Try This if ProPakistani isn’t Opening for You!

Thank you everyone for showing concerns over the down times we have faced lately. As you might know, ProPakistani is being DDoS attacked of multi-gigabyte per second in size, which we have been fighting for over a week now.

DDoS attacks are ugly, for any one in any situation. There’s no hard solution to keep yourself safe from such denial of service attacks, no matter how effective infrastructure you have deployed to safeguard you.

As a matter of fact, our previous host (WiredTree) asked us to leave their network because such massive DDoS attacks were impacting their other customers. Later on no hosting service provider was accepting to host us because of these DDoS attacks.

This was when our friends at Server4Sale Pakistan helped us in getting us out of the situation and to get our website back live. Thumbs up for Server4Sale.

ProPakistani not Opening for You?

As you may understand that we had to enhance the firewall and security of our server to better fight DDoS attacks. Resultantly, many IPs (1 to 2 percent of whole traffic) are being blocked by the firewall that it mistakenly considers as an attack.

Though these IPs are regularly whitelisted again, after a certain duration though, but you can you meanwhile use Proxy websites to access ProPakistani. Otherwise you can also restart your router/modem to get fresh IP to start browsing ProPakistani again.

We will revert back to our usual firewall settings once these attacks are over.

We regret the downtimes; we promise you that we are doing our best to fight DDoS attacks to make sure that we keep bringing the latest updates to you in timely manner.

Thank you all for your support.

P.S. We have learned a lot during all this, which is a lesson in itself. I will share my experience of mitigating DDoS attacks and best practices for avoiding it, once we are fully over with it ourselves.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK