Breaking: PTA Decides to Ban Explicit Websites

We have learned through reliable sources that PTA has decided to ban explicit websites. This information that we have got is of preliminary nature, however officials at PTA confirmed us of decision taken by the authority.

We are yet to ascertain the mechanism and procedures that PTA will adopt for the ban, but it is anticipated that PTA will maintain a list of blacklisted websites based on user input.

This decision is apparently due to increased social and moral pressure that PTA has gone through in the recent months. This is a vital decision taken by the authority that will be welcomed by the parents. Reaction from youth can be different.

This is a developing story, and we will update it as we get more information.


We are told by PTA officials that a list of 150,000 websites has been sent to ISPs, Mobile Phone service providers, and international bandwidth providers to get them blocked. The process will take 8 to 10 working days and then these 150,000 will be blocked in Pakistan. PTA is planning to keep updating the list, through user input and self determination.

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    • Sharam aai nahi balkeh dilwai gae hai… different hackers and specially courts ki janab say…




    • And what about all those websites which are promoting hate and extremism and supporting killers. One such website was which was working few days back and now its not accessible.

      But is this one website enough? what about those countless AL-QAEDA and TALIBAN websites promoting hate and killing on internet with videos and pics?

  • Good step but I doubt that they will be able to block everything….. porn is available on legit sites like youtube and available for download on torrents as well.

    I doubt PTA will go that far to stop porn. Waisay honestly speaking, some of our fashion sites themselves are quite explicit!!

  • This should not happen. this will slow down internet speed alternatively this should be on the will of customer if he/she want to sing up for internet filtering.

  • means no governmental org. think to take action unless or until these people called up by Supreme or High court.

  • A Big Bang in the Pakistani social atmosphere. It will be The Greatest step taken by PTA. We welcome it. Welldone. Congratulation to my all Pakistani brothers.

      • Mere kehne ka maqsad ye nahi hai k block na karen.
        Woh websites zaroor block karen Balke Kal k bajaye aaj he block kar den…
        Par sirf woh websites he block karen. Jitni Pata lagen kar den.
        Aur ek complain option rakh den, jisko nazar aaye woh complain karde PTA usay ban kar de.

        Sab se acha tareeqa Google hai, Kisi ek bande ko he laga de woh Google se kuch makhsoos keywords hain woh search kary aur list bana kar de de. (Un websites ki streaming block ki ja sakti hai.) Mushkil se is kaam main ek week lagega aur 90% website block ho sakti hain, baqi jo choti moti hain woh complain k zariye ki ja sakti hain.

        Proxy websites na block karen aur proxy websites bhi hazaron ki tadaad main hain. Aur Proxy websites ka normal user ko pata bhi nahi hota hai. Aur jisne karne ki thaan li hai to woh ek proxy block karogy to woh dosri dhond lega. Aur aap Proxy website block karogy, Proxy IP dal kar bhi to woh user access kar sakta hai na blocked website ko agar usy proxy website ka pata hai [SORRY IDEA DENE K LIYE. :-P]. Kitni Proxy IPs block karogy????

  • Lulz. And you think the ban would last for long when we don’t even a properly documented cyber policy?

    In case most of you are forgetting, we live in a democratic majority :)

  • good step… but PTA will just complete formality.. i dont think that PTA is a Hard Working Organization

    • Majority is not saying to ban it.. majority is visiting the porn websites.. ‘bohat acha step hai’ kehne walo ne bhi last month main kamazkam aik dafa tou ki hogi porn website visit. btw boht acha step hai :)

      • To Err is Human, And to realize the committed error(sin) is what is required out of a person. If i do something wrong, then that does not mean, that i should also advocate that.

        I highly appreciate the porn filtering…

  • Do you guys remember when facebook and some other non-islamic sites got banned and how it impacted the speed and loading of other legit sites? Now just imagine that when half of the internet needs to be blocked because of porn? We don’t have the infrastructure to handle such a task in my opinion! Also first step porn and then what? Are we turning into China now?

    • — Also first step porn and then what?

      Wait until the next election. See how many political videos, sites, pages are “blocked” before the election and especially after when people try to post about voting fraud.

      • Exactly! That’s what I meant that we are turning into China, where everything the government deems wrong they censor.

    • Don’t you want pakistan to turn into China,I want it and everbody here,i think,want this and the fact is that it will always be our dream to be like China !!

      • Kayani I was talking about the negative aspects of China, like blocking anything that the government doesn’t want their people to see or read about.

        • Porn is an attack on women. and people should respect eachother. are you saying you want women to be attacked?

  • its very nice step of PTA
    PTA should ban all porn sites especially that are spoiling our young generation. and after this also start a crack down operation against the internet cafes, there are lots of internet cafes that saves porn material in their computer and people only visit that cafes just to watch that material.
    pro pakistani i request you to publish a report regarding this issue

    (if you need any kind of info regarding this i personally know many net cafes who are making money like this)

  • pta sucks .. man i wanna watch porn when i wanna watch it .. you cant stop me .. mera aamaal nama na banao .. apney kaam se kaam rakho .. stupid country

    • i think you have a great point, if one could get off watching porn, why force him to resort to prostitution.

      • i dont watch porn and i dont rape and i dont buy women. It’s called self control guys, and if you can’t do that you need to work on your self.

      • BTW in most countries rape cases rise long with porn . Like in the 50’s US Playboy became mainstream and there was a rise in rape. Again learn what your talking about and control your self. :)

  • Facebook also spoiling our young generation it should be ban as well ,Google is best p**rn search engine it should be ban as well,Wikipedia also have topics about p**rnography it should be ban as well ,and at last VPN’s Proxy’s and torrents and file sharing sites should be ban so no one can download Explicit content……… then why don’t we stop using internet ??? cuz every 3rd website contains banners or popups leading to Explicit websites…..

  • I guess it should be banned on user level/user willing, they should provide some portal type thing like we have on opendns, if anyone interested to ban these site he can do it on his account level. I am not suggesting this as to protect these kind of websites, but for the sake of internet speed and so on.

    • They have regulation in place to ensure ISPs report VPN users. any unreported usage may be investigated, and that means PTA will actively search for VPN usage (packets).

  • Ban porn ! What about all the terrorist web postings, Haqqani postings, Videos of the Sialkot brothers being beaten to death, I think our society has more problems than just porn.

  • Seedhi baat no bakwas BAN IT, and then i will head to that filpino massage center a few blocks away from my house !!! OORAH

    • I agree with Imran…although the policy is good but its implication method might turnp to motivate youth especially TEENAGERS to adopt other methods of self satisfaction & this will ensure increased rate of dating, prostitution, Messag Centers (especially), Porn DVDz Sales on VDO stores, Rapes.& sexual harassment.. blaa blaa God forbidden what more.
      DID the geniuses sitting on higher ups of PTA even think about these details… DO they EVeN KNOW?

  • Well done PTA team. U are actually putting your best efforts no matter what the end results are :)

        • What about Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Cuil, AltaVista, Excite,, HotBot, AllTheWeb, Galaxy, aol, Lycos, GigaBlast and many more.

          Sary Search Engine block karogy?
          Bewakoofana soch hai… Asal cheez apny aap ko theak karna hai. Agar aap khud theak hain to sab theak hai.

          Aur han ek aur baat Agar un websites ka link kisi dosri website par laga hua ho to tab to visitor us links se bhi ja sakta hai us page par. Tab kiya karogy???

        • Try an Islamic Search Engine? Can you name one with the potential of yielding quality results like Google.

