PTA Hires 2 New Consultants

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has hired two new consultants Montserrat SANS from Argentina and Sohail Malik from Pakistan.

The new consultants will provide the authority with their expert opinion in their relative domains.

Montserrat SANS will be providing consultancy services for VSAT and Satellite domain while Sohail Malik will look after Commercial Affairs, Telecom Products, Pricing & Triple Play.

Montserrat SANS joins PTA from Argentina and brings his expertise in VSAT and space law. He has been into consultancy for last five years with first hand knowledge of regulatory affairs at a large scale satellite company.

On other hands, Sohail Malik has vast experience in telecommunication industry. He brings his expertise in sales, pricing strategies, client relations, product development and tariffing.

Mr. Malik is Chief Commercial Officer at ADG-LDI (formally DV-Com). He has previously served Wateen Telecom as Head of Products & Commercial (LDI & Voice Services) and as Head of SME / Direct Sales Force.

With addition of two new consultants, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority now has a total of 46 consultants on it’s panel from around the world.

  • if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys,
    what is the progress of pta, even 4g is less expensive,much faster, high profit than 3g. then why they are stuck with 3g,

    all seems khanapuri..

  • Let us pray that these consultants may help PTA to block the GRAY ROUTS which are causing loss of millions of dollars to the country’s economy. Best wishes for Sohail Malik.

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