kay yah comments bhi Aamir liyaqat day raha hay to pher to ap log bilkul sahi ho, kion kay ager is baat per yakeen ker liya hay to pher is video per bhi lazmi ker saktay ho. mayra koi aamir liyaqat reishtay dar nahi hay na hi main kabhi zindagi main us say mila hon. bus tv per hi dekha hay, but agar yah video ap log gor say dekh lo or if u have some expertise on graphics or media then you can easily understand it. Allah tala jhotay insaan ko zaorr baynaqab karay. Aamin
          or haan yahan beth ker or forum main comments day ker hum log islam ki taraqi or it fitnon say buchnay kay liya kuch nahi ker saktay, real life main bahir nikalna ho ga dear.


    Allah Knows better, May
    Allah protect us from the
    REAL munafiqeeen

    • Salman Abbas

      You mean 99% Pakistani “Ulamas”, “Muftees” and “Molvis”, right?

  • Gulfam Mustafa

    I have seen the video and I can see, it is not dubbed at all. The video is 101% genuine and real. I hate Amir Liaquat.

  • love islam

    every video will get deleted from fb and youtube so plz seed this torrent for sake of Allah & Rasul e Pak And Islam


    • Billabadmash

      I am seeding :D

    • Seeder

      Yes I am seeding too :)

  • soban

    Amir liaqat should be banned on ARY Network. First I saw a video on http://www.pkcolumns.com who blocked the columns of Amir Liaquat Hussain because of his poor language against Sahaba-e-Ikram Hazrat Umar Farooq R.A and Hazrat Abubakar Siddique R.A. And http://www.pkcolumns.com team requested the media to block Amir Liaquat Hussain but they didn’t but facebook did it.

  • Ali

    Authenticity of this video is in doubt…..Watch and listen carefully at 0:17. Though I am not advocating Aamir. You listen, you watch AND you decide!!!

    • Sajjad Saudi Arab

      yes i saw this video and other i match them and observe there are some doubts.Face are different and voice also different and body language is also different. SO best way is to see and contact personally MR.Amir Liaqat.Please mr Amir give all people correct answer.

  • Copper

    Latest: AamirLiaqut at twitter is no more!

  • osama saif

    This video is completely fake.I am not in favor of amir liaqat.If you watch video closely then it is not a difficult task to identify those points at which creator of this video failed to match audio and video timeline correctly.
    Watch this video in slow motion using jet audio.

    • Quotes

      Did you see his body language? where he is clapping on quali joke, and other facial expressions

    • salmanaslam

      I dun think so, rather matching his voice. Cant you judge by his body language?
      Either tell me scenario when he can clap like a qawali person? or his rape gesture?

  • sid

    AMIR liaqat is an evil i knew it from the very beginning,i never tried to watch him on tv.And those who are trying to take his side are his own friends or relatives,sorry to say but SUCh TO KARWA LAGE GA NA.

  • Haleem

    Hey guys,

    The full video (plus download links) can be viewed on this dedicated page:

    Hope that helps.

    • Asif Sajjad

      Hudd hoti hai…
      They made a dedicated page for this shit…

      Kamaal hai yaar…

      This really would be a false thing….

      • Faraz

        Sir jhutta jab expose hoata hai tu zillat ise he speed se aatti hai. Aur Izzat aur Zillat sab Allah ke hath main he hai. as you know this.

    • Salman Qamar

      Great work!

  • ali

    if the video is fake then y do GEO owing it and geting it banned on youtube and fb and other medias ?????

  • arwa

    dr aamuir liaqat iseat scholer and all time favourite. i dont believe such a fake video. i love dr aamir liaqat

    • Copper

      Admin: why dont you check the same person sending comments with different names arwa, memuna,umer

  • arwa

    DR. AAMIR LIAQAT HUSSAIN is a true lover of islam and a great scholer.we all believe on him. he’ll be in our heart always.

    • Billabadmash

      he is such an a _ _ he should be banned and who say this video is fake needs to remove the fan glasses he is never a good person i hate him and he will never get good at any point

  • mamuna

    dr. aamir liaqat sb is a great person. he is a great great great scholer and very tolerat person. this fake vid is all about a propoganda. we should never ever make a false statement without knowing the fact.

