SMS Delivery Reports are Coming Back – But with Charges

Cellular companies may resume Delivery Reports for SMS in near future; however, this time service won’t be free and may come with some charges.

The details of charges are yet unknown – and customers may not like them, for a reason that they had been enjoying the service free of charge before. However, cellular companies see another potential stream of revenues in delivery reports.

Thanks to high number of subscribers in our country, there are millions of mobile users who would opt-in Delivery Report service (given that charges are per month basis) thus bringing a lot of revenues for cellular companies.

Just take an example; total mobile subscriber base is around 96 million (as of October 2009). Let’s assume 20% of them want delivery status notification. Which makes it around 19 million. If they put Rs. 10 per month, it’ll be more than Rs. 190 million for all telecoms.

However, if cellular companied adopt the model of charges per SMS then scenario may get different. Let’s assume telecom operators they put 1 Paisa per SMS report. Based on the stats on ProPakistani in Jun 09, Following would be the detailed (but estimated) revenues structure that Telecoms will make from these charges (on monthly basis):


Note: SMS traffic shown in above graph was for April-June 2009 quarter. Which may differ from current stats.

Clearly, per month basis charging model would suit both the subscriber and the operator. One reason is that companies should not expect high base if they apply per SMS charges, that means less revenues. While, per month charges will let many subscribers afford the service.

No words yet on the start date of the service. Apparently all mobile operators will bring this service back!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • In every country the service is free of charge. Pakistan will be the first country to impose charges for Delivery Report!!
    Now the question, Why PTA stands for ?

    • PTA isn’t sleeping. PTA hi tu betata hy k ap companies loug kaisy kaisy awam sy charge ker skty ho. zaher hy companies charge kerain gi tu tax b charg ho ga na.. ap smja ker na g…. :)

  • Still this sounds good if they ensure quality of service for some nominal charges, altough free is the best option and currently delivery report is offered by warid and zong for free of cost (as of my knowledge).

  • What about Mobilink in my information for the last 5 years Mobilink has never provided Delivery service can they provide this service now ???

  • interesting…

    unless there is an active group made who can challenge such things, I don’t think PTA can make decisions. PTA doesn’t get much complaints, thats the reason they don’t impose any restrictions.

    Let’s hope the charges are very low to prevent inconvenience for subscribers!

  • What about Warid? They are still providing Delivery reports free of charge. Will they also start charging for it? I hope not

  • Dear aamir your post sounds more like a ‘suggestion’ to GSM operators. But i appreciate this idea because “DR Lovers” would be able to opt this service even if it costs them a few rupees. On the other hand, Operators would be able to increase their revenues so DR Service won’t be a burden to them which could lead to better service quality. So i guess it would be a ‘Win-Win’ situation for both consumers & operators.

  • to theek hai naaa, jo avail karana chahat hai,,,,woh pay karay……logically, if i suscribed sms bucket 8000 sms permonth and avail delivery report as well thats mean company offer me 16000 messages…….8000 for sendind 8000 as confirmation whether they are successfully delivered of failed…..
    not fair naathey should charge for it 20 to 30 rupee per month.

  • Amir bhai Assalam-o-Alaikom:
    may nokia 6120 clasic use kar raha ho.os sey sms send nahi hota hay,jub bhi may sms send karta ho to wo send honey ke bajay outbox may save hota hay,error detail may show hota hay keh (genral memory is full plz delete some application) yeh msg ata hay. .may ney msg seting bhi check kia aur phone ko bhi reset kia lakin mara masla hal nahi hoa. .plz es masla may koi meri help karey please . . my e-mail:[email protected]
    Allah Hafiz

  • Her country main delivery report free hoti hay… but Mr. 10% is now became 100% as u know all. Tou yai bechari private companies kyaa karain….

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