        • Google has an enormous database thats unmatched !
          banning google would litteraly ask us to limit ourselves to youtube and facebook, 99% secondary research in pakistan is done via google search engine results.. what about those aspects..
          its not ust porn!

  • every body has his own choice u cant impose ur decisions on users some like this stuff & some not.let the user decide or make some other way to find the solution,bcoz ban sites will operate with new name domain whatever their are not only porn is in this category so many other things will also explicit on the web like fashion to religious views who decide all shit to ban u me 0r pta.

    • we all know what our pakistani nation likes, facebook, bachio ka number, rubbish talk. if we were good decision making nation . the country wouldn’t be in the situation like this . banned it

    • We can give choice as long as it doesn’t contradict with sharia, any bad stuff should be band with no 2nd thought. It’s very late but at least they realized and there has to be a start from somewhere so here it is, now suggest what should be next instead of criticizing this.

  • If they can… Bismillah
    But banning half billion sites…. yes billion not million :-) (kia hashar hoga internet ki speed aur ping response ka???)…

    Meanwhile here are few less complex jobs for them as well.

    When will they ban…
    1- Easy availability of Blue/Mujra VCDs/DVDs in CD markets
    2- Every mobile content Shops/Stands Net Cafes. Where one can also upload these content on their mobiles/PDAs/MP4 etc. for just few rupees,
    3- Rainbow center Full of craps.. and all similar markets in the country selling these materiel easily by giving “Bhatas” to Police
    Hira Mandi it self???

    Now in details…
    I know this post will be ignored, as some people are blindly favoring the sensor on Internet, without knowing its terrible consequences….

    Is there a conspiracy, favoring this ban?
    When we can easily filter this on our ends, and without hurting the overall speed of Internet. Then why people are not favoring this method? is their a group or mafia behind this???

    Because we know after this ban the above businesses are again gonna climb sky high. Lets see how….

    Not so long but just look few years back, when fast internet (DSL etc) was not in common, then there was a boom of BLUE and Erotic DVDs in the market. and even these 20in1 Chinese DVDs ware available everywhere and so easily…. then with the growing fast internet, these business started to crumble badly, year by year, and thousand of evil mined, associated with this just started to blame this technology “Internet”. So who is gonna benefit?

    One thing is for sure, Internet can easily be regulated by a single entity like PTA and it’s just a one door… but who can guard the other above doors? our corrupt Police?? (think again)

    kaun jeet raha hai yeh game?”اسلام کے کاندھے پر بندوق رکھ کے”

    ذرا سوچئے پھر فیصلہ کریں

    • Atleast we should start from somewhere…

      Blocking heramandi etc is not in PTA’s domain. That comes under other institutes of government.

      Can we encourage PTA in this regard ????

      • — Atleast we should start from somewhere…

        I really hate it when people use this argument. This reason is abused abused abused for all kinds of things. The problem of porn has NO technological solution. It is 100% a social issue. Why not start with a social solution?

      • Have you gone through my post?
        and PTA is also under the government control, so it will directly be the government policy.

        • Everyone has to do what they can and very late but PTA has done what it can, let’s work on what else we are suggesting ourselves because we can do it, you can I can, specially on social issues, lets encourage clean rembo center, hira mandi and what so ever.

    • i completly agree wid u bro…9/10 males of pakistan watches porn if they wont get it on internet for free they will buy it

    • MANI I totally agree with you..
      If PTA thinks that it is good then ban all the sites then internet also ban in Pakistan and defiantly we will go into stone age…
      If this happen PTA will be all in all they can publish what they want we couldnt be able to know what is happening in the world..
      we will see just what PTA will show us….nothing else we are just slaves from the beginning till end….
      We always got genius leaders who dont think just make decisions…..
      Havnt we seen a spring ??? how it works ??
      Islam talwar k zor pr phelana hota Khuda ny to aj puri dunya main Islam hota….Ideots…..

  • Muslims specially Pakistani people watch porn. You know why? Because Our Pakistani Muslims religion is very strict. They can block there sites but how will they can change character of a human. How they will stop porn DVDs. blocking or banning these sites will not solve the problems.

  • “PTA is planning to keep updating the list, through user input and self determination.”

    ‘User Input’ — BIG LOL…will be sure to input PTA after browsing the site.
    ‘Self determination’ — even more HILARIOUS…PTA employees will browse porn in office hours on pretext of self determination; when ending their shift, they’ll ban them.

    This is funny, really :D :D

    • User input can be provided without actually browsing the bad websites. e.g. in some cases you see ads appearing on right or left panels of normal websites. OR by searching in google, you can send google results to PTA.

      • And what do you do if someone reports your site (not porn) and blocks it? How do you get it unblocked?

        • abay pagal wo andhey thori hain baghair dekhay block kar dein gay website ,phir se dahi banana start kar di tum ney yahan bhi???

          • This happens all the time: 1. your server is hacked. 2. someone puts porn or malware of some kind on it.

            Ask around. Everyone has either had it happen to them or have heard of or seen it happen to many sites.

            And then (imagine) someone reports the site to the PTA, and they check and they do not know what the real content was, they just see harmful material. SO they block it. End game for your site.

            • jis ki niyat kharab ho wo hazaar bahaney dhonta hai ghalat kaam kay liye,tum bacho walay bhanay dhondh rahay ho.had hoti hai, isa sirf 0.001% hota ho ga,sirf tum nahi doosray bhi internet use kartey liye agar tumari niyat kharab hai tu doosro ko to acha karney do.

              • If you have no problems with your “niyat” why don’t you post with your real name?

                You see? There are reasons other than “kharab niyat” to hide your identitity online. What the PTA will do is take away your anonymousness.

                • WOW u r the dumbest man on earth i think bcuz u r asking unrelated question to hide ur bad intention.main agar apna naam bata do tu kiya tumari kharab niyat chup jai gi?

                  • — bcuz u r asking unrelated question to hide ur bad intention.

                    My only intention is to explain that asking the PTA to look at your traffic is like a cure for a disease that does you more harm than the disease.

                    If you think my intentions are bad, that is your PERCEPTION, not reality. Lastly, I think it is YOUR intentions that are flawed because you do not understand what you ask for.

                    — main agar apna naam bata do tu kiya tumari kharab niyat chup jai gi?

                    I don’t have any “kharab niyat”. I have made my point clearly. It is you who cannot READ plainly but must inject your bias between my lines.

                • shahid saleem se bacho bhaiyo ye aik sheetan hai ye hamesha porn aur facebook ko support karta hai aur ye yahan pe bhi sab ko behkaney ata hai,q k is k andar aik shetaan hai.agar yakeen nahi ata tu phichli post dekho propakisni ki, is ney hamesha facebook aur porn k support main baat kari hai,pata nahi ye musalmaan bhi hai ya nahi,ya phir shayd india se koi hindu comment karta hai muslim k nick se.

                  • You are not telling the truth. Where have I said that I am promoting porn and facebook? Nowhere.

                    — is ney hamesha facebook aur porn k support main baat kari hai

                    You cannot find any single post like that. Go search and bring links.

                    — pata nahi ye musalmaan bhi hai ya nahi,ya phir shayd india se koi hindu comment karta hai muslim k nick se.

                    Ah, yes. same old tactic. If I don’t agree 100% with you I must not be a Muslim. Well, maybe I am simply not as ignorant as you.

                    • wah .itna bara safaid jhoot.sab jantey hain tum ney facebook ki himayat main safeh kay safeh kaaley kar diye propakistani main.tum zyda tu facebook ka khwar koi poori duniya main nahi ho ga.jhootay no.1.

                    • — wah .itna bara safaid jhoot.

                      So it should not be hard for you to find just one comment from me openly supporting them? Is it? Apparently you can’t.

