Chairman PTA Gets Life Threats

Dr. Yaseen, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is receiving life threats from those who are losing billions of rupees due to his efforts to curb illegal gray telephony, it was told in a meeting for National Assembly’s standing committee for telecom and IT.

Chairman PTA explained that he’s putting all his efforts to curb illegal international calls and hence is receiving threats from gray telephony mafia.

On this Mr. Barjees Tahir, chairman standing committee has asked the government to provide Dr. Yaseen with additional and fool proof security.

It merits mentioning here that PTA, FIA and Rahman Malik have been putting efforts to curb illegal VoIP telephony traffic after fingers were pointed towards Interior Ministry by Public Accounts Committee.

Rahman Malik just the other day visited FIA headquarters along with Chairman PTA, and he seemingly discussed cyber crimes situation and gray telephony issues there.