Breaking: PTA Decides to Ban Explicit Websites

We have learned through reliable sources that PTA has decided to ban explicit websites. This information that we have got is of preliminary nature, however officials at PTA confirmed us of decision taken by the authority.


We are yet to ascertain the mechanism and procedures that PTA will adopt for the ban, but it is anticipated that PTA will maintain a list of blacklisted websites based on user input.

This decision is apparently due to increased social and moral pressure that PTA has gone through in the recent months. This is a vital decision taken by the authority that will be welcomed by the parents. Reaction from youth can be different.

This is a developing story, and we will update it as we get more information.


We are told by PTA officials that a list of 150,000 websites has been sent to ISPs, Mobile Phone service providers, and international bandwidth providers to get them blocked. The process will take 8 to 10 working days and then these 150,000 will be blocked in Pakistan. PTA is planning to keep updating the list, through user input and self determination.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


    • Sharam aai nahi balkeh dilwai gae hai… different hackers and specially courts ki janab say…




    • And what about all those websites which are promoting hate and extremism and supporting killers. One such website was which was working few days back and now its not accessible.

      But is this one website enough? what about those countless AL-QAEDA and TALIBAN websites promoting hate and killing on internet with videos and pics?

  • Good step but I doubt that they will be able to block everything….. porn is available on legit sites like youtube and available for download on torrents as well.

    I doubt PTA will go that far to stop porn. Waisay honestly speaking, some of our fashion sites themselves are quite explicit!!

  • This should not happen. this will slow down internet speed alternatively this should be on the will of customer if he/she want to sing up for internet filtering.

  • means no governmental org. think to take action unless or until these people called up by Supreme or High court.

  • A Big Bang in the Pakistani social atmosphere. It will be The Greatest step taken by PTA. We welcome it. Welldone. Congratulation to my all Pakistani brothers.

      • Mere kehne ka maqsad ye nahi hai k block na karen.
        Woh websites zaroor block karen Balke Kal k bajaye aaj he block kar den…
        Par sirf woh websites he block karen. Jitni Pata lagen kar den.
        Aur ek complain option rakh den, jisko nazar aaye woh complain karde PTA usay ban kar de.

        Sab se acha tareeqa Google hai, Kisi ek bande ko he laga de woh Google se kuch makhsoos keywords hain woh search kary aur list bana kar de de. (Un websites ki streaming block ki ja sakti hai.) Mushkil se is kaam main ek week lagega aur 90% website block ho sakti hain, baqi jo choti moti hain woh complain k zariye ki ja sakti hain.

        Proxy websites na block karen aur proxy websites bhi hazaron ki tadaad main hain. Aur Proxy websites ka normal user ko pata bhi nahi hota hai. Aur jisne karne ki thaan li hai to woh ek proxy block karogy to woh dosri dhond lega. Aur aap Proxy website block karogy, Proxy IP dal kar bhi to woh user access kar sakta hai na blocked website ko agar usy proxy website ka pata hai [SORRY IDEA DENE K LIYE. :-P]. Kitni Proxy IPs block karogy????

  • Lulz. And you think the ban would last for long when we don’t even a properly documented cyber policy?

    In case most of you are forgetting, we live in a democratic majority :)

  • good step… but PTA will just complete formality.. i dont think that PTA is a Hard Working Organization

    • Majority is not saying to ban it.. majority is visiting the porn websites.. ‘bohat acha step hai’ kehne walo ne bhi last month main kamazkam aik dafa tou ki hogi porn website visit. btw boht acha step hai :)

      • To Err is Human, And to realize the committed error(sin) is what is required out of a person. If i do something wrong, then that does not mean, that i should also advocate that.

        I highly appreciate the porn filtering…

  • Do you guys remember when facebook and some other non-islamic sites got banned and how it impacted the speed and loading of other legit sites? Now just imagine that when half of the internet needs to be blocked because of porn? We don’t have the infrastructure to handle such a task in my opinion! Also first step porn and then what? Are we turning into China now?

    • — Also first step porn and then what?

      Wait until the next election. See how many political videos, sites, pages are “blocked” before the election and especially after when people try to post about voting fraud.

      • Exactly! That’s what I meant that we are turning into China, where everything the government deems wrong they censor.

    • Don’t you want pakistan to turn into China,I want it and everbody here,i think,want this and the fact is that it will always be our dream to be like China !!

      • Kayani I was talking about the negative aspects of China, like blocking anything that the government doesn’t want their people to see or read about.

        • Porn is an attack on women. and people should respect eachother. are you saying you want women to be attacked?

