UsualWords: Taking a Shot at Social Networking Market

usualwordsFirst a bit about the product and the company: UsualWords is a venture by a Pakistani company Mindcusp.

It recently had a soft-launch and now the website is in open beta.

The tagline UsualWords uses is "Preserve, and share your life – past, present, and future life experiences with UsualWords".

So it should be clear that its not your regular social networking site. Its not aiming to challenge Facebook, rather carves its own niche among users.

UsualWords is primarily a web-based service which allows you to preserve, and share your life with your family, friends, and people from all over the world. It’s an online network where people can share their life experiences, goals, ambitions, dreams – browse through life experiences of interest, follow friends/like-minded people, and share opinion on life experiences they like.

These days there are so many new ventures that people would just rather stick to the familiars like Facebook and Twitter. So unless a venture is providing something new or revolutionary, its going to be a bust. Which brings us to the question, what does UsualWords have going for it that would make you bookmark it?

Firstly, I think that its idea is somewhat unique. We share our lives through personal websites or blogs. But its not an efficient way of keeping up with someone. Even if the website is designed and categorized well, you usually don’t have a central hub where you can track all the people you want to keep up with. Here’s where UsualWords comes in.

What UsualWords focuses is on on sharing your life experiences. You can share memories, events, goals, dreams, thoughts or something from the other categories. Their visibility can be public, to friends only or only to you.

So it could become a personal journal of sorts which has all significant events in your life, thus providing you with a timeline of your life. It maps these experiences to the dates that they happened to provide an accurate life map. You can link keywords to your updates so people know what its about and can search for it.


UsualWords calculates and presents some statistics and trends based on the life experiences people are sharing which gives a broad insight of user’s life, and over-all community.

It tells you what part of the life user/people are sharing, and to which areas of life most of their experiences relate to. Based on these trends, application suggests you other people who are sharing part of their life you are interested in which you can follow or make friends. All of these things give a very clear picture of the person’s whole life on a single page.

Have a look at following profile (which is public in nature). At top there are profile details, with time line below it. Above timeline there are mentions of dreams, events, goals, ideas, memories, quotes, thoughts etc..


UsualWords is a product that would appeal to everyone. Whether you’re an individual, or a company, track your achievements, memories, and goals using this application. If you’re a celebrity, share with your fans the lessons you’ve learnt in this life in becoming one. If you’re a parent, mark your children’s birthday, graduation day or share anything that matters to you in life.

Recommendation of life experiences to your friends, sharing of opinions, bookmarking, centralized search, real-time notifications are some other major features which UsualWords presents.

All in all, its based on a good idea. But whether it will survive or starve and die because of a lack of users, only time will tell. The internet is a brutal place for start ups these days so lets keep our fingers crossed.

  • Thanks everyone. Your support will definitely help us in taking this product to the next level. Do keep us posted at [email protected] with your suggestions/improvements to make the user experience more useful, and exciting.

    Bundle of thanks to ProPakistani team for featuring our product today :)

  • @ whizKID
    for those who don’t know facebook copied it or had the ssame feature, Usualword had it implemented way before Facebook.

    And its a far better concept than facebook as it is real culture of expressing your life

  • Hufaiza Facebook timeline copied usualwords? Just a big lol.
    Suppose i agree facebook coppied it (i know suckerberg is an idea theaf). Can this site servive? Do we really need an other socialnetworking site?. We already have enough sites, G+ is already trying its best to servive. Twitter, fb, linkdin, etc do we realy need an otherone? I think. No we don’t.

    I know wanna be patriotic pakistani’s will shout on me now as this is a desi product.

    Btw best of luck to usualwords team for servival.

  • @whizKid

    Give the guys credit for thinking and implementing something out of the box.

    Do you really think that because facebook is so huge, none should think about creating anything related to social stuff?
    If we follow your logic, then after windows nobody should have thought about creating a new operating system.

    This is a website which certain people will use, the word social doesnt mean it is like facebook. It is different and creative and I like it..:)

  • Good work there. I like it, i had the similar thing in my mind several months ago but couldn’t work on it due to hectic routines.

    But i loved the idea and its implementations. Thanks to ProPakistani to highlight their efforts.

  • @Huzaifa, Saad, Aamir, Shehbaz: Thank you all for liking the concept.

    I don’t think it will help debating on who launched timeline feature first. There’s always a set of different minds working on features/ideas around the globe that may be similar, so coincidences are inevitable :)

    As mentioned by Talal, and Shehbaz in the post, UW has no intention to be like Facebook. The application aims to focus on your real-life and we believe that the product has its own unique flavor with some exciting features/interface which will help in distinguishing it from other traditional social networking applications.

  • @whizKid
    i won’t shout at you for that i was just saying something which i think was the case.As i believe in this :

    By Atif.
    As mentioned by Talal, and Shehbaz in the post, UW has no intention to be like Facebook. The application aims to focus on your real-life and we believe that the product has its own unique flavor with some exciting features/interface which will help in distinguishing it from other traditional social networking applications.

  • Our major next release is Live now. Spread the word, and visit to start sharing your life experiences with the new features we’ve glued together to make your life sharing experience more easier, and as close to your real life as it can be!

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