Steve Jobs Dies


The man who co-founded most successful technology company ever, the person who gave the world at least five revolutionary tech gadgets, namely Macintosh, mouse, iPod, iPhone and iPad, he who changed the way we compute or communicate today has died today.

Steve Jobs was 56 when he died moments ago from advanced pancreatic cancer that he had fighting since 2004.

This is a sad moment for entire world, specially the tech enthusiast from around the globe.

Apple’s board of directors has issued following statement to press:

We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today.

Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.

His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts.

Apple has setup this page on it’s website in the memory of Steve Jobs. You can email [email protected] to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences.

Here’s one of Steve’s most inspirational speeches he made at Stanford University in 2005.

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  • Death is the only best invention of life it clear the old and give a chance to new.
    This man truely lived his life, he is a legend.
    <3 ya steve.

  • May God Bless Steve Jobs family.He was Hero and the legend of Apple. Thank You So Much Steve Jobs For Your Hard work to give us The Worlds Best Cellphone,iPad,iPod etc. “We Never Forget You”

  • Agar Imaan(Islam) kay sath jata tu kitna ACHA hota.

    Sub kuch yahi reh gaya ab agayen kuch bhi kaam nahi aiye ga.

    • Well ! i think the values & the cooperate culture he left behind will guide them to remain successful. Humans come and go and replaced too so their presence doesn’t matter but the values they leave behind does effect others.

  • Inna Lilla he wa Inna Illa he Rajioon.

    Beshak sub ko us khuda ke paas jana hai,

    but do something that people recalls you in good words.

    Be beneficial for your society.

  • I am actually very sad to hear the news, was shocked to see it first on twitter! What makes me even sad is the fact that even after all the RIP prayers he won’t R.I.Peace, Why? somewhere deep down we all know it.

    Not going to say it or I’ll be labeled “stereotype” ;)

    • If someone sees Islam and rejects it, then what you say can be true. But how do you know for a fact that Steve Jobs considered Islam and then rejected it? Maybe he didn’t study it at all, after just watching news related to Islam on TV. Millions of people are like that.

      Then there is also the treatment his biological father (a Syrian Muslim) gave him.

      • Agreed with Shahid Saleem… I am feeling so much disappointed at comments like these on the death of a legend who served mankind best possible way.

        • @Asadghumman

          Every loss of life saddens me equally, I assure you I not no-emotion animal ;)

      • I really don’t want to argue but if it’s for a healthy discussion then fine!  I also don’t want to force anyone to accept what I believe, you have every right to believe whatever you want to.

        I partially agree with you that if ones not been introduced to Islam  his/her entire life he/she SHOULD be forgiven by ALLAH (S.W.T). However I think it’s not true in current times because all the information/guides/history is available at you fingertips.

        Just for one moment let’s suppose Christianity is the true religion and everything else is wrong, would YOU be able to answer the GOD that “I didn’t accepted your religion because no one told me about it”? While the truth is probably you already know all the basics of Christianity. 

        One more thing, I read somewhere that Jobs accepted Buddhism  after he visited India sometime in 70’s, What made him to search about that religion and accept? He could’ve done the same with Islam IF Islam was right  in HIS eyes? After all no one forces us to believe anything we don’t want to, we believe what we want to believe!

        Last point, let’s assume everything I said above is just plain wrong and you were right in you statement.  Then who’s responsibility is it to tell those who don’t have a clue about Islam? Me, You and all other Muslims, right? I don’t think we are up to the job, are we? Even if we are the non Muslim world don’t want listen anything from “normal” Muslims in current situation let alone the “preachers”!!!

        In the end it all comes down to “ALLAH jise chahta hai hidayat daita hai”  which itself is too complicated statement for us to understand, only ALLAH (SWT) knows for sure whom HE wants to show the right path. 

        • — However I think it’s not true in current times because all the information/guides/history is available at you fingertips.

          Cars have been around for over a century. What do you know about Fuel Injection systems? Nothing? Why not? all the information/guides/history is available at your fingertips…

          See? It’s not that simple.

          — Then who’s responsibility is it to tell those who don’t have a clue about Islam? Me, You and all other Muslims, right? I don’t think we are up to the job, are we?

          Who’s “we”? Maybe 99% percent of all people who converted to Islam in history (and today) did not converted because they were exposed to excellent examples of Muslim character. Many learned from ordinary Muslims.

          Over 90% of all the Islam people in the West know is what they see on TV. Bombs. Plane hijackings (lots of that in 1970s and 1980s). Terrorist attacks. Honour killings. You can find millions of people in the West, even today, who have never met a Muslim so what else can they believe about Islam?

          — After all no one forces us to believe anything we don’t want to, we believe what we want to believe!

          That is true. But if he tried Buddhism that does not mean he also tried other religions. Maybe someone close to him was influenced by Buddhism and that meant he was open to the idea. Who knows, maybe if he had Muslim friends in the early 1970s… but there were very few Muslims in American at that time.