                      Again, your perception, not reallity.

  • Explicit contents/area on Video Sharing websites should also be blocked. e.g. youtube, metacafe, yahoo video, liveleak and similar video sharing portal.

    This will be a courageous decision from PTA.

  • Ofcourse blocking 100% of such websites is not possible but we should appreciate this decision. Being national regulatory body, this indeed comes under PTA responsibility.

    At least easily accessible websites must be blocked. Especially those websites which pretend to be Pakistani but in reality are foreign propaganda.

    Some people have raised valid concern that this could effect internet speed but I think little R&D could manage internet speed issue.

    Blocking proxies would also block positive usage. I am sure decision makers must be considering these aspects.

    But we should not appose this decision only because it could effect my internet speed to watch YouTube :)

    • — Blocking proxies would also block positive usage. I am sure decision makers must be considering these aspects.

      They have already banned VPN usage except for reported clients (like banks, companies, etc). They say it is to prevent gray VOIP traffic. But, positive usage is also blocked for ordinary people.

      Is a freelance software developer going to get a “permit” for a VPN he needs for outsourced development? If so, how?

  • Very nice move. Apart from the ethical factor; I’ll be interested in the bandwidth & user retention statistics of ISPs after this change xD

  • Listen!
    Those who say: ‘It is impossible to block every porn/explicit-related sites’ I will say to them that this World is the place of war between evil and anti-evil. If they can publish, design, or upload pornogrph/ porn websites then why we should stop our good efforts of blocking them? We will do our best inshaALLAH.
    Regarding Blue DVDs and CDs etc, it is the responsibility of Police and Khufya walay.
    Indeed this step taken by PTA, will not totally block porn sites etc but it will inshaALLAH keep the layman, biggners, children from these metarials, and at least will put some big Stones to close the ‘very easy’ door to pornography.
    if they are at thier mission to misguid the people, then we are for defeating them.
    keep in mind that this war will go to the end of time(Qayaamat).
    If, suppose this action of PTA takes a month to block 1,50,000 websites, and they keep it up, then a day is soon coming that it will cross the number of 1,00,000,000 and will go beyond.
    ” Slow and Steady win the Race! “

    • In all countries, even Muslim countries, the tools used to block “porn” and stuff like that, are ALSO used to hide things from citizens. Misdeeds of people in government: hidden. Crimes committed by rich people in power: hidden. It is a way to CENSOR news.

      Look at all the countries of Arab Spring: in all of them, the tools the government put in place like porn filters were used against the population. In Tunisia, they used the proxies to inject javascript into web login pages. In Iran they faked Google SSL certificates to trap logins to gmail. etc.

      This happens in Muslim countries, it happens in the East (Thailand, Vietnam), it happens in the West (Greece, UK, France).

      You ask for a hammer, but the hammer will be used against you.

    I appreciate it
    this had to done many years ago because our young generation is suffering badly
    but now it is quite good step and as my paki brother said that a crack down is necessary about bad net cafe s
    and even net cafe’s do not have internet connection then what u think they do to entertain users????
    an action must be taken about these net cafes..

  • Well done PTA.
    Kuch logon ko ye khabr sun kr boht takleef ho rhi ha. Ye wo log hn jo is mulk k dushman hn aur un sy ye bat bardasht nhi ho rhi.

    • Aur kuch logon ko yeh khabar sun k bahut khusi horahi hai. yah woh log hain jo porno CDs/DVDs/Content uploader mafia se taluq rakhte hain. aur jo Islam ka khandha istimal karke dosron ko bewaqof banate hain.

  • You people are saying that ban facebook, Google search engine and porn etc. So tell me what is the use of internet? just do silly things like reading islamic stories. Pakistani people India sa kuch seko.

  • There is a will, There is a way. When PEMRA banned INDIAN CHANNELS then Solution is DishTV INDIA. Now I Am watching 250+ Indian Channels. And millions of people are going to DishTv. Because cable tv is ‘kahbro ka drama’ dirty Geo,Ary,Hum Tv. PEMRA cannot stop DishTV INDIA. So Porn Solution will coming soon.

    • — PEMRA cannot stop DishTV INDIA.

      They can. Here’s how: FOLLOW THE MONEY. You have to pay Rs 12,000 or something like that per year for your dish service. Who do you pay that to? Probably a lot of people pay a few number of people. all the government has to do is intimidate or arrest those people into stopping. Suddenly, your dish is useless.

      If instead you pay online with a credit card, they just have to block the dishtv sites in India. Problem solved by PTA for PEMRA.

      But whether they will do it or not is a different matter. From history, it seems they won’t. But don’t assume that they CAN’T. They can.

  • Who will clean up the porno you find at DvD stores in places like Imperial Market – Rawalpindi, Question Mark!

  • This step is taken in broader national interest to promote local talent and increase sale of indegenously home grown porn CDs.
    Suggestions Welcome
    Your friendly neighbourhood PTA Man
    For further info dial 1218 from landline
    Thank you

  • Very much welcomed. I actually thought that pta never gonna do that. But hey im surprised. A very good decision after soo long. Whoever wants to watch has his ways but on the account from the government they r atleast doing something. I know there r hundreds of proxy sites, very cheap vpn servers. But who cares a child who just apparently sees something written explixit and clicks on it takes to a ban page would I think if not a geek surely gonna stop there. This is a kind of sadqa jariya I would say by the government.

    Assalam o alaikum

  • for those who are against it just because it would limit our knowledge of crimes and evil i would say what are we doing for all the bad things we have known about…have we and can we do something about them? not really…we are sad for few days and then we forget…then y is it so important to get these news…when we do not have guts to stop cruelty and evil…i appreciate this action

  • It wont do anything good to society or country in general. You cant kill basic human instinct. In country like Pakistan, where people literally got nothing to do and by blocking po*n sites will only worsen situation. This will have an impact on economy too. New Internet subscribers ratio will fall and eventually ISP will suffer less profit and consequently less jobs for people. If this GOVT/PTA cant give anything to people then at least should not take it back.

  • The game is PEMRA cannot stop DishTv because DishTV is not a Pakistani company. They cannot do anything against them after all they are not selling drugs.3 months/2400 Rs. At least is is better than cable tv. Clear picture and sound with 250 plus serial, movies, hindi movies, sports, religion and much more. Cable tv is boring because its full of advertisements and news drama.

    • How curious. You say PEMRA cannot stop dishtv because they are not selling drugs and they are not in Pakistan. By the same logic, should we expect PTA to stop porn? It is not drugs either and it is not hosted in Pakistan either.

      Logic fail!

      And if PEMRA wants to stop it, I explained how they can: stop the money flow.

  • So if they are blocking porn sites what about Powerfull media like Facebook, Youtube, and many videos and photos social networking sites. They cannot block there powerfull sites. These sites are useful day to day life. The point is that people can buy DVDs and upload them to social networking sites. This way they are helping each other.

  • What about Google Blogs, WordPress. People can post anything on it and people can create a lot of new blogs. so dogs have to find new bones.

    • I have been asking and asking repeatedly by this blog (pro pakistani) always focusses on Facebook and stories about banning facebook. There is more anit-Islam stuff on blogs and on youtube. Yet no one mentions blocking that? No polls about that?

      B I A S.

  • To Admin!

    Please don’t publish the comments which are against Islam. It is your responsibility. Why they people attack on Islamic’s Usool and Ahkamaat? The religion which gives the message of Peace ane respect. Which teaches you rules and methods of life.
    I will not say anything more because everything is in the front of our eyes, and ALLAH has given us the power of distinguishing the Good and the Bad.
    It must not be happened again. Thanks. JazakaLLAH.