    • Shahid Saleem

      His degrees were shown to be fake many many years ago (maybe 2004 or 2006). He is no scholar. Tell me which college he attended, who his teachers were, etc. You don’t even known.

      Drop the act.

    • Sajjad Saudi Arab

      you are right

  • Nauman Afzal

    The fake Aalim has now the gumption to call this video a fake. WOW! That’s what I call height of imposter-ity.

  • umer

    i love and believe aamir liaqat. some dirty poeple want to spoil his name

    • FARHAN

      Its Good that Peoples have seen True face of this fake Aalim. Specially Last part of the clips (even all the video)is 100% right because after using abusing language against two great “Khulfa-e-Rashideen” he made sorry to the nation. This Aalim is very stupid and idiot too…

      • sid

        Can u please explain the “gustakhi”…i guess he was just giving u some facts from history…

    • GKM

      He is gustakh-e-Sahaba and not trustworthy, In his programs he might tell you 2 good things but the third thing might be wrong and can ruin your ‘Aqeeda’.
      So be careful while you trust or believe him because eeman is a sensitive thing which every person should be taking care of.

      • Naveed

        @GKM Agreed 100%
        Shiatan always use 99% truth but 1% false can ruin your eeman and against the true believes and you unable to identify it
        May Allah protect us from such people

        • CrySTal DreAms


          • bibiAajBiZindahai

            Just be aware of the fitna’s of this time. Rafadi/Rafazi are wicked, slipping in the slice of evil within in the sandwich of truth.
            Just be ultra watchful of the these people. Amir liaqaut, TahirUlQadri.
            I wonder if ppl have noticed his bias against deobandi & saudi ulemas. Who is spreading the tafarika now.

      • Saeed Khan

        If he done any Gustaakhee bring him to COURT, he just talk on historical reality basis, Which everyones do like Abu-Ala-moududi, Maulana Shibli Nomaani.

        I also don’t like him for his clip.

      • Faraz

        Actually he not a aalim at all.He is just hosting religious shows. i think for the religious shows host by himself should also be a aalim. But ppl dnt take these things seriously, Due to his good presentation ppl start liking him.

  • hina

    aamir liaqat is a true lover of islam. ye fake vid hay, just unko badnam karnay k lye. he is my all time very very fav.

    • iKhan

      u r a retard and blind follower.
      liars and munafiqs will defend the liars and munafiqs.

  • Naseer

    Ok guys i ain’t defending the guy but it is very possible for the vid to be dubbed for xample :

    Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA


    Edited / Dubbed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii5IUihNuno

    The lip sync is sooo perfect … u be the judge !!!

  • Imran Shah

    FAKE AND G*y….You can see that the video is faster than the audio…(it means the audio has been edited)….There are some real clips included like that ‘nazuk surat e hal’ wali video to give it a realistic touch, it might do the trick for those who have just started using internet and get excited at something like this, but i have been here Since day one…(yes i have paid 250/HOUR …YES! I HAVE SCORED CHICS ON MIRC)lool good old days…anyway bottom line is …Middle finger to those who uploaded it and to those who think its real!

    • Danish

      and all five to those who think its fake.

  • Affan

    he is fake aalim and many others are too who are on the media. and there is no difference b/w GEO and JEW!!!!

  • Mindhacker

    first if the video is fake they why geo try to stop it their must be something fishy, secondly if we agree with the aamir liaquat saying its fake then he must take it to the authorities that can verify the authenticity.

  • Imran Shah

    Looks like my comment was not allowed because the admins are biased thmeselves, first for posting something like this on an IT fourm—-(which shows that the admin wants to spread haterd against amir…2ndly by removing my comments in which i have backed amir)…….

  • Imran Shah


    • Mani

      Yep freedom of speech is necessary, but no vulgar language should be tolerated…. You said Middle finger to those who uploaded it and to those who think its real. I wouldn’t point my Middle finger to those who believe its fake, but I must point it to you for your vulgar comments.

    • Shahid Saleem

      You have 100% freedom of speech: post in your blog whatever you want.

  • Adeel

    here is the torrent link for this video


    DOWNLOAD AMIR LIAQAT’S REAL FACE video via torrent

  • Salman Abbas

    lol. Btw there is also a video of Mubashar Luqman proving that Aamir Liaqat’s PhD degree is fake in the ‘Khari Baat’ show :p

  • Saeed Khan

    ye video forged lagti hai, some parts are right, slang are FAKE.

