Telenor to Charge 1.5 % Admin Fee on all Reloads

Sad FaceFollowing Ufone and Mobilink, Telenor today announced that they gonna charge 1.5 percent of all reloads from Talkshawk and Djuice customers – and we have got yet another name for charges, yes Telenor has called it “Admin Fee”.

1.5 percent levy makes Telenor to top the list, as Ufone decided to charge 1.1 percent, while Mobilink was contented with 1 percent of reload.

It merits mentioning here that all these charges are in addition to 5 percent service charges on all reloads.

Here’s the message appearing on Telenor’s website:

Dear subscriber, from 4th July, an Admin Fee of 1.5% will be levied on usage for all prepaid connections (talkshawk & djuice)

Ufone calls it “Maintenance Charges”, while Mobilink termed it as “Operational Fee”. So apparently, everyone is calling these charges with different names to make it look like that they different from others.

Despite different names and charge rate, analysts are assuming that cellular operator have joined hands (and heads too, of course) to impose this levy on mobile phone users, though there is no evidence of cartel found so far.

We tried contacting CCP to find out if they are considering any thing to cater the situation, but they were not ready for any comment.

Update : The Misery of Additional Charges by Celcos!

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  • Word Life

    Let’s wait and see when Zong and Warid join the bandwagon …

    • As I said before, yeh ziyada munafa kamanay walay tareekay telenor kay pesh kerda hain tamam telecom union ko.

      admin fees
      sms delivery reports no longer free
      call center charges
      call center customer care officer charges
      charges on incoming calls when roaming out of city
      balance checking charges

      , telenor first was trying to implement these charges all alone several years ago, laiken is company nay chalaki ke aur baki companies ko sath mila lia, ab yeh advices deti hain aur baki companies bari bari waisa he kerti hain ta kay customers yeh na samjain kay sab say pehlay telenor he charges lagati hay ya sab say pehlay koi aur company charges lagati hay.

      • And stop SMS packages/offers on Eid or other occasions, on-net off-net SMS packages things too by telenor which failed.

      • ali jawad shah

        Mr. kaka, call center agents k kons charges??? i have worked in telenor, warid and now working in Ufone.. there are no charges deduct as you mentioned there. Apki baten sab hi jhooti hain. Every company is trend setter and rest of them are followers.

        • Abdul

          R u in the world?? :P

  • shahzad khan

    they formed the cartel in 2007, when they all offered same kind of packages, like 63-68pais/30sec and Rs1/min to on-net and 1.20/min to off-net

  • Riz

    hahaha, get ready for more :P

  • samz

    seems like, mobile ki adat jo addiction main badal gaye hai, will hav to get rid of it…

  • shahzad khan

    after that, there is another evidence of cartel,when all these companies offered the packages of Rs 1.2/min to all networks at the same time

  • Riz

    Its not about forming a cartel, they are trying to cover their expenses too.

    • Damn

      Damn you Looters…where is PTA?

  • Fareed

    Screw all these mobile operators! Lets use WLL and landlines.

    • khushnaam

      Fareed…dude you are funny

      • Fareed

        That will be our revenge!!! :D

    • Damn

      Fully agreed…. Damn you corrupt PTA.

  • Asif Abbasi

    So, After Automobile sector, a cartel is being formed in Telco as well!

    Expect this to grow, and expect other charges to come as well.

  • yasir latif

    One day, we will pay for their fuel, food and transport charges as well… :D so be ready my friends about this things….

    • Junaid

      We are already paying for those in the form of these admin/operational/maintenance charges :P

  • Navy

    Seems that mobile companies are trying to achievie 100% GP rate as all the operational and admin expenses are being charged directly from cutomers load !

  • Muhammad Hussain

    Abhi Jin mobile operators ne apas mein network sharing contract sign kia tha woh hi ye charges impose kar rahay hain. lets wait and see if zong and warid also follow them.

  • Hedgefundbaby

    Goodbye competition, welcome collusion…

    Look at the operators collude now. Each one will take the same step but vary just slightly in timing and percentages. They’ve already planned this in a private meeting some time ago.

  • Saeed

    Koe hai jo action lay sakein.

    Agar yeh trend chal para tu yeh phir har tara ka koe na koe tax lagain gay.