    • @Abdullah

      You know people like you are the main cause of the problems in this country…. and we’re the one who’re suffering from them right now…. that’s why we’re now alone in the entire world, and labeled as “Extremists” & “Terrorists”.

      Because You’re the one who brings religion in every matter….. and are trying to enforce your thoughts on others.

      In fact You’re the one who are killing innocent women in the name of “karo-kari”, your the one who’re hanging innocents in the name of “Insaaf”, and you’re the one who’re committing suicide attacks in the name of Islam…. and still you think you’re right and others are wrong?

      And I want o clarify that I’M not in favor of adult explicit contents… but my concerns are that… banning it at PIE level is completely impossible without hurting the entire country’s browsing speed and ping response…. as we knew in the past banning just few hundred web pages putted how big impact on the browsing?….

      I don’t understand, when we’ve just two click easy solutions at personal or home computer level then why we’re going for the hard way and are suffering the others…..
      and I also don’t understand, that why people are letting their children on computer with a proper monitoring system… you know only seeing adult content is not haram… kia internet par larkoon aur lrakiyoon ki dosti halal hai?…. kia Social sites is purpose k liye use karna halal hai?… kia hamari 99% youth in sites par yah sab kuch nahi kar rahi?…. Kia facebook aur other Social sites ko bhi ban kar sakte ho?…

      Sin is Sin whither it’s small or big…”chote Gunnah ki ijazat dena hi asal mai bare Gunnah ka sabab banta hai”

      So in my view “har koi apne aamal ka khud zimadar hai” Teach them, educate them, but don’t force them. forcing is not a solution… you’ll have to agree with these facts, unless (agar kio aur khufia agenda na ho)

      • I agree. And you know, we have an obvious problem & solution similar in our country and society: DRUGS.

        Yes, they are banned. Yes, every so often there is someone caught with many kilos or even tonnes of heroin and opium. If you want drugs, you can find them through criminals and their friends but most people choose not to. But still maybe 1-2% of our population is addicted.

        Drugs are available on streets, yet many youths do not do drugs? Why? Because of social support against drugs. Not because of laws. Not because of police and law enforcement against drugs. Not because of tv programs against drugs. Not because of addiction support programs (what a joke in our country). No, it’s all SOCIAL. And it works for most people.

        Same with online filth. If your family and friends are against it, you will be, too. Same with porn and proxies: if you want to see that, you can through proxies (and find proxies through your friends), but again: if your family has brought you up well, you won’t go for that.

        But when you say it is okay for the GOVERNMENT to have and use the ability to look into EVERYONE’S INTERNET TRAFFIC, there will be problems. Because unlike the angels sitting on your shoulder, the government is (everyone knows this) corruptable. And they will use the information they gather about you AGAINST you in this life. Remember, their first goal is to keep themselves in power: everyone else is a threat. You think searching for porn traffic will lead to Shariah law and a clean society? Of course not! it’s another way for the rich and powerfull to keep you controlled.

        You can pray for forgiveness & repent sincerely & get it. You have absolutely no recourse against some government employee who can search your web logs and find out what you were doing and then use that against you, either openly or privately (blackmail) or WORSE.

        Ask yourself: why was there an outage with PTCL proxies for only facebook and twitter two years ago? When people were going to the sites and being logged in as other users? Why did PTCL need proxies ONLY for those two sites? Answer: the same sites are heavily used by activists. The same sites are used heavily by people who are unhappy with government. When there are elections in Iran, those two sites are banned. When there was uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, etc, those sites were monitored or blocked. When there were discussions about lawyers movement and November 3 in Pakistan, where did they discuss them. Facebook and twitter.

        Ask yourself again: why does PTCL need to watch traffic for those sites? And then ask, what OTHER sites are they watching? And what OTHER traffic of yours are they watching that you don’t know about? We only found out about the proxies because of a misconfiguration at PTCL end. If they had not made the mistake, we would be in the dark about all the data they are collecting about us. AT least now we know something…And I am glad Facebook, twitter, Google all support https:// for all their data now. PTCL cannot control that.

        (But they can turn off port 443)

        High people in government already pressure low employees in PTA, PSEB, PTC, other ISPs for information against targets. They will say, give us the IP address of the person who posted to this and this blog site or sent email through yahoo at this and this time. What is the phone number they used for dialup or DSL? What is their address? And even though there is no law requiring them to hand over the information, they will get it because who can say no to powerful people in government.

        This is not theoretical case. I have seen something happen like this with my own eyes.

    • Ruined our generation? HA HA HA HA

      Cheating in exams: ruined our generation.
      Bad teachers: ruined our generation.
      Polluting industry especially polluting cars trucks: ruined our generation.
      Bad parenting: ruined our generation.

      And that is just on every kid’s day going and coming from school or college.

      But porn sites? Seriously? The impact of the internet is so low even among city people. With something like 60% of the population in cities (maybe 100 million people!) only a very small percentage has access to broadband.

  • It ultimately comes down to each and every user.
    Yes, it is a positive move by the PTA, and it should be applauded.
    The bottom line still remains with each and every user.

  • ISPs should go for strike against PTA. Because blocking porn sites ISPs will get less and very less profit. ISPs business is in danger. ISPs should go for strike.

  • PTA is not doing right. It gives bad impression on foreign people. Because when they come In Pakistan they will not able to watch porn. and when they will go back to their own country they feel bad or they will be angry on Pakistan. so this gives bad, bad and very bad impression. So the foreign who likes porn will not come in Pakistan.

    [Comment Edited]

    • Zafar is an Mental person. He dont know how to talk and communicate with others. This idiot dont know that when foreigners come in Pakistan, its does not mean that they open here porn sites. This is some kind of a joke said by most idiot person that i have seen in the world. Idiot porn sites are also blocked in Saudi Arab, so u think that foreigners have bad words or thoughts about Saudi Arab for not opening of porn sites? Its every country policy what to do for their own benefits. (If i agree with ur stupid thinking that foreigners come here and watch porn sites, than Also For few foreigners we cannot put futute of our youth on risk). Zafar I think you dont have your father who guides u when u were child. Well now I can give u free advice that hire one from Internet or consult me.


  • It will increase more frustration and complex in Pakistan. This is not even a good step. Let’s see what will happen I think they ban all educational and news sources in the name of pornographic content.

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    He used bad words about Islam. He called Islamic stories “Silly stories”.
    Admin plz remove his post as soon as possible…..

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    He used bad words about Islam. He called Islamic stories “Silly stories”.
    Admin plz remove his post as soon as possible. Don’t publish such posts…..

  • Yes! Zafar-‘The Satan’ must be banned along with his brother Shahid Saleem. If they are so interested to Porn then they should upload thier _____, _____ movies on internet to fulfill their needs and other pornographers/ porn-watcher.

    [Comment Edited]

  • @Mr. Net why You want to hide your identity? For your information everyone is allowed to comment on this site.

    [Comment Edited]

  • To, the Admin.
    Please put a link for the bottom of a page which should take directly to the bottom of the page. Because like me other mobile users have to go to the bottom of the page everytime they want to read new comments, which not only bothers and wastes time but suck battery also.

  • Seriously all of you, when we want to learn islamic education we should read Islamis books. And when we want to entertain our self we browse the internet. So keep the religion out of Entertainment.

  • Listen you people I don’t have any personal problems with you and either I am not hiding my identy. I just post what I think. For your information It is not your blog/web and either mine. So it means everyone or everybody is allowed to comment. No one can stop me and I cannot stop you. So please Comment it and Let me post my comment.