  • its very nice step of PTA
    PTA should ban all porn sites especially that are spoiling our young generation. and after this also start a crack down operation against the internet cafes, there are lots of internet cafes that saves porn material in their computer and people only visit that cafes just to watch that material.
    pro pakistani i request you to publish a report regarding this issue

    (if you need any kind of info regarding this i personally know many net cafes who are making money like this)

  • pta sucks .. man i wanna watch porn when i wanna watch it .. you cant stop me .. mera aamaal nama na banao .. apney kaam se kaam rakho .. stupid country

    • i think you have a great point, if one could get off watching porn, why force him to resort to prostitution.

      • i dont watch porn and i dont rape and i dont buy women. It’s called self control guys, and if you can’t do that you need to work on your self.

      • BTW in most countries rape cases rise long with porn . Like in the 50’s US Playboy became mainstream and there was a rise in rape. Again learn what your talking about and control your self. :)

  • Facebook also spoiling our young generation it should be ban as well ,Google is best p**rn search engine it should be ban as well,Wikipedia also have topics about p**rnography it should be ban as well ,and at last VPN’s Proxy’s and torrents and file sharing sites should be ban so no one can download Explicit content……… then why don’t we stop using internet ??? cuz every 3rd website contains banners or popups leading to Explicit websites…..

  • I guess it should be banned on user level/user willing, they should provide some portal type thing like we have on opendns, if anyone interested to ban these site he can do it on his account level. I am not suggesting this as to protect these kind of websites, but for the sake of internet speed and so on.

    • They have regulation in place to ensure ISPs report VPN users. any unreported usage may be investigated, and that means PTA will actively search for VPN usage (packets).

  • Ban porn ! What about all the terrorist web postings, Haqqani postings, Videos of the Sialkot brothers being beaten to death, I think our society has more problems than just porn.

  • Seedhi baat no bakwas BAN IT, and then i will head to that filpino massage center a few blocks away from my house !!! OORAH

    • I agree with Imran…although the policy is good but its implication method might turnp to motivate youth especially TEENAGERS to adopt other methods of self satisfaction & this will ensure increased rate of dating, prostitution, Messag Centers (especially), Porn DVDz Sales on VDO stores, Rapes.& sexual harassment.. blaa blaa God forbidden what more.
      DID the geniuses sitting on higher ups of PTA even think about these details… DO they EVeN KNOW?

  • Well done PTA team. U are actually putting your best efforts no matter what the end results are :)

        • What about Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Cuil, AltaVista, Excite,, HotBot, AllTheWeb, Galaxy, aol, Lycos, GigaBlast and many more.

          Sary Search Engine block karogy?
          Bewakoofana soch hai… Asal cheez apny aap ko theak karna hai. Agar aap khud theak hain to sab theak hai.

          Aur han ek aur baat Agar un websites ka link kisi dosri website par laga hua ho to tab to visitor us links se bhi ja sakta hai us page par. Tab kiya karogy???

        • Try an Islamic Search Engine? Can you name one with the potential of yielding quality results like Google.

        • Google has an enormous database thats unmatched !
          banning google would litteraly ask us to limit ourselves to youtube and facebook, 99% secondary research in pakistan is done via google search engine results.. what about those aspects..
          its not ust porn!

  • every body has his own choice u cant impose ur decisions on users some like this stuff & some not.let the user decide or make some other way to find the solution,bcoz ban sites will operate with new name domain whatever their are not only porn is in this category so many other things will also explicit on the web like fashion to religious views who decide all shit to ban u me 0r pta.

    • we all know what our pakistani nation likes, facebook, bachio ka number, rubbish talk. if we were good decision making nation . the country wouldn’t be in the situation like this . banned it

    • We can give choice as long as it doesn’t contradict with sharia, any bad stuff should be band with no 2nd thought. It’s very late but at least they realized and there has to be a start from somewhere so here it is, now suggest what should be next instead of criticizing this.

  • If they can… Bismillah
    But banning half billion sites…. yes billion not million :-) (kia hashar hoga internet ki speed aur ping response ka???)…

    Meanwhile here are few less complex jobs for them as well.

    When will they ban…
    1- Easy availability of Blue/Mujra VCDs/DVDs in CD markets
    2- Every mobile content Shops/Stands Net Cafes. Where one can also upload these content on their mobiles/PDAs/MP4 etc. for just few rupees,
    3- Rainbow center Full of craps.. and all similar markets in the country selling these materiel easily by giving “Bhatas” to Police
    Hira Mandi it self???