    • Yes you are right some parts of this clip are clearly fake!

  • Jamil Agha

    Watch here: This won’t get deleted…ever.


  • zatak

    the video is 100% authentic.only problem is in video audio synchronization, which makes us to think that audio is dubbed.it can be readjusted by lagging audio to 600ms.(by pressing + sign in media player classic while video is being played in mediaplayer-classic)

  • Ali

    ummmm, if u r a geek, u’ll surely witness that the video is fake one as its creator has failed at certain timeline point to match audio with the video. Though the work has been done neatly but lacks professionalism.

  • Mansoor

    Why am I not surprised that some people are claiming it to be fake. When will pakistanis wake up from denial mentality. If these are fake I want him to sue Geo or how ever released this instead of making lame excuses. BTW people who know him in person will attest to the fact that he is like this in real.

    • Faraz

      Agreed, If video is faked aamir can sue Geo in the court of Law instead of giving other excuses. But i think aamir is guilty here.

  • If this video is fake then why doesnt he show us the real videos that shows him clapping and that laughing qari?

    HE DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE IN THE COMPANY OF ALIMS (don’t know if he called real alims on the show), so stupid to ask them if they have watched a movie on a so called RELIGIOUS program.

  • Asher


    It’s fake and well professionally dubbing, i closely monitor, somewhere lips movement doesn’t match with the voice we heard.
    at initial we sees something fall and words comes out from Aamir Liaquat, doesn’t match with lips wording..


    • rizwan

      its not fake,real! real! real! real! real! real!
      real! real! real! real! real! real!

  • Ahsan

    the video seems real clearly.

  • Ali Aamir

    Its a facked video, Aamir Liaquat Hussain is a true muslim. He could not do all of this,

    • ahmad raza

      u r really innocent

      • rizwan

        too agree with Ahmad raza

    • Thanwi

      shameee on u

  • Naeem

    Is there any Lab here in Pakistan who can test this video either its real or fake???????

  • Faraz

    Aammir Liaqat is not a trustworthy any more!

  • Saleem

    One thing seems clear that MEDIA people are blackmailers….Media keeps recording your private talks and then uses against person, if he/she joins other group.

    He was a host, not AALIM of this program…and to be honest, this is common language of most of Pakistanis so what if he was speaking the same…I am just shocked the way GEO TV people are recording personal talks and then spreading such clips to malign hosts.

    • Mani

      Fully agree with you on these points

    • ahmad raza

      he was no just host. he himself claimed in his programe that it is not attack on Amir liaquat indeed it is the attack on islam. how could the attack on amir liaquat and attak on islam ara same?

  • murtaza

    who says this video is fake i seen it this video is nt fake its a real video guys

  • Imran

    I must say that why we watch all these programs on TV, don’t we have Quran with Translation, don’t we have masajid with AALIMs, MUFTIs in Darul-Aftas, Authentic Books, and so many other ways to konw about our problems and their solutions, I request u please do not relay on these tv shows.

  • Doctor B

    bohot nazuk soorat haal hai :P

  • Saleet

    Well, For me, the Media Tv should also be blamed and must have brought under strict criticism, Y do they knowingly introduce such a low character people ?? WHY ..??? Just only to get attractions and publicity in ppl ?? We have to believe most of our media is just playing with ppl sentiments.. The dont have anything to do with TRUTH and Worthy… Yea sirp apni dukaan chala rhay hain.. nothing else ..

    • ahmad raza

      very true

  • you can always watch the video at my private link http://usmanmir89.blogspot.com/2011/08/truth-expoxed-aamirlaquat.html
    This happens when a cooking oil seller is Called Aalim. Shame who kills Ahmadis on his speeches.

  • People who are saying the video is fake Can SomeBody tells me what he was doing when he was Clapping at the Set of AAlim Online I think singing National Anthum or Piece of Animation. You people THINK Awam is idiot NO you are…wasay GHALIB film kis kis na dakhi ha anybody got the torrent???

  • ali

    he is just a ___________.please dont follow him…no one can prove that his video is fake…all of us have seen thousands of fake videos and we all know how those are dubbed…but is khabees insan ne bajaye mafi mangne ke, isko jhutlaya…

    [Comment Edited]

  • Abdul Hadi

    I recommend he should join some late night show, on which he can talk profanity from his heart on screen. He is an excellent actor, as proved from his performances in Islamic shows. But if he can shed all his veils and speaks as it comes to his mind, he will be a bigger hit and will find followers many folds than he currently has.

