PTI is Spam Calling in Karachi to Market its Jalsa

imgresA new tactic is being used by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf to call each landline number in Karachi city to market their December 25th Jalsa, reported Express Tribune.

Telephone calls says:

Assalam-o-Alaikum. This is Imran Khan speaking. How are you?

I am coming to your city to bring everyone together on December 25 at Mazar-e-Quaid for a peace rally. I hope that you can break all the shackles and take part because at this rally we need to make the beginings of a new Pakistan. I will be waiting. Thank you.

This marketing strategy was first used to invite people in Lahore before the Jalsa on October 30 and the party felt it produced successful results in mobilizing thousands of people.

This is a new way adopted to stretch a marketing message, but ultimately its SPAM and not entirely legal.

Though we have instances of marketers calling their audience without their consent, but PTA discourages this, in fact PTA has advertised ways to block such spammers.

PTI, being a political party and claimed as trend setter should not adopt SPAM calling methods. The real worry for customers will start when competition parties will follow the same and one might end up getting multiple calls a day from political parties asking for votes.

PTI – you are looked for setting good trends, not for building a SPAM market.


PTI folks, relax, criticism is good for the political parties. Please take it as a chance to improve. Its SPAM, no matter what you feel like calling it.

We are getting comments that PTI invitation calls are being sent to registered users only (those who registered for PTI SMS service at 80022) – well, that’s not the case. Here are the reasons:

  • PTI official confessed that 300,000 calls will be made in Karachi only, that’s half the number of total landline subscribers
  • Users registered with 80022 are mobile subscribers, not the landline ones.

Rest you can decide yourself.

  • Can you define in what way it is spam? As per my knowledge, it is coming to those people who are registered at 80022 PTI SMS service.

      • u guys have a nice blog. one of biggies in tech field of pakistan. really helpful for many common visitors .. including me. but i m saying it honestly.. that u guys are spoiling it by doing political articles. Mustafa is spot on that PTI, IK are good wrt to SEO… but dont neglect the fact that u are leaving LOTS of ur visitors in bad taste by posting political articles. make a separate one if u really cant resist this urge of going political in u. just my 2cents. good luck.

    • I am not Subscribed as mentioned service, but still got the Call & the Calls are dial to PTCL numbers !

  • I’m assuming they aren’t calling randomly. They have huge number of subscribers and they may be calling them only.

    I dont know for a fact. But if you do, please share.

  • two things.

    1. it’s not a spam, there is no commercial aspect and is a one-time message from a non-profit organization.

    2. as per current rules this is not illegal as well.

    Thanks and best reagards,

    • Okay i agree, its not SPAM, because

      Its for good reason
      Its only one time message
      Its for 15 seconds only
      Its not illegal becasuse we don’t have a cyber law
      It happens all over the world
      And above all, coz its from PTI

      What they call it, dual standards? or hypocritical maybe?

        • i am not advocating PTI here, just telling you how i see this thing, and in return i won’t expect a comment like “Its not SPAM because it’s from PTI”

          if i am not agreeing with you on something it neither give you privilege to call me “blind”

        • I tried reading this entry and it said:

          Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.

          That’s what PTI is doing, isn’t it?

          • No PTI is making RoboCalls :)

            SPAM is a different thing dude

            and most of the nations around the world allow political robocalls.

            PTA ke pass tu koi law hi nahi ha robocalls ka. tu illeagal kaha se ho gai :)

              • Sorry to say, but you Mr Admin is one of the biggest dual-standards person I’ve come across.
                PS: I’m not a supporter of PTI, so I’m not saying because of that.

              • Tu kia ap Kareena Kapoor ki awaz mein suna chahtay ho? Imran Khan jalsa tu woh apni awaz mein message kere ga nah.

                  • Saad, Vicky,

                    Interestingly it seems like admin posted this post in a hurry and without doing a proper research on the subject.

                    Please search the term “RoboCall” and tell us here if Karachites are getting SPAM call or RoboCall. (i will be waiting for an update on this one from admin)

                    I wouldn’t have any issue with this post if you have used proper term “robocall” instead of “spam” it’s quiet misleading.

                    i am wondering if you would call a traffic jam a “Vehicle SPAM” or a political public gathering a “human spam” :)

                  • I agree with Aamir… PTI fans do not have sense to welcome criticism. PTI fan following is like a JIALAA’s. Just like PPP killed itself, PTI would be too if such NON-SENSE fans keep following it blindly.

