Huawei To Commercially Launch its Smartphones in Pakistan by Year End

Huawei is all set to launch its smartphone handsets in Pakistani market by the end of 2011, well before the roll out of 3G services in the country, Nadeem Aslam Malik, Director Enterprises Business at Huawei Pakistan said.

In an exclusive interview to ProPakistani Mr. Malik said that Huawei branded smartphone will be affordable for Pakistani customers ranging from Rs 12,000 to Rs 25,000 with maximum features and applications for cellular users whether on GSM or on 3G networks.

Huawei brands have been gaining successful repute in the local and regional markets dealing in low-cost and high-end sets, he said. The company’s low-cost smartphone handsets have received excellent business in collaboration with its cellular partners including Ufone and Zong.

Presently, the company is working on channels and marketing of the handsets in the local market to compete different brands with competition on pricing and exciting offers, Malik added.

Huawei specializes in low cost Smartphones powered by Google’s Android operating system and those with Windows platform.

Huawei has been carrying out its operations for two mainstreams cellular operators in the case of infrastructure building and handsets availability for large section of customers.

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Malik said the 3G is likely to hit Pakistan next year after conclusion of regulatory affairs, particularly regarding the roll out of 3G policy and auction of the licenses to the cellular operators.

The network vendors such as Huawei will roll out physical infrastructure for 3G for cellular operators in minimum of three months once they are given green signal from the partners and regulator, he said. The investment on the 3G is definitely significant but its lucrative when it comes to level and capacity of service offerings by operators.

“We have already completed our homework to rollout physical network of 3G in Pakistan and are ready to kick off operations with the plans of our partner cellular operators,” Director Huawei said.

Mobilink and Ufone, the two major operators, have already enabled their networks with 3G technology in past two years with Huawei in position to deploy 3G technology in several major cities in the first phase, he revealed.

“I think cellular operators are reluctant to go for 3G technology but they are interested in 4G, which is an advanced technology. But, Pakistan, is not the market for 4G or LTE because this service is beyond the affordability of the customers compared with 3G,” he added.

Also to keep in mind that network swap from 3G to 4G is easy, rapid, affordable and involves not many technical issues and complications, therefore, there will be no need of another heavy investment on 4G infrastructure when operators finds its suitable to launch.

  • i have a Huawei U8150 IDEOS anriod phone, great phone with excellent features in low price. im awaiting for launching there sets in our local markets.

  • Mr. Nadeem Malik Huawei’s first exposure was at the ITCN 2011 Expo Center Karachi where Huawei had one to one interaction with the consumer. Telecenter, and the handset, Android tablet, was on display.
    At this time 3G will roll out possibly next quater, depending on the Government’s decision. There’s no telling about the viability of 3G or LTE Advanced here in Pakistan. In the process of the digitalisation of our economy, education, health care, the digital divide has to overcome. The cost of hardware has been dramatically reduced. It is now equally important for indigenisation in consumer toys as Android handset if it’s locally assembled then it will be immune from import duties, and the charger is now standardised. So previous charger of Nokia or Huawei can be standardised, for the reason of E-Waste which ITU has declared to standardise the charger. My suggestion is Huawei should come up with the offering without the charger, or with the charger. Our education sector, our philanthropy today distributing laptops in thousands. Pakistan a nuclear nation, with minds and brains which if given tools as mobile broadband as 3G, or LTE Advanced would design cars which will fly. Cars that would operate on solar. Intel has already launched their Atom smart phone in India indigenious. Intel has an offering to produce it locally. Why not Huawei do it locally. Idigenise.
    We are very fertile nation. And a voice of Huawei in the world for broader outreach. I guess I had met you at the Expo, or probably at the Marriot Karachi as well. Cheers

  • Mr.Malik your flagship product is tablet 7″ Android 3.2 Honeycomb. compliant to 3G.
    This is excellent product, you could sell millions, provided you know how to.
    What makes people tick to a tab. In times when Samsung has the largest market share in the world, and also giving hard time to iPad.

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