    Now in details…
    I know this post will be ignored, as some people are blindly favoring the sensor on Internet, without knowing its terrible consequences….

    Is there a conspiracy, favoring this ban?
    When we can easily filter this on our ends, and without hurting the overall speed of Internet. Then why people are not favoring this method? is their a group or mafia behind this???

    Because we know after this ban the above businesses are again gonna climb sky high. Lets see how….

    Not so long but just look few years back, when fast internet (DSL etc) was not in common, then there was a boom of BLUE and Erotic DVDs in the market. and even these 20in1 Chinese DVDs ware available everywhere and so easily…. then with the growing fast internet, these business started to crumble badly, year by year, and thousand of evil mined, associated with this just started to blame this technology “Internet”. So who is gonna benefit?

    One thing is for sure, Internet can easily be regulated by a single entity like PTA and it’s just a one door… but who can guard the other above doors? our corrupt Police?? (think again)

    kaun jeet raha hai yeh game?”اسلام کے کاندھے پر بندوق رکھ کے”

    ذرا سوچئے پھر فیصلہ کریں

    • Atleast we should start from somewhere…

      Blocking heramandi etc is not in PTA’s domain. That comes under other institutes of government.

      Can we encourage PTA in this regard ????

      • — Atleast we should start from somewhere…

        I really hate it when people use this argument. This reason is abused abused abused for all kinds of things. The problem of porn has NO technological solution. It is 100% a social issue. Why not start with a social solution?

      • Have you gone through my post?
        and PTA is also under the government control, so it will directly be the government policy.

        • Everyone has to do what they can and very late but PTA has done what it can, let’s work on what else we are suggesting ourselves because we can do it, you can I can, specially on social issues, lets encourage clean rembo center, hira mandi and what so ever.

    • i completly agree wid u bro…9/10 males of pakistan watches porn if they wont get it on internet for free they will buy it

    • MANI I totally agree with you..
      If PTA thinks that it is good then ban all the sites then internet also ban in Pakistan and defiantly we will go into stone age…
      If this happen PTA will be all in all they can publish what they want we couldnt be able to know what is happening in the world..
      we will see just what PTA will show us….nothing else we are just slaves from the beginning till end….
      We always got genius leaders who dont think just make decisions…..
      Havnt we seen a spring ??? how it works ??
      Islam talwar k zor pr phelana hota Khuda ny to aj puri dunya main Islam hota….Ideots…..

  • Muslims specially Pakistani people watch porn. You know why? Because Our Pakistani Muslims religion is very strict. They can block there sites but how will they can change character of a human. How they will stop porn DVDs. blocking or banning these sites will not solve the problems.

  • “PTA is planning to keep updating the list, through user input and self determination.”

    ‘User Input’ — BIG LOL…will be sure to input PTA after browsing the site.
    ‘Self determination’ — even more HILARIOUS…PTA employees will browse porn in office hours on pretext of self determination; when ending their shift, they’ll ban them.

    This is funny, really :D :D

    • User input can be provided without actually browsing the bad websites. e.g. in some cases you see ads appearing on right or left panels of normal websites. OR by searching in google, you can send google results to PTA.

      • And what do you do if someone reports your site (not porn) and blocks it? How do you get it unblocked?

        • abay pagal wo andhey thori hain baghair dekhay block kar dein gay website ,phir se dahi banana start kar di tum ney yahan bhi???

          • This happens all the time: 1. your server is hacked. 2. someone puts porn or malware of some kind on it.

            Ask around. Everyone has either had it happen to them or have heard of or seen it happen to many sites.

            And then (imagine) someone reports the site to the PTA, and they check and they do not know what the real content was, they just see harmful material. SO they block it. End game for your site.

            • jis ki niyat kharab ho wo hazaar bahaney dhonta hai ghalat kaam kay liye,tum bacho walay bhanay dhondh rahay ho.had hoti hai, isa sirf 0.001% hota ho ga,sirf tum nahi doosray bhi internet use kartey liye agar tumari niyat kharab hai tu doosro ko to acha karney do.

              • If you have no problems with your “niyat” why don’t you post with your real name?

                You see? There are reasons other than “kharab niyat” to hide your identitity online. What the PTA will do is take away your anonymousness.

                • WOW u r the dumbest man on earth i think bcuz u r asking unrelated question to hide ur bad intention.main agar apna naam bata do tu kiya tumari kharab niyat chup jai gi?

                  • — bcuz u r asking unrelated question to hide ur bad intention.

                    My only intention is to explain that asking the PTA to look at your traffic is like a cure for a disease that does you more harm than the disease.