          — only ALLAH (SWT) knows for sure whom HE wants to show the right path.

          you are right. And related to that: no one knows where anyone will end up except Allah. So don’t start with what you said about the RIP people. You DON’T know.

        • First of all thanks for taking the discussion in a lighter & healthier way in contrast to most of the people out there. I usually don’t indulge in such debates but since this is not a debate rather just putting up of point of views with open mind so I would like to share mine:

          Well there is no argument for being right or wrong. Off course we are Muslim & we think ourselves on the right path. Everyone follows a particular religion which clearly means that he is considering all other to be on the WRONG side be it a Hindu, Jew, Christian, Muslim & further sub-divided into sects…. these words are not necessarily spoken publicly but they are there in the core of hearts. What I wanted to say is that the Allah Almighty has the sole & final authority about forgiveness of any human being & we cannot even comment on that….

          We never know may be he had embarrassed Islam but did not declare or may be few hours before death he embarrassed alone.. God knows & may be my smallest mistake of proud behavior at some place can take me to hell & may be his some smallest good deed like helping a Muslim guy at some critical time is accepted by Allah Almighty Allah & he is counted among believer at the time of Judgement…. Who knows?????? Allah hum sb ko hidayat pe rakhay (Ameen)

          • One thing is for sure i really don’t want to see him burning in hell or anything so please don’t take it that way!

            @Shahid Saleem;

            Yeah right, i don’t know for sure, of course i didn’t had a telephonic conversation with ALLAH (SWT) ;) lol but i was talking on the basis of being Muslim, as a Muslim i know and believe:

            “And whoever seeks a religion other than Islaam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.” [Aal ‘Imraan 3:85]


            “By the One in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, there is no-one of this ummah, Jew or Christian, who hears of me then dies without believing in that with which I have been sent, but he will be one of the people of Hell.” (Reported by Muslim, may Allaah have mercy on him, in al-Saheeh, 153)

            One important point in above hadeeth is “who HEARS of me then dies without believing in that with which I have been sent” i think Jobs have had heard of Muslims and our Prophet (P.B.U.H)?

            BTW I just came to know from your post that i’ll need a masters in “Fuel Injection systems” to go to Jannah :D LOL, it is meant to be a joke (probably a bad one) so please don’t take it personally ;)


            I really respect your point of view but i have to say a few words in answer to the last paragraph of your post;
            MAY BE he did (however highly unlikely) we cant be certain but then again humans usually talk on basis of what they SEE, similarly being a Muslim i was talking on the basis of Rules ALLAH (S.W.T) have already told us+ what i knew about him.

            One more thing i believe is all non-muslims will benefit from all of their good deeds but doesn’t matter know good they were its not going to save them from hell instead they’ll be in a lesser pain situation than others.

            I was once wondering about the likes of Mother Teresa, what will happen to her? so i asked a qualified person who i thought could answer it properly and what i said above was his answer more or less and i must say it makes sense because our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the key to jannah with out believing HIM (P.B.U.H) no one…..well you know the rest, however this doesn’t apply to Christians or Jews before HIM (P.B.U.H).

            Sorry for a long post everyone ;)

                • — You know what I mean!

                  Everyone knows what you mean. If someone don’t agree 100% with you, that person might be a Qaddiyani.

              • QADIYANIAT….QADIANISM….AHMEDIYYAT… it watever u da biggest todays times..the ignorant ppl who follow dis cult r blasphemous..they call themselves muslims n claim their religion is ISLAM..but they donot believe in PROPHET MUHAMMAD P.B.U.H as da last messenger..but they say dat their ghulam ahmed qadiani (1835-1908) was da last messenger from god…all devout…n true MUSLIMS..wake up 2 dis new threat da ummah is facing..bros n sisters..these pitiful black heartened MUNAFIQS r da puppets of da enemies of ISLAM…ghulam ahmed himself was a slave of da british…plz..perform ur duty as a muslim..KNOW about dis EVIL which is threatening da young generation of innocent muslims…defiling them…contaminating them with their vile n false ideologies..KNOW…n BEWARE of dis disease which conceals itself behind da modest..peaceful..n pleasant veil of their true..horrible intentions…….qadianis r worst than non-muslim

                • Thanks madam… BTW it is tech forum not a religious forum so better to keep religion aside. Just a brief answer to what you said:

                  The energy & dedication that you people are putting to eliminate us since last 100yrs brought 0% results, rather it really act as a source of motivation & energy to us. So better put your energies in right direction, kash aisay fatway ap ne suiside bombers aur masjidon pe hamlay krne walon k baaray mei bhi diey hotay to aaj hamari forces aur awam double-minded na hoti aur mulk is condition mei na hota. Wese to her baat mei conspiracy theories nikal leti ho but still I hope k ab ap ye nhi kaho gi k is sab k peechay b qadiyanita ka hath hai. Allah se toba b krein q k har naya saal yahan afat ban k toot raha hai. Baqi aap ki marzi hai… jitney chahe fatway lagaen, galiyan den, mei to dua hi kr sakta hun.