  • madee


  • talha

    ALLAH hamain aysay khabees logo sy bachayee, yah wo log hain jo awam ka aitmaad hasil kr kay peet main churree ghoptay hain…….batain kayse krta hay on the camera or camera k pechay es khabees ka roop daykho…touba

  • Jamil Agha
  • iKhan

    i have watched the video… his body language, gestures, lip movement and almost every thing tells that the video is original, not fake. the only fake is amir liaqat himself. he is a gud actor, but a big liar and munafiq.
    i have also watched the video in which he terms the original video as fake., even in that video, his body language and gestures show that he is a bigggg liar.. probably the biggest liar. he is a munafiq for sure.
    some people follow such personalities blindly, i would say, never follow someone blindly except Allah and His Prophet (P.b.u H). anybody abusing Sahabas and the companions of the Prophet cant be a muslim. i have watched videos of amir liaqat in which he abuses sahabas.
    our society is full of pple like amir liaqat, and munafiqeen. such pple can do anything for money. so beware of such munafiqeen. May Allah show us the right path and protect us from all fitnas.

  • waqar

    This is not the first time that his clips is on air,he is a liar Alim and should be punished…and i dont know why tv channels support that type of liars….

    • Faraz

      because they are making money

  • Ahmed

    In the clip the other Alim was sitting there, Why not he comes on the media and confirm about the clip, whether its false or right…………..I can tell you one thing he is a big actor and a munafiq.

  • djX

    The guy’s past is tainted! M sure it’s all genuine.

  • ahmad raza

    allah kissi ko pehli gulti per zaleel nahe kerta.amil liquat ki last year bhi vedio aee thi and then he said :main toba kerta hoon:
    but he did,t change
    now inshAllah allah iss ko dunia kay samnay zaleel o ruswa keray ga

  • Jojo

    Watch the archives of 4man show in which he was mimiked …. i don’t see any difference between the real and the mimicked one… Drama hai drama

  • rizwan

    Me request to justice Iftikhar muhammad ch please take serious action and start court trail against this bastered aamir liaqat other wise our muslim peoples not trust on any aalim.please you all send emails to chief justice for taking action against this bastered and all Geo team,all Geo team is like this aamir,last night in kamran khan says this video is fake,magr wo hum sub ko mazeed bewaqoof nahi bana sakty,we all know videos real hain us harami ky face expression sy sab pata chal raha hai or kamran khan aap ko bi marna hai allah ky aazab sy daro.khuda ki lanat ho tum sab par.

  • rizwan

    please complain against Ammir and Geo tv Network to Director Pemra
    Tel: +92-51-9107101
    Fax: +92-51-9107104
    [email protected]


    i do not want to know he has a fake degree.do not want to know he is ill mannered.do not want to know he is an actor and all his talks are “siasi bian”. I only want to know that what he is doing can u do it.or any one in “social media” is doing this.can u love a patient like that.can u deliver sweet words for such people which he is showing in his programme.no glamour no drama bazi only love for needed persons.think for a moment that he is not ulama but people are happy that someone is listening them.i have never liked him but what he is doing i like that act.but alas what we can do?just comment.any may be someone say that i am aamir self .alas.

  • Muhammad Faisal Rafique

    Once Amir Liaqat first time presented himself as a humble host on television,,, on his first gesture and action as a patriotic and like a young saint,,, really felt by me that he is pretending to be very over smart and will get hollow fame very soon,, but i really didn’t like him even first time,, okay while off air his voice was dubbed but what was that once he was dancing with the same dubbed voice once sitting besides mullaas,, one was of duyo bund and other from ah lay tashee,,,, Amir Liaqat is disgusting, only sayings and suggesting others towards Islam first he should implement those sayings on his own self…. Please being muslim whether from any fiqa should not praise or motivate Amir Liaqat being a bad character which is known as Munafiq in Islam,,,,,,,,,

  • Qasim

    Yar main jab bhi is ka Program Dakhta tha mukjay to shakal sa he fradiya lagta tha ajj sab ka samnay a gia aamir fradiya

  • Saeed Nasir

    Ammir liaqat _____ bnda ha. behropya ha paso kay liya kch bi kr sakta ha. Wasy jst shame on Amir liaqat kay ulama or naat khwan ka mazaq urata ha, and also shame on pakistani media aik to jo ha hi 2 number, dosra 2 number bndo ko hi agay lata ha

    [Comment Edited]

  • Imran

    Few things to be noted here. If such an incident was to happen in a western country, the person being accused would immediately or notify publicly that he intends to sue the new channel whose footage was used and the production people.