                    If you think my intentions are bad, that is your PERCEPTION, not reality. Lastly, I think it is YOUR intentions that are flawed because you do not understand what you ask for.

                    — main agar apna naam bata do tu kiya tumari kharab niyat chup jai gi?

                    I don’t have any “kharab niyat”. I have made my point clearly. It is you who cannot READ plainly but must inject your bias between my lines.

                • shahid saleem se bacho bhaiyo ye aik sheetan hai ye hamesha porn aur facebook ko support karta hai aur ye yahan pe bhi sab ko behkaney ata hai,q k is k andar aik shetaan hai.agar yakeen nahi ata tu phichli post dekho propakisni ki, is ney hamesha facebook aur porn k support main baat kari hai,pata nahi ye musalmaan bhi hai ya nahi,ya phir shayd india se koi hindu comment karta hai muslim k nick se.

                  • You are not telling the truth. Where have I said that I am promoting porn and facebook? Nowhere.

                    — is ney hamesha facebook aur porn k support main baat kari hai

                    You cannot find any single post like that. Go search and bring links.

                    — pata nahi ye musalmaan bhi hai ya nahi,ya phir shayd india se koi hindu comment karta hai muslim k nick se.

                    Ah, yes. same old tactic. If I don’t agree 100% with you I must not be a Muslim. Well, maybe I am simply not as ignorant as you.

                    • wah .itna bara safaid jhoot.sab jantey hain tum ney facebook ki himayat main safeh kay safeh kaaley kar diye propakistani main.tum zyda tu facebook ka khwar koi poori duniya main nahi ho ga.jhootay no.1.

                    • — wah .itna bara safaid jhoot.

                      So it should not be hard for you to find just one comment from me openly supporting them? Is it? Apparently you can’t.

                      Again, your perception, not reallity.

  • Explicit contents/area on Video Sharing websites should also be blocked. e.g. youtube, metacafe, yahoo video, liveleak and similar video sharing portal.

    This will be a courageous decision from PTA.

  • Ofcourse blocking 100% of such websites is not possible but we should appreciate this decision. Being national regulatory body, this indeed comes under PTA responsibility.

    At least easily accessible websites must be blocked. Especially those websites which pretend to be Pakistani but in reality are foreign propaganda.

    Some people have raised valid concern that this could effect internet speed but I think little R&D could manage internet speed issue.

    Blocking proxies would also block positive usage. I am sure decision makers must be considering these aspects.

    But we should not appose this decision only because it could effect my internet speed to watch YouTube :)

    • — Blocking proxies would also block positive usage. I am sure decision makers must be considering these aspects.

      They have already banned VPN usage except for reported clients (like banks, companies, etc). They say it is to prevent gray VOIP traffic. But, positive usage is also blocked for ordinary people.

      Is a freelance software developer going to get a “permit” for a VPN he needs for outsourced development? If so, how?

  • Very nice move. Apart from the ethical factor; I’ll be interested in the bandwidth & user retention statistics of ISPs after this change xD

  • Listen!
    Those who say: ‘It is impossible to block every porn/explicit-related sites’ I will say to them that this World is the place of war between evil and anti-evil. If they can publish, design, or upload pornogrph/ porn websites then why we should stop our good efforts of blocking them? We will do our best inshaALLAH.
    Regarding Blue DVDs and CDs etc, it is the responsibility of Police and Khufya walay.
    Indeed this step taken by PTA, will not totally block porn sites etc but it will inshaALLAH keep the layman, biggners, children from these metarials, and at least will put some big Stones to close the ‘very easy’ door to pornography.
    if they are at thier mission to misguid the people, then we are for defeating them.
    keep in mind that this war will go to the end of time(Qayaamat).
    If, suppose this action of PTA takes a month to block 1,50,000 websites, and they keep it up, then a day is soon coming that it will cross the number of 1,00,000,000 and will go beyond.
    ” Slow and Steady win the Race! “

    • In all countries, even Muslim countries, the tools used to block “porn” and stuff like that, are ALSO used to hide things from citizens. Misdeeds of people in government: hidden. Crimes committed by rich people in power: hidden. It is a way to CENSOR news.

      Look at all the countries of Arab Spring: in all of them, the tools the government put in place like porn filters were used against the population. In Tunisia, they used the proxies to inject javascript into web login pages. In Iran they faked Google SSL certificates to trap logins to gmail. etc.

      This happens in Muslim countries, it happens in the East (Thailand, Vietnam), it happens in the West (Greece, UK, France).

      You ask for a hammer, but the hammer will be used against you.

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