                  • Aamir bhai please iski website tu show na karain edit kar dia karain please becoz agr koi aik b insan iski website ka visit krny say seedhy rasty say hat gaya tu ye bhut afsos ki baat hogi……emaan say baari dolat koi nahi hai. Allah protect us and bless us. Aameen!

                    • Although any link can be posted here & there is no clause or rule restricting such links, so I did not voilate any rule. But I am myself removing that link from my name as I don’t want to create problems for Aamir Bhai. Sorry I forgot that I live in a moderate country with moderate people living here. Boht naik nami kama rahe ho aap Islam ki aise behave kr k jo k asal mei sab insanon ki barabari ka dars deta hai.
                      I appreciate Admins mature behavior though.

  • A sad news for the lovers of gadgets and technology. STeve not only work for the apple but also introduce the new trend in the world of Technology.

  • great guy and a genius in all due respect.Nevertheless I find the iphone one of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century, indeed it fulfills some utilitarian purpose but it has eroded the human experience into people indefinitely fiddling with pieces of electronic equipment.This behavior draws some parallels with experimental hamsters in a cage pressing a leaver to get their serotonin release.

  • Deeply saddened by this shocking news suddenly. (though he knew he had little time left) but chose not to disclose.

    BTW Aamir, this article could have had been better if you WROTE “THE MAN” instead of “THE GUY”.

    He was not some ordinary GUY like anyone, but was someone truly special, innovative and brilliant.

  • He was the Genius and like those peoples born in hundreds of year he had move the Technology into New Era in 1980’s to 2011.

  • A great loss indeed.
    thanx alot Steve for such extraordinary gadgets and ideas u gave to this world! U will be remembered!

  • @AsadGhumman
    ap kia samjhty ho k main nay qadiyaniat k bary main sirf suna hai mai inko achi tarhan janti hun buhat qareeb say dekha hai mai nay inko…meri aik cousin jis ki shahdi qadiyani larky say hui us larky nay or us ki family nay us k sath jo bura saluk kia or jo haal uska kia agr mai yahan likhun tu ap b parh kar kanp jaye baqul ap k ap log sab say muhabbat karty hain..ap logon nay punjab medical college main kia kuch kia hai. ap logon nay khatm e nabuvat k poster ko nuqsan ponchahya jab k baqul ap k ap tu sab say muhabbat karty hain kisi say nafrat nai karty…mirza ghulam qadiyani nay apni kitabun may nabi pak (S.A.W) ki shan mai jo ghustakhian ki hain wo kis muhabbat ka dars deti hain…….ap muslims ko bura or apny ap ko buhat acha jstify krany ki koshish kar rahy ho ye siraf ap logon k kehnay ki batain hain jin logon ka ap say wasta parta hai unhi ko ap logon k hypocritical attitude ka pata hai….!

    • Jahan tak apki cousin ka taluq hai to mei kuch keh nhi sakta q k mei dono parties ko nhi janta aur nhi janta k shadi k bad kia hua aur q hua, aur sab se bari baat k shadi hi q hue. Baqi apki tamam baten sirf conspiracy theories pe base krti hain, jin ka haqeeqat se door ka b taluq nhi…

      Ap mujhe itna btaen k jis mulk k qawaneen ahmadiyun k liye itne sakht hun aur jahan 99%log ap jaise mind k rehte hun jin mei boht se log Mumtaz Qadri jaise b hon to wahan kisi ka damagh kharab hai k wo Punjab Medical College ya kahin b koi ghalat harkat kre???? Kuch aqal se kaam len. Mei ne b student life dekhi hai aur mei ne aap logon ka tolerance level be dekha hai aur mei b suni sunae baten nhi kr rha, mujhe pata hai k 1 ahmadi ko university aur specially hostel mei rehne wale ko kin halat ka samna krna parta hai…. Salam hai apke Iman per jisse har taraf se khatra hi khatra hai…. Khuda ka khauf kren aur apna aur Islam jaise kamil deen ka tamasha na bnaen, sari duniya hans rhi hai aap logon per, lekin ap ko samajh hi nhi aa rhi aur ajeeb khud pasandi ka shikar hain ap log ya phir kanon aur ankhon per mohren lag chuki hain k aisi baten krten hain k koi sahin senses wala banda aisi baaten man hi nhi sakta

      • Okay, let’s get over it – topic was about Steve Jobs death. And we are deviating from what we started.

        Please syasi aur mazhbi guftugo say parhaiz karain, unless there’s a related topic.

  • Izraeel you should never write (a.s) because it is particularly for angel who takeout the soul from human being that is dedicated for him only,no one can use it for himself.Thanks

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