  • Good decision and hope they will be very sincere on this and keep it up. Although very late but they have finally realized which is a good sign, through whatever pressure. Let’s make dua and work hard on the other ways to keep Muslims away for any such sinful acts. We have no choice for this, it’s the duty that has been given to each of us muslim. This might not be just enough, but it’s the start. It may also have technical issue but let work to improve it not the leave it. It should be made sure that they actually do it and continue to do it…

  • What kind of oversight will there be? Giving powers the ability to censor the internet means that soon you won’t be allowed to read anything your government decides you are not allowed to know.

  • No! Noooooooooo ! You can’t do that to me…..loooooooooool … its funny isn’t it….:)

  • FANTASTIC step taken by PTA. CONGRATS to ALL Pakistani’s.


  • gud effort INSALLAH it would b implemented n we would b able to eradicate this evil to an extent .
    The thing that we need is building strong moral values in ourselves …….it would also help us to propagate peace n virtue

  • Very Good
    Hamara Moashra Mohat Zyada Khrab Ho Chuka Hy
    Ab Dykhty Hain PTA Na Block Website Block Karny Ka Keh To Dia Hy Lekin Maza Tab Aye Ga Jub Wo Isy Block Kar Chuky Hongy

  • I have a better suggestion to all those applauding the decision, lets all cut off our genitals and get rid of sex once and for all and be totally clean. If you people can’t tolerate sex, why not just get rid of it?

  • Well – this is very concerning, both the censorship and all the comments supporting it. While I can appreciate cultural differences, removing people’s freedom and breaking the internet means it is unlikely I’ll ever visit Pakistan, for a holiday or for work.

    When you let the government regulate your communication channels, which the internet is one of, you make it possible for them to completely control your lives.

    Would you let your government prevent your citizens from talking about sex on the phone? What about from talking about sex to each other in person? If sex is such a terrible thing, why do you have children? Are you ashamed of your children because they are the result of a sinful act? Sex is an expression of love, joy, and being human, if you can’t deal with that, fine. But why prevent other people from enjoying that part of human existence?

    Oh, and if you hate porn so much, you should stop using the internet completely, since a lot of technology developments, like video codecs, streaming video, and more bandwidth (things that websites like YouTube benefit from) are funded in part by pornography.

  • this is a good initiative taken by them indeed but, I’ve gone through with the list provided by them. More than 170K URL are flooded to be blocked but unfortunately, i did not see any renowned/popular site in it. Why is this, i don’t know but i am happy that they are at least looking this issue seriously. they may ban those URLs later.

  • Very good decision,these sites create many problems for young generation,Specially for students…

  • Zafar is an Mental person. He dont know how to talk and communicate with others. He doesnt know that when foreigners come in Pakistan, its does not mean that they open here porn sites. This is some kind of a joke said by most _____ person that i have seen in the world. porn sites are also blocked in Saudi Arab, so u think that foreigners have bad words or thoughts about Saudi Arab for not opening of porn sites? Its every country policy what to do for their own benefits. (If i agree with ur thinking that foreigner come here and watch porn sites, than Also For few foreigners we cannot put future of our youth on risk).

    Zafar I think you don’t have anyone for guidance when u were child. Well now I can give u free advice that hire one from Internet or consult me.


    [Comment Edited]

  • Not Sure Why you Wrote;

    “This is a vital decision taken by the authority that will be welcomed by the parents. Reaction from youth can be different”

    Kindda made me laugh…. :DDD Does it even matter what “Youth” thinks in this case!!!!

    Hats off PTA…. Just dont make this what our politicians did at APC…… :)

  • Koe bata sakta hai …kab se block ho rahi hain ye sites …exact date …stack bhi tu karna hai na boss

      • then we wd be left wd animated movies..:) and fifa as a game:)

        porn i understand.. but this may go beyond limit..
        movies like saw shd be banned ok.. i get tht.. but every action mvie has violence in it..wt to do thn??

  • Now we are just 7 year old kids that need to have a baby sitter like PTA. Come on people what is next, ban Cartoon Network?

    There are more serious social issues than porn, Blocking websites is least of them, how about banning religious sites where people get brain washed, or hey block all those soaps that forces the women to forget everything around.

    The only source of entertainment has been taken from us. How sweet is that?

    God Bless this country, where no one has the freedom to decide for themselves.

  • If PTA blocking porn sites then there is another way of watching porn. IP address hider or Same software that changes country like if we select Pakistan to another country like China/Japan/India or any country so those sites that ban by PTA will be open easily.

  • Don’t you think we are handling the matter incorrectly? Think about it, PTA blocking P*rn sites says out loud “Muslims can’t control their desire, so we are gonna block P*orn in the whole nation”.
    This is not going to solve the problem – people are just going to find out new venues of pornography, be it proxy, torrent, or just increase in the local p*rno sale.
    We need to fix what’s wrong with our culture, lifestyle, and why muslims get hooked on p*rn. (Search for p*rn related keywords on google, Pakistan is either 1st or 2nd in most, except the word “Porn”. Most don’t know its meaning, but if you search “blueprint” No.1 xP)

    • Well, hardly any one controls their desire, it’s human and how can you, look at your media isn’t that is all it’s promoting? Vulgarism? Even the news caster here dress vulgar. Yes, it’s not the complete solution but this a one step. We need to take more measures. I failed to understand why we even have to argue on this one thing, if it’s not much good than it’s not bad step either, lets not worry about this and move on and if we really want to do something, than do something to change our societies back to the way Islam has thought us, instead of only criticizing and giving ideas on how to actually break the bars.

        • @Chappelle… Dude!!!! If our religion has asked women to cover their body, doesn’t that mean the same as well??? It is just plain Human Nature and who can know that nature better than the one who has created us??? Women covering their body is to counter any provocation from the oppostie sex!!! In my opinion PORN is the same provvocation that should be banned!!!

          • You do know that these pornstars aren’t walking around in our society. You have to turn on a computer, go to a porn site, and watch it. YOU are the one doing it. Yes, Islam does want women to cover up, but Islam also wants men to lower their gaze.

            What you have here are plethora of men who voluntarily use internet to watch porn. The problem is not the availability of porn (It’s only on internet), WE are the problem.

            I can bet my money that this action of PTA would cause a rise of local porn sale, proxy sites usage, and torrent porn downloading. Did PTA solve the problem? EVEN if you completely block porn on the internet (pretty much impossible) people WOULD STILL WATCH PORN! This would NOT decrease the number of people who watch porn.

            You want to solve this problem? Fix yourself. Fix your character. Make this problem known, so that parents would be careful. And fix our late marriage issue.

            • @Chappelle
              That’s what I’m concerning….. because if one door is closed then 100 more will open. The problem is that, we’re not thinking to solve the root… we’re just thinking to ban whatever we don’t like, or increasing the price whatever we can’t manage.

              Check your national departments, what are they doing?…. people are not getting any service in good condition, but they’re still increasing the price:-(, because this the easiest way to cover their corruption….

              If some terrorist use motor bikes then they go for banning “Double Sawari” because instead of their actual duty, they find this the easiest way…

              And there are other countless examples…

              Same goes for this problem…. You know we’re one of top nation in the world, who seek for this stuff… why?… what is the real cause?…

              and @ Admin
              You got it wrong… UK is not blocking porn… instead they’re giving their subscribers an “opt in” or “opt out” option to for filter. So it’s still in subscriber hand, and I think this is very good option. Instead blocking or banning, the option should be in the hand of end-user… and PTA should also use this system.

