Easypaisa to Provide G2P Payment Service to EOBI Pensioners

EasyPaisa-LogoTameer Microfinance Bank and Telenor Pakistan will provide money transfer services through Easypaisa channels to hundreds of pensioners registered with Employees Old-Aged Benefits (EOBI).

Nadeem Hussain, CEO Tameer Microfinance Bank, revealed this in an interview with ProPakistani correspondent.

He said the Tameer Bank will be signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the project with EOBI official shortly to initiate the first ever project of Government-to-Persons (G2P) payment system through branchless banking.

The project will facilitate 0.3 million pensioners of EOBI who will be capable of collecting their pensions from Easypaisa outlets, he said.

“The first G2P project will drive its new field in the branchless banking through Easypaisa which has been leading the market and will be leader in the market, Hussain affirmed.

“There will be more such projects to be exploited by corporations and people will get benefit from the technology and system,” he said while referring to the potential of corporate and public sectors regarding salaries and pension distributions to their staff members and ex-employees.

Tameer Microfinance Bank has decided to go for salary disbursement program through Easypaisa service and it will first transfer salaries of its own employees through branchless banking where they can collect their money from the outlets or save their cash in the account, he added.

Easypaisa is a fastest mobile-banking service in Pakistan with an average Rs 1.5 billion are transacted every month between individuals through its branchless banking system.

The overall volume of countrywide money transfer have been increased to Rs 45 billion so far with number of account reached 0.5 million, Hussain further said.

Almost 70 percent of Easypaisa users live on less than $3.75 per day; 41 percent live on less than $2.50 per day; and 5 percent live on less than $1.25 per day, the findings of a CGAP survey said earlier.

Survey also revealed that 45 percent of Easypaisa users lack access to bank accounts, suggesting that Easypaisa has already achieved relatively strong penetration into poor and unbanked populations.

Three-quarters of the respondents (76%) felt the service has a positive impact on their lives and a high majority of users (88%) thought the service was easy to use.

  • Now the Employees Old-Aged Benefits should have a Telenor SIM and easy paisa account too. Most of those employees can’t even read numbers on the cell phone. I have seen many sitting outside of GPOs. This will increase their miseries. Government Staff behavior is not good there. Now what private staff will do.

    Yes, If information counters, proper siting places arranged and some literacy towards easy paisa service should be provided. I met many people during my travel to cities, they still think easy paisa is something that steal money from their mobile easily, Believe me, because a walking person on TV screen in the green yard does not make any sense to a common illiterate person.

    Simplicity is the fashion that never ends! Good Move Easy Paisa, But Make Things Simple. Please

  • It is indeed a great milestone to boast about. The senior citizens can now comfortably walk in the near by Easypaisa shops and get their hard earn lifetime pensions which getting now from govt touchpoints is a recipe of diseaster. Again, serving this sensitive segment requires lot of patience and planning. Just to clarify it is not the first G2P project in Pakistan. Quite a few mass scale and even more challenging projects like watan card, BISP, IDPs, WFP are being successfully designed & executed by UBL OMNI whereby millions of people following in the category of IDPs, women, flood victims got billions successfully disbursed in the most transparent manner as recognized by international agencies alongwith the Government of Pakistan.

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