    One of the most important things to note here is, if you know you are innocent and have genuine evidence that you are innocent why would you not bring that out and clear this accusation once and for all.

    By genuine evidence I mean the people (the 3 scholars and 1 naat khawan I only mentioned these people because they are well known) that were also in the video. If he is truly innocent then he would bring these people on his show and have them clarify that this never happened and the video is FAKE.

    Three days or so have passed and we have not seen these people on his show clarifying his position. Instead we see people are calling and saying that video is FAKE/dubbed/edited and they would never suspect him to do such things.

    If he is innocent and brings these people on his show to clarify, not only will this clear his name it will bring more respect and popularity for him probably 10 times his current.

    If he is not going to do such for whatever reason, I think media should step in and go and interview these people (the 3 scholars and 1 naat khawan) to see if this really happened. I think it is the responsibility of the media to intervene in these matters.

    Beyond this I would say the matter is now between him and Allah. The Quran ascribes to Allah is khayru al-makireen (is used in Suras 8:30 and 10:21), that Allah is “the best deceiver/schemer/conniver/planner.” So the real truth will come out one day.

  • Faizan

    What a _________, he was trying to hide his shitty character under the cover of Islam.People now-a-days…

    [Comment Edited]

  • MaNDuCk

    OK Lets agree For The SaKe Of argument That The VIDEO Is FaKe So The Question Is Where Is The ReaL One!? & If It’s FaKe I WONDER WHY He DIDn’t Sue Geo Tv NetWorK Yet.

  • salmanaslam

    Hey admin, cant you judge one person is posting with different names?
    mamuna, arwa, umer …
    I can see it from front end and in admin panel user IPs are also visible to you along with comments and still you approving this shit!

  • faheem gujjar

    This should not be shocking for those who know these _____. most of them speak same language in thier houses.

    [Comment Edited]

  • rizwan

    Our Goverment include supreme court and pemra is sleeping me send many emails for taking action against Aamair liaqat but there is no action.is this an islamic country,he abuse to qasida,abuse to Mufti’s,i think their is no islam in our country.shame

  • usman

    amir liaquat video is 110% true.his gustures shows the reality.he is not alim,infact he is shetan.he is having fake degrees.he is gustakh-e-Sahaba.he use abusive language about our beloved sahaba karam(RA).

  • Fahad

    he iz not Alim. he hold fake PhD degree completed in 20 days LOLs

  • Khurram

    Well! He’s not an alim so obviously he must not be supposed to follow in matters of Deen. As far as the matter of abusement, as all are ideas whether the video is true or fake, we should keep silence on the issue as we all are accountable for our own deeds. And for religious matters he’s not able to follow due the reason he’s not an authentic chap.

  • realityshow

    munafiqoon ka chehra to quran kareem ny b fash kia hy.poori soorat toba issi mazmoon pr mushtamil hy.agr aik munafiq insaan dunia me buhat mutaqi bana phir raha hy to is saanp k zahar sy sab ko aagah krna konsa gunah hy.

  • Bhayee

    If people get advise from such a characterless, so-called aalim, then Allah Hafiz to those people. These video clips are just a glimpse of this Mardood and Iblees, what you think about him in real life. This fake Doctor Amir Liaqat is an actor, working for Shaitanirajeem and dushman-e-Islam. Geo or any channel should reject him bluntly. There is a decree of Allah to chastise and discredit him for his humiliation to women and innocent people of Pakistan. Curse upon him in this world and hereafter.

  • Ali Raza

    We may call him a pretender. What he did was shameful. To abuse and to make fun of a lady’s serious question is no way acceptable.

    However I appreciate his efforts for uniting Shia and Sunni Aalims on one platform. This was/ is a big efforts and he should be appreciated for it.

    His program(s) are good, informative and guiding. He should accept his mistakes and apologize rather claiming the videos fake but this require allot of moral courage which we do not have.

