Warid Restarts SMS Delivery Reports [for Free]

image001Warid customers reported last Wednesday that they have been receiving delivery reports for SMS messages, a feature that was previously switched-off. However, company didn’t confirm us then about the service or any of its associated charges.

But today, we have got this confirmation that Warid is restarting SMS delivery reports for it’s customers and that too for free (at least for now).

It won’t be out of place to mention that SMS delivery reports offer users an instant notification of the SMS message being delivered to the recipient, adding reliability and dependability in communication.

SMS delivery reports were once free for all operators. However, all of them stopped offering the service back in 2009 in order to balance the load on network.

Currently almost all operators offer SMS delivery reports to their customers as a paid service.

How to subscribe to SMS Delivery Reports?


The SMS Delivery Report Service is available to all subscribers by default. However, the subscriber needs to ensure that they have this feature enabled in their mobile handset.




The service is currently being promoted free-of-cost, but we know for a fact that service will be charged in future.

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  • @admin: I also heard that cell info display is coming soon at Warid.
    Do you have some information about it.

    • warid is trying of cell info since 2008 and guess what when i was in daewoo center or in hafeez center lahore my phone was showing me so far thay are not intrusted to lunch this!!!

  • Confirmed its working now. Xheck it yesterday. Looks like warid is catching also starting lbc in whole of sindh except khi i.e admin also publish this news too. For details on lbc visit waridtel.com

    • you phone displays the location of cell site from where it is connected.
      Only Telenor is offering this currently in PK. Also this is use to display some location based promotions.

    • Warid telecom was testing cell info display like location service 4 or 5 years ago in Faisalabad.

      I was not cell info display but it was CB broadcasting which was sending location CB messages on Samsung handsets.

      Not as good as cell info display service of Telenor because CB messages would stay in your CB inbox even if you change location. Every time you change location it will send another new CB message which was like multiple CB messages spam.

  • location based charging service has been introduced for two more regions i.e. Hyderabad and north peshawar.

  • But on Blackberry Warid’s cell info display is displaying on screen and Telenor is prompting as SMS which is irritating.

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