              • Lol…. Man you are Disillusioned…. These examples have no relevance to the topic at hand…. OPT IN / OPT OUT option??? Are you serious… this is like giving a suicide bomber a remote control of the vest he has on and telling him you can decide for yourself if you want to blow yourself or not………

                • Sir if people continue to claim that porn is destroying youth, you have to ask: who is paying for the internet connections? Youth? Or their parents? If it is the parents, then the parents can turn the filter on. Other subscribers of the ISP may not have children or may not need such filters, so they can leave them off.

                  What is so hard to understand about that?

                  It’s like banning motorcycles for general public because they could be used to drive to Hafeez Centre or Rainbow, OR they could be used to drive to Hira Mandi.

                  • Ok so now its Bikes V/s Porn….

                    My Friend a bike “CAN” be used for “Good” and “Bad” reasons both……. What “GOOD” does PORN do????

                    If it does any good please be my guest and smack my head in the wall right in front of you… :)

                    Porn is only 1 reason that is affecting the youth….. there are loads of others as well… Terrorism, frustration given the current socio- political, economical reasons.. Trust me I am not putting it all on one thing….

                    • — My Friend a bike “CAN” be used for “Good” and “Bad” reasons both……. What “GOOD” does PORN do????

                      Please pay attention. We are not discussing porn. We are discussing those four ISPs in UK who have offered opt in filters.

                      OFFERED, not FORCED like PTA.

                      FOCUS. OPT IN.

            • “”You want to solve this problem? Fix yourself. Fix your character. Make this problem known, so that parents would be careful. And fix our late marriage issue.””


              “”if you completely block porn on the internet (pretty much impossible) people WOULD STILL WATCH PORN! This would NOT decrease the number of people who watch porn.””

              Completely Disagree….!!!

              Yes, there are other avenues, but are those as easy and accessible as the internet???? Definitley not…. Its a first step towards the erradication of this menace.. Next step would be to ban the locals DVD walas… And dont argue that they cant be banned… Trust me if our govt can ban the export of these dvds that was so widespread a decade ago they sure can do this as well…..

              If your arguement is that banning the sites would open other avenues… You should know that even though we have death sentences in, this does NOT prevent murders and assasinations…. The goal here is not to eradicate but to minimze it as much as we can here… Tell me if there is a XXX channel active on your cable would the same argument work if there are kids at your place??? Would you still reason with them that this is not right and let them make the decision or would you just go to the cable wala or blast his head for airing these type of channels ???? I bet the latter one….. This is what PTA is doing my friend!!! Even though your kids can watch them on their pc or at a freinds place you would still try to make it as inaccesible as you can!!!

              • @ShahRukh

                “Next step would be to ban the locals DVD walas”

                Huh…. these doors were active much much before the broadband internet penetration in Pakistan… where were you at that time?….
                “even though we have death sentences in, this does NOT prevent murders and assasinations”

                Now you unintentionally agreeing with my point… Read again…I said time to time, that ban/punishment etc are not the solution of a problem. instead raise awareness and education!.
                “Tell me if there is a XXX channel active on your cable would the same argument work if there are kids at your place”

                Internet and cable are two different mediums… on internet you can easily use family filters. i.e. open DNS, but on cable you can’t (unless you’ve parental control system).

                at the end…. you know why are we alone in the world?…. why are we crying that, why West is so much hating us?…. why are they cornering us? … why are we going down day by day?… why people are complaining that google banned adsense?, why we don’t have paypal etc…..

                Because we’re not a Nation, and just a crowd… because we don’t have a clear aim like other successful Nations… because we’re 2numberi and corrupt people… because we’re divided in so many groups and hate each other… and because we promote extremism, and yet we want good relationship with rest of the world…….(these are just few examples)

                You’ve to agree that we are not economically stronger as KSA or China (not even nearer), nor we’ve unity like Iran or North Korea. so we can’t go on their pattern, else we should not cry for the consequences.
                (Kawa chala Hans ki chaal wala mamila ho jaye ga).

                • Lol…. The whole debate is to let the consumer choose, to wach porn or NOT to watch Porn??? And you keep on quoting West and the UK etc etc… My friend!! they have gambling dens, casinos, even marijuana is legal (Medical DAH), protitution is also legal in some countries, abortion as well… Do you want us to go on the same lines as well??? Would this philosophy of let the consumer decide to choose whether BAD is BAD or not???? Tell me should we opt for them aswell!!!

                  Why cry about being ISOLATED…. We are, but there is no reason that we should NOT ban these sites or anything else for that matter just to look COOL and free AMBAADORS of free speech…

                  “Internet and cable are two different mediums… on internet you can easily use family filters. i.e. open DNS, but on cable you can’t (unless you’ve parental control system). ”

                  So you wanna put the moraity of your children at the stake of your TV Models… LOL…ASTOUNDING…..

                  Whats bad is bad…And we should counter it in any way we can!!!

                  • — Lol…. The whole debate is to let the consumer choose, to wach porn or NOT to watch Porn???

                    The whole debate really should be: do we want the government looking at our traffic? Do we want the government deciding what we can and cannot look at online? Because and EVERYONE WHO CARES knows this, the URL bans will not stop at porn, they will block things the government does not want you to see.

                    Wait until the next election.

                    In fact, why would they stop at blocking us from SEEING online? They want to block us from POSTING online, and you will help them. See for yourself your attitude:

                    — We are, but there is no reason that we should NOT ban these sites or anything else for that matter just to look COOL and free AMBAADORS of free speech…

                    You used words “anything else”. Well, this is the same kind of reasoning that leads to things like Saudi Arabia FORCING all their bloggers to get a license for their blog with from government. Same with Iran. Search online, you’ll find news reports.

                    So much for that pesky free speech right? Even if you are not posting anything haraam, they want to know who you are and what you’re writing.

                    — So you wanna put the moraity of your children at the stake of your TV Models… LOL…ASTOUNDING…..

                    Will you put speed breakers on every single street in the country because “oh no, fast cars might kill children we must protect the children!!!” No? Why not?

                    Stop arguing about kids. Again, kids are not paying for the internet connection. If you’re so lazy that you can’t install a filter on your computer for your own kids, then why do you want to government to do it for you?

                    • My Friend whats going to happen after this is a no issue at the moment….. Off course Blogging etc is our right and no one should think of taking it from us… its so obvious.. .whats that gotta do with banning porn… Whats gonna happen next is something that neither you nor me… or even the government themselves my friend…. let not be astronomers and predict whats gonna happen next… And if you really wanna do that then imagine this.. Boozing, Doping, prostitution, abortion etc etc are legit bt the govt and you can choose which one to filter and which one to not…. If you can predict that i can predict this as well…..

                      We’ll go no where by saying whats gonna happen next…. If we are united against the banning ofporn,,,,, we’ll be united against banning our blogging or whatever it is that stops you from freely expressing your views…..

                      And one thing else… It is the responsibility of the state for the welfare of its citizens.. yes their are loads of other problems.. that are of far more importance than this but you cant say that if they didnt think of that they cant do this….

                    • — Off course Blogging etc is our right and no one should think of taking it from us…

                      Blogging is your RIGHT? HUH? The PTA can stop you from blogging any time they want. Have you completely forgotten 2004? THEY BLOCKED BLOGSPOT.COM! Millions of blogs, blocked for maybe two years.

                      But now you say, PTA has better technology. We can ban individual URLs instead of entire sites. Well, guess what.


                      How do you think Saudi Arabia and Iran forced their bloggers to register? By treating blogging as a right? What makes you believe it won’t happen here?

                      — let not be astronomers and predict whats gonna happen next…


                      I can’t imagine why I get into arguments with idiots here. Maybe the comments section should only be for “registered” commenters.