    Aur hum sirf aisay hi batay rahain gay.

  • JJ

    This is only a test.. If we don’t do any thing right now they will join hands on every matter and increase call rates, Sms rates and all kinds of charges as our govt: do. So we should do it. We should at least Boycott there service only for one day. “Un ko Nanai yaad ajae ge”. so Join Hands and start campaign to stop them right now.

    • Damn

      Together we’re a force!

  • Parvaiz Velji

    Yesterday i did easy load of Rs. 25. Rs. 1 deducted by the easy load person and i got only 17 instead of 19. After asking he said if you have no balance then Rs 2 will be deducted more. is it true or the above has already been started?

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    hahahahaha! My God.. ahahahaha!

  • Rafay

    With rock bottom arpu’s this was eminent.

  • Sumair

    Warid aur Zong tum kis baat ka wait karahe ho? Tum log bhi impose kardo ye tax!!! :@

    [Comment Edited]

  • Munnu

    Zardari TAX.

  • Caveman

    Which would you prefer – higher call rates or service fees ! With a higher call rate you can at least feel you get something for your money!

  • Umair

    bus yar hum hai hi ch**tia log. hum nay phir be kuch ni kerna..

    why don’t we turn off our mobiles??? as a protest or break their franchises ????

    • admin

      i wont recommend attacking their franchises – not using the service can be an option

      • rahim

        kitne din use ne kren ge,1 din 2 din 10 din phir b kuch ne sb baten hen blog pe aa kr likh di baki sb rat ko ghanta package kr k bachi k sath ph s** pe lage hote hen

  • Umair

    Aik din asey hi PAKISTAN key izzat ka jinaza nikal jay ga aur hum kharay dekhtay rehain gay

  • Wasif

    More than half the impact of inflation has been witnessed in food prices and transportation rates. Other industries are bound to follow suit

  • Haris

    sab se pehle ufone ne ye harkat ki hai
    ufone hai hi fazool network ptcl ki trha
    ye bhi awam ko lootne ki koi kasar nahin chorte
    ufone ne hi sab companyz ko advise di hai
    ye extra munafey ki
    pata nahin ufone aur kiya kiya karwaye ga
    hamain ufone ka bykot karna chahiye

  • yasir latif

    these telecom companies are same like our politics members… sub aik jaisay hi hain, per name different.

  • Khwaja

    Look at Wapda & KESC. They charge more all the time adding new price and not even let you use electrocity all day. Goes exactly when it is hottest or when you put on tv or iron clothes or put food in micro. Ok its never there really. Hehehe but my phone works all the time

  • Wasif

    Food and fruits are also becoming expensive. Soap, detergent sab mahenga hai. FMCGs raise price all the time esp on their popular products. Either in price or indirectly by reducing the grammage. Refresh my memory but I don’t see price points like Rs2, Rs3 and Rs5 that we used to have for sachets and tikki packs! Heck you don’t see one rupee coins that often anymore. So what if FMCGs do price hikes on their popular-price products?

  • Sammy

    Lawn ka jora last year and this year. HUGE difference in price. I bought them anyway. Its not about not fighting but understanding that industries are not here to ONLY serve us but also to make money and provide economic opportunity to hundreds and thousands. Sustainable growth is a must.

    • Eru

      Yes, georgette ka dopatta was like 200 last year. Now its like Rs 300

  • Bad news but i liked this sady image – it looks so cute i smiled to see it instead of feeling sad.

  • Kareem

    Telenor service is not good,i already leave

  • m.yasir

    Yas Pakistan mein maulti-national companies loot mar aur fraud ki aadi hain, govt ko rishwat do aur pakistan aur pakistan kay awam ko khoob looto misal kay taur per…
    -suzuki mehran car : an outdated technology in very high cost… (it uses obsolete carburator tchnology of 1980s;see wikipedia)
    – daewoo bus service : a third class service in first class charges… (they damage lugage,seats are uncomfortable,buses lack maintenance and the list goes on)

    So this is Pakistan Govt ko “Commission” do aur Pakistan ko looto….


