Internet Usage in Pakistan [Infographic]

Today we got our hands on following infographic that details various vectors of internet usage in Pakistan. Based upon survey results, YouGov – a firm that provides statistical data for multiple regions – recently came up with an infographic on usage of Internet in Pakistan and India.


We won’t keep you waiting for long, but here are some key findings for Pakistan before you head over to graph:

  • Average cost for internet in Pakistan is: Rs. 1024.46
  • 53 % think that internet cost on Mobile phone is expensive
  • 69 % of internet users in Pakistan have full time jobs
  • 99 % of internet population from Pakistan visit English language websites




Thanks Nabeel Naz for tip

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • Very lopsided infographic. 21% internet users use it on their phones? I wish!! And over 31% use laptops? Really? And twice as many people visit news websites than video sites? Are you kidding me?? Even if I DON’T include the porn websites traffic, YouTube alone can annihilate all the News portals traffic in Pakistan. With over 10 million unique users per month and average 1.5 BILLION pageviews on YouTube alone (Source: Google Ad Planner/DoubleClick, AdWords Keyword Tool, and a mix of other tools, demographics & stats from Pakistan) this one site alone rules the internet usage in Pakistan. So no, very useless infographic with incorrect data.

    • Look at the sample size (754 respondents only), that doesn’t even represent 0.1% of the internet users in Pakistan

  • Perhaps porn was not included in this analysis, otherwise results would have been very very different

  • Totally a fake report. They are just fooling and you published the report happily……………

  • @ Ameer & Faizan.

    Mobile is the fastest growing internet medium. It may not have DSL, or WiMaX speeds but the sheer number of mobile users (100m) and above 25% penetration of Smart and GPRS enabled feature phones means that for most people in Pakistan, their first experience of Internet will be on the small screen. This is similar to the leapfrogging mobile did by by-passing fixed line in Pakistan. According to one estimate about 8%-12% of mobile users in the 5 Telco’s in Pakistan use GPRS / EDGE for more than 50KB/month. So 21% using internet on mobile is hardly surprising.

    I can bet the same survey next year will show more than 50% usage on small screen.

    • Dear Telecomguru,

      Let me introduce myself first. I work as Business Development Manager in one of the top Digital Media agencies in Pakistan. With over 4 years of experience in Internet & Mobile Marketing/Strategy field, it is kind of my job to stay on top of the latest stats & numbers of such domains.

      First off, the number is ~100 million SUBSCRIBERS. The actual ACTIVE userbase is well below 80 million, even if I am being optimistic. As for over 25% penetration of web-capable handsets in the market, that number seems to be accurate but at the same time the RATES of GPRS/EDGE still stand at around Rs. 15/MB. Now when we consider the fact that average weekly balance in a user’s SIM is close to Rs. 20 in Pakistan, I am quite skeptical that even 10% of that feature phone userbase is using mobile web. That, and the half-ass stats that TelCos provide also support this number. I’d optimistically put the Mobile internet userbase below 10 million. That would include corporate BB users, all those Nokia totting smarty-pants, and other Android/iOS users.

      Although we would very much like to see this number hit 50% next year, we would be fooling ourselves since our literacy rate is still stuck around 50% for the last decade.

      Therefore, that infographic is very much based on incomplete and inaccurate data. And in a country with such a varied literacy levels and cultural influences, taking ~750 as a sample size to gauge 180 million is frankly quite dumb.

      This number can only go up if TelCo’s start actively promoting smartphones, cheaper internet packages (that seems to be somewhat happening though), and the possibilities of such gadgets. Most people, including highly educated folks (and excluding geeks) aren’t even aware what a smartphone is actually capable of today. And this would remain the case until these companies explain the possibilities to such people in their extremely annoying & heavily rotated ads. Till then, we’re still stuck in the dark ages of cell phone technology.

  • No doubt usage of Internet in Pakistan is increasing day by day but I think we should use this facility in positive sense.

  • I guess inho nay jo survery kia hai uss main bohat se users aise bhe hain jo 3no medium pe internet use karte hain. Bohat unreliable survey report hai

  • This report seems to be based on fake stats. Because except big cities like lahore, karachi, islamabad, using internet is still a headache. With a mare speed of 2 or 3kbp on mobile as compared to DSL or Wimax, its like riding a donkey cart in bullet train age.

  • hey wow those stats sound quite funny to me..

    just one example … 31+46+21=98%users. from what devices do other 2%users access the Internet?? super computers?? lol… similarly in case of India tha stats are … 44+43+29=116%… now that out numbers even the total users they have… hilarious

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