                      — we’ll be united against banning our blogging or whatever it is that stops you from freely expressing your views…..

                      Total BS. Today no one stops people from preaching online. But so many people want to ban Facebook even though hundreds of Muslims preach Islam there. And are you united on allowing them to preach? You are more united on banning them from preaching by blocking Facebook.

                      There is no unity here. Read up on the term “manufacturing concensus”. I am on the loosing side of history, and so are you because you are naiive about what government will not do.

                      So many people use the China example. China blocked porn! China blocked Facebook! Do they even know that the Chinese government TRIED to install spyware on every computer sold in China? Only public pressure made them stop.

                      Give them power, and that’s what governments do.

                      — that are of far more importance than this but you cant say that if they didnt think of that they cant do this….

                      What I can say and what I WILL say repeatedly is taht the porn thing is not a big issue in our society. What is the big problem for the government is FREE COMMUNICATION BY US. We have given them BLANK CHEQUE to block any site THEY think is best that we do not see. We have no right or ability to ensure they are not blocking anti-government sites. They won’t share the list of banned sites. They haven’t even given us a mechanism for appeal.

                      Why is banned? I can go to many bookstores and buy their magazine. I can even get a subscription from Liberty Magazines in Karachi. But I cannot visit the website. Why? NO ONE KNOWS. NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHY.

                      Do I need a suo moto action to find out???

        • They are doing what the PTA is NOT doing: giving people an option. Parents can use those ISPs and turn on filtering if they want. People who don’t want filtering will turn it off or use other ISP.

          This is not new. ISPs in the West have offered filtering systems for whoever wants it for years and years. Especially corporate environments use them to block workers from wasting time online.

          Why won’t this solution work here? Because no one will use an ISP. Did you know there WERE ISPs in Pakistan that offered filtering? Above and Beyond what PTA or anyone else offered? Where are they now?


          • I Wish I could have read but this is way too long and boring for me…..

            Alternatively I’ll settle with Mark Twain

            “Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

            I know we all get our rights abused by Politicians and Bureaucrats….. But whats the point of being a Cry Baby…. Gear up and change the whole system instead of being a Girl…… If the change is for GOOD, Sit down, Shut Up and dont eff it with your Bogus Concept of Free Will just because what you think is NOT right……

            BTW the banning process has started so if you feel that your rights are being abused.. Why dont you go on the third floor of your building and jump off of it in a protest against BANNING PORN… I am sure people would not give a Horse’s ass knowing why you jumped…..

            • Dear Shahrukh,
              MashAllah u r very intelligent. only one question, WHY ALL THESE SITES ARE STILL UNBLOCKED ON PTCL BROADBAND.
              Waiting for your reply……
              no hard feelings…right ;)


  • In fact a reasonable decision: if it is implement and will help in improving the attitude issues in pakistanis especially youngsters till some extend.

  • This is an outrage, no doubt initiated by the same _____ that support blow up dvd shops in FATA.

    [Comment Edited]

  • Pakistani Girl: Why my name is always
    on your Facebook status in
    every 2 minutes? Pakistani Boy:
    Facebook keeps asking me
    what’s on my mind ? And
    honestly, it’s always you…

  • a very good step by pta these things are ruining almost all our youngsters very good step

  • Pakistanis have one solution to everything.. kill it or ban it.. Delusional Republic of Pakistan it is.. always burying head in sand like an ostrich..

  • we are a disgrace to humanity, the whole world first laughed that we are the top porn searching nations, now the world will laugh that we are a bunch of ppl who cant even get off easy since porn is banned.

    alcohol is banned – find it anywhere you like, prostitution is banned – get 3 woman on just one phone call, explicit material is available on every cd store.

    [Comment Edited]

  • It is important to know what is right and what is wrong. porn should not be banned, stupid politicians, bureaucrats and lawyers should be ! They want to tell us what to watch and expect us to reply, but as soon as we ask or reduction in load shedding they all start looking up in the air as if the answer was in the clouds. This is what they do, distract stupid people with Non issues

  • lolz well explicit sites lovers porxy sites use karainge in sites ko access karnay ke liye so i think pta ka yeh step useless hai

  • What I can’t understand is why was banned it was the most clean torrent site I could find after Mininova turned to host only freeware sites that need to be banned don’t get banned and these get banned, people should have the option to filter the content I’m not saying the explicit sites should not be banned but sites like this shouldn’t and a list with reasons should be provided. Ban all u want just don’t ban p2p sites

  • PTCL broadband hasn’t blocked these sites yet; no respect for SHC, no respect of PTA?

    PTA has to check compliance on largest ISP of Pakistan (i.e. PTCL).

    I am in Gujranwala and enjoying all blocked sites on PTCL broadband.

  • @KAMRAN SO you’re praising a hacker?. Someday you’ll praise a hijacker too. :-(
    If PTA bent down due to this hacker, then I feel sympathy for them. they should step down and resign.

    Dark age of internet is about to begin…. there are examples in the world, whoever started to censor Internet and print media, then they didn’t limit this power to explicit contents only, but they also abused other, users rights, mostly political….. and China, Iran, NK, KSA, Syria, are just few examples.

    VPN was banned first, now porn, and (If Imran and Sharif brothers continued their recent aggressive movements) in few days we’ll see a ban on political/anti-government expression too.

    I wonder it’s not PTA, but we’re…. who violated self rights again. and we’ll face the consequences, both Internal and External. :-(

  • @maani wt ya mean man??tell us clearly..
    wEll jis mrzi k kehny pr ye step liya gya ha.Atlast m happy PTA ne ye step liya ha
    and the ones who r sayng k its nt Good to Ban porn sites must shame on theirs slevs if they call them sleves muslims..
    cmoon evyrbody is not like u..v dnt buy CDs frm stores..v dnt wnna get prostitutes,..
    change ur mind then u ll b able to Change evrythng..

  • hahaha pl here think if Porn sites gt baned thn dark age of intrnet ll b ho gya ha..
    onli porn sites vre banned..
    and evry muslim shd avoid porn sites..
    once a general of pakistans enemies army said “” is qoum ko koi b kisi b weapon (hathyar) se ni hara ko Harana ha tow jst in ko gurls ka Chaska de do..””
    thats a vry good example jo mea samjhana chah rha hn ap logon ko..

  • I wanted to help PTA to clean and block all the porn websites still available to watch online after their blocking activity I wanted to know which way I can report some of the explicit website still available to watch.

  • Well if you have visited the best torrent site (Pbay) recently, you may think of this differently.

    What have I seen there? Actually on homepage they had a link to a youtube video two or three days ago.

    There are numerous rumors that some powerful people from many countries are secretly gearing up to change the internet from what you see of it today.

    I hope its just a conspiracy theory.. but If this is a link, much more will be taken away from you.

    How they plan to do this: Make ISPs responsible for what their users do

    Search “ACTA”

  • Welcome to the land of stupidity. They have also banned all the websites ending with “” try opening “” or “” or “”, any domain that ends with “” have been banned by PTA. Its currently pushed on Wateen, and it looks like all the millions of domains ending with will be banned on all networks soon. Just search “PTA banned shoes” on google.
    I think this will do no Good, You can’t ban porn, it can be easily accessed by proxies. But in blocking those websites PTA have blocked millions of legitimate websites.