  • hes just disgusting personality

  • Faraz

    Galib film dekhi hai aap ne…!

  • aaj peshawar

    now he should release another video singing ” mai kro tu sala,, charcter dhelaa hy ”

    waysy app mai sy kisi ny ghalib film dheki hy ?

  • legitearning

    gr8 post and i think video is not dubbed…its real…!

  • I. Ahmad

    Claim of dubbing is baseless. It seems genuine.

  • Nadeem


    I could never stand this guy for more than a few seconds .. and even in that time, I failed to understand how can people like this “actor” .. although little did I know he was this low of a character.

    Frankly I couldn’t watch the whole video neither did I want to, it was that disgusting. It also speaks something about the “Alims” that are with him, which even though did not share his shameful language but were least bothered by it. Any true islamic scholar would not bear such an attitude & would walk out of a show that is being hosted by such a loser.

  • zahid

    My number one view is that is he asking anything from the people. Number two is suppose this video and audio is true, so consider it as a past and history, let us see anyone in the present perspective. How is he helping the people, and he is not the one who is giving knowledge, but he brings Aalim to explain things for audience. Toba can be done at any time, But unfortunately THIS INSAN IS JALDBAZ. Moreover there are some other factors which is political as well as media related. you can not trust this biased media, may be any of the channels is involved. May be any party is involved, particularly Punjabi party?

  • Mumtaz

    Mazrat k saht thori dare k liya ya chor dain k ya video Real ha ya fake doosri taraf diyan d jeya.

    Is waqat ya mozoo q chra gaya ha. Dhiyan d g ga

    1. Koi shaks to hay jis na GEO Group ko chor k ARY ko Join kiya.
    2. Koi Shaks to hay jis na MQM sa kinarkishi key .
    3. Koi Shaks to hay jis na openly QADIYANOO ka liya media pa kaha.
    4. Koi shaks to hay jis na LAL MASJID k wakiya pa Istifa diya warna ya pa America hamla kar dita ha or zamawaran korsiyoon ko chipka hota hain.
    Ya sirf or sirf GEO key saazish ha warna poocha j a GEO sa Jo HAR KHABAR SUB SA PEHLA DETA HA is khabar ko q chupa k bata tha.
    Ya Lamah e Faqriya ha har GEO ma kaam karna waloon ka liya jo GEO choora ga uska sath ya halat hogi.

  • Pervaiz

    He is not Aalim, he is just anchor,

  • Why is Amir Liaquat not suing Geo TV? Dosnt matter if it is fake or not, these were taken during shows recorded at Geo and they couldnt have been leaked without the help of staff doing recording at that place.

    I dont support Amir Liaquat, but lets not forget the other side of this fiasco: It would be easy to blackmail anyone by recording his/her video like that even if that was a small mistake.

  • Zubaria

    People have nothing better to do then to slander Amir Liaquat and wasting there time. Allah SWT knows best and no one else.

  • He is simple a stupid person.

  • altaf

    alim liaqat aur geo dono ko saza milni chahiye dono barabar k zalim hai ………..geo murdabaad

  • kamran

    sahi bol rhy ho bhai geo wale aur amir k khilaf zaroor action lena chaiye wrna agye aur bhi waqyat hote rhengy

  • waseem

    geo murdabaad………….zalim murdabaad

  • Faraz

    Ru Shia ?If yes then u will not feel that…..bro

  • suqman

    who did this BTW? Its a work of Jew TV…

    rivalry b/w JEW and ARY is getting worst everyday..

    Professionally it is unethical to upload offline material…

    but eventually Aamir got exposed finally…

  • sana moin

    this guy is a fake.you ppl are saying that after seeing this clip.u saw how he made fun of our khalifas and prophet muhammad s.a.w.he is not even a true scholer let alone an aalim.then how can u say that what he says about qadianis is true?many mullas out there are jux like him.they make up stories when do not have an answer to the questions of qadianis.when zulfiar ali bhutto was the president he asked the qadiani’s khalifa or their head to come and answer the questions asked by the mullas.all the greatest aalims and mullas were invited there.when thr qadianis were asked they proved themselves rite by giving references from the holy quran while the mullas had no answer.in the end,bhutto asked the head of ahmadis,mirza nasir ahmed sahib not to reveal to anybody what happened.this shows that qadianis or ahmadis are right that is the reason no one have any discussions with them abt their believed bcz they noe they r gonna lose.

