Chairman PTA Gets Life Threats

Dr. Yaseen, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is receiving life threats from those who are losing billions of rupees due to his efforts to curb illegal gray telephony, it was told in a meeting for National Assembly’s standing committee for telecom and IT.

Chairman PTA explained that he’s putting all his efforts to curb illegal international calls and hence is receiving threats from gray telephony mafia.

On this Mr. Barjees Tahir, chairman standing committee has asked the government to provide Dr. Yaseen with additional and fool proof security.

It merits mentioning here that PTA, FIA and Rahman Malik have been putting efforts to curb illegal VoIP telephony traffic after fingers were pointed towards Interior Ministry by Public Accounts Committee.

Rahman Malik just the other day visited FIA headquarters along with Chairman PTA, and he seemingly discussed cyber crimes situation and gray telephony issues there.

  • Saad Awais

    I think it’ll be Mr. Saib Kaila who’ll be giving threats to PTA Chairman, as Mr. Saib Kaila himself has an illegal VoIP Telephony business, that he operates

  • Voip free

    There is only one way to eliminate this problem. Only one way…


    There is such an incentive to steal with VOIP that it is impossible to eliminate or curb this menace. Only VOIP is legal and there is complete net neutrality, you will get rid of this menace.

    Pakistan will be losing voice revenue, but it will make communication even cheaper. The intelligence agencies must enforce that VOIP is free but that the calls must be able to be intercepted thats all. There should be no extra fees for VOIP and the license should be open all ISPs that apply.

    Once the incentive to cheat is removed and people are still using VOIP, it will be clear that these individuals are those that want to be out of the purview of the intelligence and therefore have sinister motives. The intelligence agencies should then target them.

  • kashif

    kuch nahin ukar saktay yah log grey operators ka ____________

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  • bibiAajBiZindahai

    “.. and he seemingly discussed..” ?
    Innuendo ?
    Anyway Dr. Yaseen, do the math You vs Rehman malik.

  • MA

    Everyone in Pakistan is also facing these type of issues. Dr Yaseen is just receiving because of grey operators but why whole Pakistan.

    All securities agencies are busy to save the life of politicians and top officials but as a salaried person, who is paying tax from their salaries, what type of security I have? Can anybody comment on this please……

  • Ahmed

    He isn’t doing any good to people of Pakistan by blocking VoIP for every Pakistani,if he is getting threats from cirminals that is his headache. But no one talks about how much overseas Pakistanis and government are losing by this VoIP blockage. We are shown one side of the picture. I will not write detail here again and again but ask overseas Pakistanis how much they pay to VoIP operators to call Pakistan, that money could have gone to Pakistani VoIP operators if they were allowed to operate worldwide.
    These people aren’t saving loss to government but they are actually reason for the loss to the country, people and overseas Pakistanis. In this grey telephony operators are still earning.

  • Ali

    Dont expect anything from Rehman Malik..ProPakistani also mentioned in his post that Interior Minister also involved in this bussines.
    Not only interior Minister most of the politicans involved in this bussiness including the son of our Prime Minister.

    In the end Dr.Yaseen leaves PTA like Dr.Atta-ur Rehman did……