                    All those Musharraf party’s corrupt people who SOLD Pakistan’s Foreign policy to U.S are now in IMRAN KHAN Tehreek, with same DESI/Traditional TROLLEY Culture of Pakistan. Imran khan truly faked people like me, who were expecting to see some big change with TRULY TALENTED, EDUCATED, Professional people.

                    To top this all PTI fans do not have sense to accept and appreciate criticism & workout the things that are pointed.

                  • Okay, mr admin. Define Robocall. Wikipedia says it is

                    Robocall is a term for an automated phone call that uses both a computerized autodialer and a computer-delivered pre-recorded message. The implication is that a “robocall” resembles a telephone call from a robot. Robocalls are often associated with political and telemarketing phone campaigns, but can also be used for public-service or emergency announcements.

                    Which describes EXACTLY what PTI’s message is.

                    But I’d like to hear your definition.

                    • ap tu har kaam ki opposition kartay ho. pehlay kehtay ho kay 80022 kay register users ko calls ki gayi. uss jooth say baat nahi bani tu robocall ki taraf nikal gaye ho

                    • Sahid these were not robocalls because:

                      – It was not in robotic voice
                      – Robocall must communicate a number where customers can call back
                      – Robocall should be designed in a way that receiver could recognize its nature before attending it.

                      I hope it explains well to justify you.

                    • — – It was not in robotic voice

                      OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE I’M READING THIS!

                      Go to Youtube and listen to videos of actual political robocalls in the West. THEY ARE ALL WITH REAL VOICES AND REAL PEOPLE!

                      Listen to


                      — – Robocall must communicate a number where customers can call back

                      In the US, YES. In Pakistan??? Of course not. So your point is irrelevant.

                      — – Robocall should be designed in a way that receiver could recognize its nature before attending it.

                      Not a requirement of a robocall at all. Again, something you have invented like “robotic voice.”

                    • Rule 2 and 3 are not effective in Pakistan? Why is that? I mean how come we can regulate our telemarketing calls under US law? We aren’t living in Missouri?

                      And just to mention, robocalls are telemarketing or SPAM calls, which are not allowed or are regulated in 23 states of US, but then again.

                      You are actually missing the point, if not stopped, these SPAM calls will kill your day and night. Parties will keep calling you whatever time they feel like, without worrying about time, DNCR or any other regulation.

                      P.S. I was a PTI supporter till today, and had this feeling that PTI had young and understanding minds, but they are not. I used to term PTI a better choice in all available option, but I am disappointed – I am again leaderless.

                    • Aamir, you need to get the perspective right. Currently, there are no regulations against Robocalls in Pakistan. These messages come during the day and at convenient hours.

                      If you have a problem with this, take this to PTI. Email them. At least, they will hear you out. Furthermore, there are 52 states in US. Only 23 regulate them which is a minority.

                      This call is a “one-time” event. It seems that your website is controversy driven now.

  • I assume the admin is against PTI and now he found a chance to criticise imran openly. Shame aamir. . .

  • As a PTI supporter if I had written this article title would be: “PTI using technology to invite people to Jalsa”.
    But suddenly the thought of Altaf Bhai calling me sent shivers to my spine. (The call won’t be an invite but for donations!!)

  • The only best part of the post is :

    “The real worry for customers will start when competition parties will follow the same and one might end up getting multiple calls a day from political parties asking for votes.”

    As, we pakistani’s only need to know any trend then we all madly follow that trend without considering the results of the Trend.

  • i think, criticism on PTI, and other discussion on PTI, will make PTI large, and PTI supporters should allow them to criticism on PTI (but with respect & responsible criticism should be allowed)… I am supporter of PTI, but i think the winds are with Imran Khan & PTI…

    someone said: ( i think it was from a movie )

  • I think author is frustrated about not recieving a phone call, its like “main ni te fer baaki kion” ” a spam a” situation :p

  • Well Amir,

    I agree & disagree with you. Basically Brother Spam is mostly related to the Advertisement of the Product. Where you make Bulk Mailing & Deliveries so you can get Money and sales.

    But this is different. First it is for the Noble Cause. It is for the Unity & it is One time non-annoying is to boost energy among youth. So relating it directly with the SPAM. i think its not fair.

    Now regarding Your Second point of Following Parties. As you know IK(PTI) always play things under boundaries. they never abused system and i hope will not do in the future as well. But other parties might abuse it.

    So PTA should make some Rules on it so everyone can Play safe.

    I just request you to please change the topic from Direct SPAM & Possible SPAM.