  • Waseem

    this video is original.
    not a dubbed video :) original:)

  • Bhayee

    It5 is disgusting, ppl are writing about Geo. Don’t you know what Amir Liyaqat said….. Disgusting …… Munafarat between Sunni and Shiea. OMG. Chief Justice should take an action against him and he should be punished for his act of insulting Hazrat Rasulluah; insulting his Khalifas; and insulting woman.

  • Aamir Raza

    you can watch his video on youtube. Here is the link


    People should have to know that he is a cross of sunni and sheya and his real brother Imran or kamran liaquat hussain is a complete sheya lives in PIB Colony, This man actually hungry for paisa and shohrat and he is a very makkar man and want to play both side.

  • i recently found this interesting stats regarding aamir show

  • misbah

    aamir bhai ek sachy pky ashiq e rasool hen esy alfaz wo use kr he nh skty ye sb dubbing ka kamal hy

    geo sharam kr k geo

  • Hasan

    BEWARE dont forget to read translation of Ayat before writing any comment:

    خدا اس بات کو پسند نہیں کرتا کہ کوئی کسی کو علانیہ برا کہے مگر وہ جو مظلوم ہو۔ اور خدا (سب کچھ) سنتا (اور) جانتا ہے

    Surah An-Nisaa Ayat No. 148

    “Allah loveth not the evil should be noised abroad in public speech, except where injustice hath been done; for Allah is He who heareth and knoweth all things”

  • Ali Hassan

    Well, In nutshell if one summarize the above discussion one may reach at the point that though he was not an ALLIM at all but the issue is that he must stop himself to comment over sensitive issues of Islam, Further, he must tear off artificiality he had over his face, he pretends to be very polite, and pious person.

  • Muhammad Abdul Wadood

    g haan main ny bhi ess ky baray main sona hay keh yeh khabeess sheha hy,

  • Kiran Khan

    what about those which or on sites other than youtube? like dailymotion!
    can’t delete those which are in PCs, Iphones, Ipods and other phones, can’t do anything because everyone has watched it.

  • Akif Shamim

    I hate this guy !

  • :{

  • Gulraiz Ahmed

    Dr. wo jo terchi topi wala thaa na os ka name Pran ha… mujay yaad a gaya abh na bhoooolnaaaaaaaaaaa :P

  • Abdul Mateen

    fake only fake video.

  • sajjad tanoli

    brothers ! ess vedio main it was amir liakat and its real vedio …it can not be dubbed …and voice and lips are 100% matching… ham log b to her aik per beleve ker laity hain na…hazoor likat sab MQM main thay aik siyasi rahnuma…samja karain agay aap khud samajdar hain …

  • sajjad tanoli

    Amir liakat sab is shia by his faith and was a politician by profession …woh b MQM main…

  • Pervez

    Those who think even (self Aamir Liaqat Hussain) that this video is fake and is dubbed by some other person. Dont argument on the video is fake or dubbed aur yeh log HASID HAI . please Aamir Bherw___ you upload the original version of this video and you have this video because this program is latest telecast by ARY Digital (SAHAR AMIR BHERW___ KEY SATH) JUST UPLOAD THE ORIGINAL VIDEO IF U ARE NOT BLOODY LAIR

  • Salman

    Not defending ‘this’ Aamir, but the technology and software does exist to take existing voice patterns and morph it into fake messages as if the person is really saying it (think Fake Osama bin Laden videos). However, having said that, his body language and facial gestures seem to genuinely match his lip synching even though they appear off cue at some points. His eyes are a real giveaway.

    I never did like this guy Aamir, my first impressions of him was that he was overly obsessed, self conscious of his image and persona. This video confirms this.

    He reminds me of those slick American TV Evangelists in their Italian designer suits, expensive jewelery and gelled back hair who fleece the sheeple public.

    The video was carefully constructed to destroy his character.

    What we can learn from this controversy is that if you don’t toe the line for ‘the powers to be’, you will be destroyed.

    May Allah (SWT) guide him on the straight path and have mercy on him.

  • shoaib sharif

    this looks real but still i cant believe it.i hope its fake

  • akhtar

    if my hand i will hang amir

  • Akbar

    pagal ka bacha