  • True Feedback

    To have a telecom forum like Propakistan is good, But the readers and writer at this forum are employees of Telecom instead of real customers
    I observed/evaluated in deep and come to the conclusion, Here Zong Employees criticize U fone and Mobilink.
    Mobilink Criticize Telenor etc
    Electricity rates increasing on monthly basis.
    Everything is getting high.(Food, Fruits,Vegitables, Vehicles, Generators, Batteries, Gold, Iron due to the abnormal inflation.
    Even the charges to advertise at Propakistani has been increased.
    To provide planned forum where a company will be criticized (Planned and paid by other Operator)is charged at double.
    I hope these comments will not be posted



  • idrees

    the charges are telecom companies are applied it is a not good for all the people.The prepaid customers are paid very much taxes.So the companies to revise their decision.

  • Fahad Ahmed

    Ye tou hona hi tha, look at the inflation in the country!

  • Jawad Saeed

    But telenor is doing well, achi services hain…

  • Mansoor

    With all these charges people will think twice before making useless calls and sending useless sms which I see most of the people doing most of the times.

  • Kashif

    @Amin: Give an option of “like” a blog & its comments.

  • imkhalid

    as i told u all on earlier post

    that Telenor Warid Zong are the remaining Co. to increase, now minus Telenor and only Zong and Warid remains, once again for those who were saying that Telenor is Premium quality with less charges, take this

    Waiting for ZONG and Warid.

  • Abdul

    When Warid was released, when we charged Rs.100 balance, no tax, service charge and nothing was deducted and we got a full balance of Rs.100! Then don’t know what, warid got too much expensive and started to charge all kind of charges which other telecom operators were charging. Thanks to Warid that it is not charging for Bill after every call/sms/edge. :) :(

  • Muhammad Shoaib

    I think, I may convert my sim into warid Telcom, because other networks going to charges increase day by day…..There is only one network (warid) that has position in market but providing best service with satisfactory rates.

    Thanks Ufone and Telenor, I am going to other network in coming days….

    • imkhalid

      wait some more days and u will be hearing from Warid about increase charges too, what will u do then, stop using mobile phone!!!

      some days earlier when ufone and mobilink(may-be-link) increase their charges, few persons said that Telenor is no.1 in Pakistan, premium quality and sh!t with less charges and they are converting to Telenor so what happened yesterday…

      think about it before changing your primary connection.

      • yasir latif

        Yes, man! every Telco is on same track so dont you worry about these charges… U have to pay if u want to keep your mobile switch on… :D

    • Abdul

      Dont forget that Warid Telecom is the most expensive network. Even I switched to Mobilink from Warid because of Warid going too expensive!

    • ali jawad shah

      Warid rates are much higher than ufone and telenor.

  • boogiman

    If all of you have complaints then stop using cell phones

  • Parvaiz Velji

    Zong started. I got message in morning of 1.5% maintenance charges.

  • Caveman

    Which would you prefer higher call raes or service fees

  • AsSalaam-o-Alaikum!

    “Dear Customers, in order to further improve our services, all loading/recharge will be subject to 1.5% Operational Charge from 1st July 2011(Govt taxes apply)”

    There’s NO Platform to LEGALLY Question or Defend the Rights of Subscribers of Cellular Companies in PAKiSTAN :(


  • Khawar

    Zardari ki hukumat hai.
    To yeh to hoga hi.

    Allah jald hi hamari jan churaye is sy.


    • Zardari Tax

      it has been called “Zardari’s ghunda tax” back in 90s…nowadays it’s called “zardari’s jaga tax”

  • Raheel

    @admin this admin fees is not deducted on reload…This is deducted on Calls or SMS .. Please correct this…..

    @Abdul this is right that when Warid came there were not any deductions on card recharged but when you made calls then it deduct 27% charges while all other Operators deduct 15 % on card load and 9% on Calls / SMS . so, Warid was also expensive at that time from all other operators because it was charging 3% more tax than other operators…

  • Abdul

    Now warid is also charging!

  • Khan

    This what pakistan. Whatever they need they may charge. Tomorrow might you will hear that all on reload of Rs.100/- the actual reload will be Rs.50 to the users. No one bothers for the subscribers every one trying to make money as much he can. GOOD GOING. KEEP DOING IT till all the reload will be charged in different charges like leavy, service charges, admin charges, GST, Income Tax. PLS CONTINUE