Zong +1: Best Call Rates for Other Networks

+1 LOGOZONG is launching a brand new offer named ZONG +1 through which ZONG’s users will be able to select any one GSM operator and get discounted (probably the best) call rate on ALL numbers of that operator.

So this is going to be the best seller package for those who make excessive calls to other networks.

Here’s the idea:

  • Subscriber will have to select any other network, for instance Mobilink, to get discounted rates on all numbers of that specific network.
  • Call rate for specific one other network will be discounted, all other call rates, SMS, GPRS rates will be carried from your base (pre-selected) package.
  • You can Change your network as many times as you want

Offer Details:

  • 35 paisa + tax per 20 seconds to a selected operator.
  • All calls to other networks will be charged as per package plan.
  • Call pulse to selected operator will be 20 second, regardless of the charging pulse of the base package
  • Daily Operator Fee: Rs 1.25 + tax / day
  • Subscription Validity: One day
  • The offer will be auto subscribed at the end of each calendar day

How to Subscribe to Offer:

  • Dial *515# and choose the desired operator from the menu or
  • Write the name of the operator which needs to be selected and send to 515

For example, if a customer wants to select: Mobilink, he will SMS ‘Mobilink’ to 515

One time Subscription Charges:

Rs 10 + tax. Each addition/modification of operator will be charged at Rs 10 + tax

How To Unsubscribe:

  • Send “OFF” to 515

Unlike other operators, ZONG is giving its customers a different (discounted) call rate on 1 operator rather than any 1 number. Also, the users will not have to face the hassle of adding individual numbers of F&F.


Zong Call Packages

Not only this, those who subscribe to the package will also have the leverage of changing their selected operator at any time of the day as many times as they want.

Subscribers of all packages will be allowed to benefit from “ZONG +1” and the service will be activated parallel to all other promotions. Call rate to rest of the operator will be as per user package default rate.

Mr. Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing at ZONG says,

We believe in making lives of our customers easier, we want them to stay connected at affordable rates, we also want them to enjoy quality services and to make all of this possible we keep launching new interesting products and packages.

Our latest offer “ZONG +1” is also a part of these on-going efforts. I can assure you that no network in Pakistan has ever offered anything similar to this.

  • Asif

    zong walo ne b sochna chorh dia he ajeeb pkg nikal raha he.


      fazul packages.

    • komal

      bilkul theek kha upper wala portion khali hai

  • Afzaal Shahid Sheikh

    Bakwas packege

    • Afzaal bhai apka mazaaj he acha nahi lagta :P

  • Yousuf

    Ajeeb bongi mari ha wease. Jab m9 me 1 rupee daily charges pe kisi bhi network k kisi bhi number pe Rs 0.90/per minte bat ho sakti ha to ye fazul harkat krne ki kya zarurat thi.

    • zain

      you are write.
      best package is the one which gives same call rate to any network.
      for that m9 .90 per minute package is the best

      • admin

        But with M9 you might not get best SMS rate – or one special number package. Zong +1 is an additional offer which can be availed with any Zong package.

        • Saqib

          no doubt M9 is better for all networks….but for short calls and one network this one is goood……though neeeds some change as well…

  • Rafay

    Best offer for location based users. 1.05 rs to any 1 network

  • Imran Shah

    this reminds me of ………”China da mobile” hahaha!

    • MoMoo

      bilkul sahi kaha

  • Nice Offer :) as u can enjoy best sms rate with bets call rate at the same time ;)

  • kollegjeans

    Innovative atleast

    • MoMoo

      what a innovation imran sahab?

    • MoMoo

      yes Mr. imran this is a least level innovation, i agree with you.

  • Danish Iqbal

    Daily charges make this a useless offer.

    • MoMoo

      Very strange my friend, why it is useless:

      when you buy a product or service and pays,

      sales tax
      general sales tax
      federal excise duty
      withholding tax
      surcharge tax
      flood tax
      interconnect charges
      monthly charges
      daily charges

      you are born to pay this, otherwise quit to the world.

      strange people always talk strange.

      • Danish Iqbal

        that was my view about offer, dont get personal.

        • MoMoo

          no i was giving out the answer to the telecom companies not you, i am sorry if i hurt you.

  • Hellodrsoul

    My experience of their network is so bad that I would not opt in to Zong again even if they make it absolutely free to call at other networks. Because like previously I would not be able even to initiate a call between 6 pm and 3 am. They are moving in wrong direction. In my opinion they need to fix their network before offering alike package as above.

  • Muhammad Kaleem

    C clas network ka C clas pckg.