  • ya kya kerdiyea… abb mae xxx clips kaahan say download karongaa. hmm dobara rainbow center say dvds laynee paringeeee. ohh good back to old days lie i use to do in 80 nd 90s..PTA undo this just for me

  • It was all because of ZHC, Z Company hacking crew, who hacked porn sites and wrote message for PTA and SC :) thank you ZHC.. LOVE YOU GUYS :)

  • lol this is all loads of BS. a govt run by sexual criminals and murderers seeking to ban porn websites lol and show themselves as the pure face of the society….wow…i am watching porn right now from a website just to see if my experiment works, and well it does…they say where there is a will there is a way…so how does banning something that is an after effect fo countless years of suppression going to lead to a solution.

    rather than goign around banning what you like when you like go around look for the root cause of all this.

    anyone can access these sites easily, how does that help in solving the visits of porn sites this is like stopping a person from food but then again the thirst prevails and the person finds a way to quench his thirst.

    so pta should take their heads out from each others (DASH) and look around at a more reputable solution to a problem developed through society and not the internet

  • i appreciate it strongly & thanks the Allah Almighty for guiding the authorities for taking this step.

  • great job. block list should be updated on weekly basis.
    youtube and other channels should also be blocked if some vulgure material is present at some specific pages.

  • At last the authority made the best decision so far… banning these porn sites will not only be welcome by the parents but also the majority of the masses.. yes there are people who will certainly protest this silently.. as far the concerns shown that their are numerous sites & its not possible! but the users should come forward and give feedback in this regard..PTA can search GOOGLE for the list of explicit sites and ban them all.. proxy server is the issue only.. which can dealt with also

  • My concern is that banning only these sites wont help much though least.. and its opposite of what the current ultra-liberal govt agenda is.. the govt should also ban GEO tv and related networks who promoting vulgarity in every programme from dramas, talk shows and songs.. also these media thugs promoting Indian culture.. and lastly change should be from top not bottom.. if govt full of characterless people then these steps are just a joke..

  • yaar ab kya kairen gy????

    I am really sad…. this was the only cheap means of
    nude goriiiisss….

    sad and bad move….

  • Its an excellent step being taken by PTA..
    Its really good to block these sites as newbies are not much familiar with torrents, so blocking the sites first is an excellent plan..
    But i see many ppl are jotting tht Youtube is a source of porn..
    Those who say are actually Shallow or know nothing abt porn…Youtube Do contain explicit stuff bt we can’t take it as porn…
    And as for Torrents..
    There is no way of blocking SPECIFIC Torrents..
    So the WHOLE torrent site have to be blocked for some specific torrents…So this is nt good as our main source for softwares, movies, games and music etc, are Torrents…

  • Lol, this is funny. I know 99% of the people that are commenting that this is a good decision have wanked off alot when they were younger themselves. :p

  • To be Honest i never Know that Porn is Banned, last night i tried to logged the site i usually used to, it said PTA Blocked blah blah! hence si went down the market and bought three dvds for 600

  • this is encouraing step taken by PTA, this innitiative suppose to be taken by PTA pretty earlier than now still “Dair aye Drust Aye”…

  • WHY all the PORN sites are still UNBLOCKED on PTCL BroadBand???
    so it means that this action was not due to Islam in Pakistan but to promote PTCL Broadband in Pakistan as they are still showing each and every single PORN Website…hahahahahahaaa another money making technique by our government and u pple think that they are doing it for good purpose…salute to your Intelligence :D

  • its a Good step but only for wateen users?

    These site are working on PTCL… can any one share his experiance…

  • there are hell or other sites which are still working block them too PTA should invite people to notify PTA that which site is working to complete supervision on these kind of sites

  • PTA has blocked many useful websites. Internet censorship is bad thing. Pakistan is already a closed country full of coercion and persecution.Internet censorship is against human rights and freedom of expression.

  • Great Job by PTA……….

    This will definitely help our younger generation to get rid of “porn” & other bad activities…

  • Fantastic decision by PTA .It is Appreciated by Parents specially .Well done PTA but it is not for the shorter period it should be forever.

  • Useless exercise. Those who have to watch, want to watch, they will keep on doing it. Porn was freely available everywhere even before the advent of television in Pakistan.These steps are just to pacify the mullahs who know only two words “uriyani” and “fuhashi” and their sermons start and end with it.

    • pata hia tumari problem kia hai dunya ki har cheez ka alzam molvi par lagata lekin khud roz gand marwata hoo phir bhi aus cheez ka bara mai soucte nhi ka mai ghalt karta ho think about it

  • I would say, it was a great decision by PTA. As long as they don’t touch freedom of speech, they are good to go.

    I appreciate this step, at least no one ever will think of setting up an adult site in this country and Net Cafes will be used to see content thats much better ( To Say the least ).

  • Who the hell is government to tell us what to text and what not to text? This is outrageous. PTA is being run by the taliban terrorist. At what point do we stop banning things.

  • sab bakwas hai is sa kuch nahe hona wala b.p ki cds haina p.t.a lolz
    agr ise band karne se kuch fark parr gya tu……….

    • farik yea pary ga k pakistan worl level pe badnam nai ho ga,,jasa k google pe likha ha k pakistan porn site dekny walo me number 1 pe ha

      • nObody gives a shit about where pakistan is standing. I appreciate this step kcoz kids and underage children wouldnt b able 2 say all that porno shit..
        adult ppl have many ways to satisfy their needs.
        tOrrents, porn dvds blah blah……
        dont b freaked out..


  • pta ne site blocked karien jiss se buhat sare noujawan pareshan hogai hain apni ghalat harkatoon ki waja se, me professional hacker hoon , mere mujh se kafi larkoon ne kaha k koi aisa hul batain jis se hum apni marzi se koi si bhie site jo blocked ho us ko easily visit kar sakain, mene un ko jawab na me dia coz koi yah acha kaam he is ke kisi kisam ki burai ki koi kunjaish nahi he halan k me jab cha hoon wasily kisi bhie site ko dunia ki visit kar sakta hun ko blocked ho apni ip change kar ke fake ip se hacking k through lakin jo ghalat he woh ghalat he …. Allah hum sab ko acha insaan banne ki taufeeq de ameeen

  • can we report about any porn sites???if we can then whr we can send dat link for ban?? any one knw about it

  • should block islamic sites all over world these are the big deasease that in world they make bomb blast and all thing first block islamic sites like or such more this type sites why blocking porn this is a pleasure adult pta should make another site that giv us pleasure cox we adult pleasure so giv us pleasure plzzzzz…..

  • this is very good decision by PTA and really being Islamic it should from earlier and now strictly continue this decision ,being a Pakistani i know nature of our government and others institute ,please it is my request to PTA continue your decision for long term i mean forever not only for some time.

  • yaar total 4 sites band hui thin wo b wapis khul chuki hain … agar yeh sites band ho gain to ptcl loss me jae ga hahahaha

  • ASLAM O ELIKUM BHAI yeah bohat acha step hy pta ka per is sy koi farq nai para pakistan main mobile shops hian jo registered nai like sialkot sethi plaza main bohat si chooti shop hian jo k yeah sub mobile mian sirf 100 ya is sy b kaam main kar k detti hian.aur kuch software hian jis ki madad sy hum in websites tak pohach sakty hian is leay inko b block karna zaroori hy.main yahan kisi b software ka name is leay nai bata raha k kuch log uska galat use karian gian.pplz safe pakistan.


  • Ye bht acha faisla he. nut PTA ko chaye k esi websites ko is trah se block kary k kisi bhi kism k unblock websites softwares in ko unblock na kr saky or is k sath sath torrent movies se bhi esay tmam contents block krny chaye jo k ISLAM or Pakistan k khilaf hn…………koi mjhy btay ga k PTA se is bary me contact kesay kia ja skta he????matlb how can i report for such wbsites or any related content to PTA???

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