PTCL, Muller & Phipps Sign EVO Distribution Agreement

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has signed a nationwide distribution agreement for EVO and related products with Muller & Phipps, said to be the largest and oldest distribution company established in 1912.

With this agreement PTCL intends to reach every nook and corner of Pakistan with an extensive retail network and state-of-the-art supply and logistic processes.

PTCL SEVP Abdulla Yousef Abdulla and CEO and MD of Muller & Phipps Kamran Irshad signed the agreement at a ceremony held at the PTCL head office in Karachi.

“We have the largest wireless broadband network in Pakistan, and with this partnership with Muller and Phipps, we have created the largest distribution network for EVO devices across Pakistan. Our aim is to facilitate our customers to avail the benefits of broadband Internet service both in wireless coverage and device availability,” said Abdullah Yousef Abdullah.

EVO offers customers a “superior 3G Internet experience”, with flexibility to roam freely like never before, in more than 100 cities nationwide. Just plug and play at work or home with unsurpassed and amazing speed of up to 3.1Mbps, backed by the country’s largest wireless service provider.

With a variety of flexible service packages, the EVO service may be availed by everyone from all walks of life.

From students to professionals to enthusiasts there is a service plan for EVO for every type of budget.

    • All I can understand from this announcement by PTCL is that: “STUPIDITY ENSURED AND GUARANTEED AT PTCL”. The contents of this news are “MISLEADING” and Pro-Pakistani “MUST” guard itself from being indirectly, unknowingly involved in spreading such “MISLEADING THE CUSTOMER” news posts. All existing and past (including me too) customers of PTCL EVO simply curse this 3rd class, dead slow, poor customer service, as wastage of money and time. What is this all nonsense in this post? Slower than dial-up internet speed; is it “unsurpassed and amazing” speed or simply bull …… speed?

      • Do you people know who is this man Abdullah Yousuf Abdullah? He is that “Dancer” Chairman of FBR who was dancing in front of Dictator Musharraf (videos available on Such stupid decisions come from such a person.

        • No. This is Abdullah Yousuf born and bred in the UAE.

          And what’s so bad about dancing? Who are you to judge. Have you never danced at a wedding?

          I suggest we keep conversations limited to telecom rather than bad mouth people (in this case somebody completely different).

          p.s. I don’t know either Abdullah Yousuf personally.

          • If he is not that Abdullah Yosuf, then its ok. Perhaps you know more about him (as you yourself said in your conflicting remarks above “..born and bred in the UAE..”) Being a man of character, I admit this mistake rather than trying to defend myself with lame excuses. Soooorrry… for you. Happy????

            Let’s come to the second point of dancing. I am afraid Sir, I NEVER danced in any wedding. Clear? But if you dance in weddings then me and my fellow 18 crore people have no objection as long as it is your personal life and if you spend for it from your tax paid income.

            Point No.3, It is meaningless who dances where in one’s personal life spending money from one’s own tax paid income. But it is seriously objectionable for any honest Pakistani if a person dances in a function arranged from poor Public’s tax Money or the Tax Free income (Read the Income Tax Ordinance, where poor are taxed, rich are exempt thanks to these dancing decision makers who make laws only for their personal benefit and not for the poor 18 crore people’s benefit)

            Last but not the least, It is the silence of 18 crore people which needs to be broken on ALL FORUMS no matter where, hence it is meaningless if bad people call the 18 crore people as bad mouth. Thank you

  • They might be the oldest distribution company in Pakistan but they have been distributing Medicines for the last 100 years.

    I also remember last year PTCL had signed a strategic sales agreement with Habib Rafiq International. I wonder how much additional revenue and market share that has contributed to PTCL’s bottom line in the last one year.

    • M&P is not only the largest distribution company in Pakistan, but also has a diversified portfolio i.e. Pharmaceutical , Consumer and Hospital Care Units. We have Unilever, PepsiCo, 3M, Maza , Ontex and PVM in our consumer section having more than 20+ years experience. They have State of the IT setup with experienced and Capable IT staff.

  • Muller & Phipps salespersons are # 1 Crooks and so is the case with there customer relations.
    “Muller & Phipps motto is The customer is always wrong”
    I ordered Goods which were to be delivered at my door-step fortnightly for 18 months.

    The first Visit, the salesman had no idea of how the product worked and because of that every-time he showed up at my doorstep i had to hire an additional OT-Technician.

    The Second visit was the final visit when I decided to end my contract with Muller and Phipps. The sales man came to my house with Goods which had a Label on the box (“Donated to Jinnah Hospital”). When i confronted him that i was going to make a complaint against him selling donated goods to private Customers he begged/apologized.. i got him kicked out of my house…
    later when i spoke to customer relations i was Very politely told “Sir, the company( Muller and Phipps) is not Responsible for a salesman’s wrong doings…..

    from there onwards i was better of buying Goods from (Kausar/Times/Sanis/Moorad Medicos) and hiring an OT-Technician (Better price and better service)

  • EVO service is so poor that it will not working in Islmailabad (Multan), also in Muzaffar garh. PTCL EVO has a very bad performance.

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