  • Monster

    HAHAHA>..Copying GOOGLE+

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    [email protected]

  • Sarhadi9

    Agreed with “hellodrsoul”

  • Unman

    Zong needs to sell up it’s operations to a competent mobile operator like telenor so they cn us the spectrum to offer in band 3G

  • Ajeeb hii package nikala hai zong nay,ajeeb hii chakoon main daltay ehtay hin koi straight package daien begar daily charges k too phir maza hai na…………..

  • Adnan

    Ufone is already offering a much better package than this one. 36 paisas including tax for 20 seconds.

  • Alam

    Google +1 :-D ? Good thought.

  • imkhalid

    Google+ ne Zong ke Circle copy kiye, Zong ne Google+ ka +1 copy karlya
    Revenge is Mine(Zong)

  • Alam

    @imkhalid Good analyzing skills.



  • IwhizKID

    @hellodrsoul bhai kam chora karo pakistani ho muft me koe chez mile or nhi loge. Joke.

    @every one calling this pakage useless are thrnwing only biased statements. Zong is much cheaper than any other network in pakistan. As some one already said. Its awesome pakage for Location Based Pakage users.

  • Aamir Sherazi

    Frndz me using zong since last more than one year as secondary number. Since last one year using LBC pkg. I load the amount of 300 and get free calls to zong whole the month and with all months free sms to any network. I really feel very relax as only just one time to recharge 300 and no tension of balance, calls and messaging for all the month.
    Well about the network, its very good according to my experience as offering a best LBC pkg from all other networks, the network is quiet smooth and always good, only some time, very rare the network problem. No signal problem e.t.c

    Really very happy with zong.

  • Saqib

    zong should offer talkshawk 10 paisa,5 paisa kind of offer,djuice sort of package for youth….no doubt this offer is innovative but still alot of things needed to b sorted out…..zong doesn’t seem to b keeeping the suggestions in mind while offering anything……..

  • Aamir

    Good marketing strategies by Zong.

  • Uzair

    I guess pakages ko itna complicated ni hona chaiye. Simple pakage ho that offers flat rates. Itne complications mai pr k to insan pagal he ho jae ga. :D

  • usama khalid

    Daily Operator Fee: Rs 1.25 + tax / day!!!!! OMG….. Not Accepted :(

  • Usama

    yaar ab comments bhi moderator accept nahin karta, such yeh hai ke yeh package aik loot maar hai. Usama Khalid Bhai Rs.10 bhi tau dainay hain woh bhi har operator ke switch pe tsk tsk, good ploy but sadly Zong may have put their own foot in their mouth

  • Waqas Ahmed

    yaar zong ne mazak banaya howa hai…public ko bewakoof samjha howa hai…show us the fine print! :D…

    • usama khalid

      Zong really think that we are goofs. No More!!!!! Zong itself is goof to offer such expensive offer…..

  • Usama

    @Mr.IWhizKid – bhai package details tau ghor se daikh lo

    Zong as per this package is charging Rs. 1.05+tax/min, plus charging Rs.1.25 daily plus a subscription fee of Rs.10 to select a network.

    Ufone has a Rs.49/30 sec package to all networks that makes it 98 paisas+tax/min without a daily charge

    I believe the best bet is obvious. This is indeed a great marketing ploy but at the end of the day the consumer (myself) is only interested in the greater benefit to my budget :)

    • Waqas Ahmed

      meray moo ki baat cheen li ;)…isi liyay tou pehlay bhi bola hai ke FINE PRINT parho logo! dhoka mat khao!

      • usama khalid

        Aamir bhai, I’m astonished on the people, including YOU who are also supporting/liking this offer….. It isn’t a great one!!!!!

        • admin

          I don’t support any package offering… I was just clarifying a mis-information.

          • usama khalid

            :) Thanks for the clarification Aamir bhai….. I just said what I felt as your reader.

        • Alam

          astonished :-D

          This is true, in Pakistan GSM networks have made people life complex. so many packages ghanta package, flana package, dimkana package..

          I switched to Zong because they brought one package for all network but now they are doing the same as others.

  • Usman Attal

    Fazuul Package!!!!!

  • haris

    Kam say kam naam tou creative rakhtay google +1 say zong +1 haha china nay yaha bhi copy ker li

  • zafar

    in ka our koi kam nhi bakwasi pakge

  • Zeeshan Hamid Malik

    only the monthly GPRS package of Zong is very cheap but its speed is too slow…. Otherwise this network is now totally collapsed …. No good call rates,sms packages & hourly base packages.. I think Zong & m9 need to amend their package plans…in order to make their service attractive…. Thanks..

  • mishal malik


  • arbab ali

    zong numbers 0311

  • nilofer mughal

    koi mujhe bta day plz k is sim ka call package kesa hay bonga ya rocks

  • Ameer Hamza Gondal

    v.nice package
    v good zong.
    zong is best.