Mobilink Imposes 2 % Operational Fee on Card Reloads

Mobilink is up with this news for it’s prepaid customers, that it will deduct 2 percent operational fee (in addition to already applicable fees and charges) for those who will recharge their accounts through scratch cards.

Moreover, 1 percent operational fee will be applicable on all Jazz to Jazz reloads.

These additional charges will be applicable from November 22nd, 2011.

It was just in June 2011 when all cellular operators imposed 1.1 to 1.5 percent charges on reloads, and all operators gave different names to these charges (probably to avoid CCP’s axe).

We aren’t sure if other operators will follow Mobilink’s lead on this or not, but from what we know from past, other operators might impose similar charges on reloads, though in phases and with different names.

Operators defend these additional charges due to increased operating expenses, however, several additions of fee and charges in an year is likely to trigger the customers with worst possible reaction.

Here’s a notice published by Mobilink in various papers today:


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  • This is what they are best at. Amazing it is really and thanks God I moved to best quality network already.

    • Mobilink is just being greedy. And now the rest of the herd will follow and add something similar to thier own tarriffs in coming week.

      I wish these morons were forced to advertise such increase in charges on 8-9pm TV hours just like they keep on spamming the TV networks with sms packages Ads. this way all the people would see hteir BS too. The best to keep something under the carpet, publich the ‘required’ notification on some newspaper which barely anyone reads.

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  • Yeh sahe hai bhai, ek tu ink pass eid day se card reload main masla aya hua hai upper se charges laga rahay hain baigharti ki had hoti hai. maine 1000 ka card reload kia aur woh fail hogaya, when i called customer support on 13th of this month the guy said k aaj rat 12 bajay tak sab k balance a jainge jo pending main thay, abhe tak nahi aya hai balance. Haram khori ki had hoti hai

  • There are running a loot sale in our country.Everybody who is in power in pakistan is making money from pakistani.May Allah bless on us.

  • so whats the maths? If I load Rs.100 thru scratch card, what will be the amount that I will actually get?

    • Rs. 2 less than what you used to get before this….

      Let’s solve it here

      Total Load: Rs. 100
      FED @ 10 percent: Rs. 10
      Service Charges = 5 percent: Rs. 5
      Operational Charges (Imposed in June) = Rs. 1.1
      Operational fee (imposed today) = Rs. 2

      Load left for usage: Rs. 100 – Rs. 18.1 = Rs. 81.9

      Out of this 81.9, there’s 19.5 percent GST on all calls/sms/GPRS

      Hope i did the calculations right.

      • So the amount that is left is 81.9! Lets do further maths:

        (x * 0.195) + x = 81.9
        1.195x = 81.9
        x = 81.9/1.195
        x = 68.5

        This means that out of 81.9, we pay 16.5 as GST and Rs.68.5 for actually use!!

        Hadd hai! :(

  • meray karachi offer kay chakker mein 300-500 rupay zayaa hogaye aur in beghairtoon ne bola k wapis aajain gay ( before EID ), aaj tak nahi aai.

    call center walay kehtay hain k koi problem aai hui hai khi offer mein so dont activate it.

    Kindly highlight this issue in a new thread

    • we are living in a jungle. A place where idiots vote parties like PPP and MQM and Q league, N league etc. DO you really expect anything educated and just from such people? :)

  • Waiting for the day. When we load scratch card of Rs 100 and 0 Rs will be added to our account. Boycott the Mobilink.

  • ufone has come out with a new SMS promotional offer for all new customers.

    purchased a new ufone sim today and learned about the following unique offer:

    1000 free sms for 1st month, 500 free sms for 2nd month and 250 free sms for third month.


  • I see some Mobilink employees here who have nothing to reply to the logic.
    CCP must take action against all operators who follow such ripping tactics. In Zardari regime everyone feels so confident in ripping every other person, Zardari is just a symbol of it, there are millions of Zardaris among us.

  • Every few months they will use the Word “Improve our Services” so we are charging x% amount.

    Bhai Jan, Network tu us jaisa hai jaisay pehlay ta.

    Yeh mamla kab tak chalay ga. Koe court kyun nahi jata.

    If any one is lawyer please go for the Court.

  • Aamir, If you or any other related member have contacts with PTA or if you’re sure that PTA reads these comments, could you convey the centament of these comments? Why the hell don’t they take action against these idiot bunches. Our telecom industry is a tele league; where the league’s members work behind the scene and they decide whose chance is this to play the bounser on the people. These money suckers will never stop implementing such absurd charges unless someone ups his fingre against this pretty damn companies. Oh wait, who I am talking to? I’m sure many of the readers using Mobilink, and they are not being bothered by these offers since they get the famous offer of 1.80. If we left them in hell, they apparently know/aware of the consiquences that they will go through if they do such things. You can write my next line, put them in notepad or wordpad or your chosen text editor that’ other companies will join the ranks soon, or not later enough.’ then You’ll all come here, cry, abuse, disgrace the management, and ultimately, ceace to their terms.’ before it happens, why don’t we do something to prevent the coming other companies, and force the existing companies to retract such charges?
    I hope my comments does not offend anyone, and if they do, I hope he/she cares to think in what context I am talking.

  • So, according to calculations about, approximately 68 Rupee of “real talk time” is received for every 100 Rs Card.

    Wow, the whole marketing from Telcos just sounds terribly misleading

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