    Don’t know but i felt a bit unfair to PTI. And Request to all Insafians. (We should accept all Criticism Openly.And that is real change) Don’t reply with Arrogance & Anger, Reply with Politeness & Facts.

    PTI Zindabas!
    Longlive Imran Khan

    Thanks for Reading

    • I would encourage the admin to change the word “spam calling” in title with “robocalls”, it’s a humble request as current title is very misleading.

  • Cold calling is a part of SPAM… whether its an automatic call or you have an actual person on the other end

  • Aamir, spam or not, let’s see if it is good or bad?

    To me it is 100 times better than getting heavy promotional & commercial spam from carriers.

    I still have some of the unsolicited emails by pro-pakistani in start of year 2010 when you tried spamming for over a month.

    • Bro, its because of subscription. You chose it and you can also stop it. Thats like a newspaper you got from hawker every morning.

      • no, you did not get the point. I am talking way before pro-pakistani got a massive list of subscribers. This was done using a third party email (spam) marketing company charging 3k-8k to send your email to their 500,000+ Pakistanis list. Probably, Pro-Pakistani had a monthly plan with them and they advertised their own subscription list in it as well. Do you want me to add that email on my blog and give a link here?

  • whether spam or not but there are more big spams in this country which r v dangerous for us like memo, like load shedding of gas, like supreme court gives order to govt and govt breaks it.. so we need change… personally i beleive that this is not good to call some1 bcz may be some1 is ill in the home and disturbed from this but this time the whole nation is ill and we all need treatment.. so dont mind calls which u ppl calling spam bcz its for our country betterness….we should be ready to sacrifice our comfort for this country.. love u Pakistan

    • absolutely rite… sacrifice your comfort because imran is sacrificing everything for US! his wealth,luxurious life, marriage,children,wife everything for PAkistan… and if u are not willing to sacrifice just your comfort then be prepare to die from hunger,poverty,curruption,target killing,violence,drones etc etc etc…

  • Dude anything which PTI does is justified. Period! Be it spam calling or lotacricy or whateva :P

  • Admin… i dont know whether it is true or not,if it is true then why didn’t any media leak this? why you people? and if it is true then from what law u can call this a spam ? there is no such law in Pakistan!
    please dont try to potray bad image of PTI,PTI has done many good things why didnt u post that?

  • This is not spam..the calls which appeal you for be united & come together to save a country…PTI is political party..but it’s ideology is to save its not spam..correct this….

  • “PTI is Spam Calling in Karachi to Market its Jalsa”
    admin why did you put such a negative title? just for publicity?

    • According to WikiPedia:

      Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.

        • I agree with you mustafa, admin has included the word “spam” so that he can post the article on this issue.. other wise pro-pakistani has nothing to do with politics..
          @admin: In this way if someone got random invitation to attend the “Roza kushai” its also spam ??
          When people call randomly for the quran khuani of their beloved father/etc, its also spam ??
          you posted this article only because you are biased..

          why you do not posted article for many political organizations who do real time chalking under flyovers and underpasses ?? they are also marketing their party..

            • Yes yes it’s backed by RAW, MOSAD and ISRAEL =)

              @shen: i am sure ap ko mera yeh comment parh ker dilli tasali hoi ho gi :P

              It’s his right to express his opinion, even at home we have difference of opinion between brothers and sisters/ parents and children.

              would u even call such family matters a propaganda against you or someone :)

      • Aamir Bhai,

        Sad to hear your views that you become leaderless with a (lets call it) small mistake. We must admit that leaders are human being,we can not have a 100% perfect person.

        Second thing, Most of the PTI members replying the post with logic,I think it also show that PTi supporter not “always” use abusive behavior.

        Third, I become happy that they use a modern technology for this purpose.
        Now if its wrong, than PTA must do something for this… Even if you want to criticize, than 1st criticize govt, they fail to implement the law.

        With all above discussion, I still not under stand its OK in Law or not…But if its not, than it must sttop.

        • I was okay with calls, what I am disappointed about is the way PTI is dealing the criticism. And its not only on this forum, i can now recall every other online-offline forum where PTI supporters try to sabotage the discussion. Okay, let’s say i was wrong – they could have come up with explanations (There’s only one or two who came up with logical and constructional arguments.) instead started calling me Anti-PTI, propaganda, pro-MQM and what not… but that’s okay.

          • Calling Pro Mqm or anti pti is not an abuse.

            Read my most recent comment too. I am also a Pti suporter, and also know allot of PTI suporters they donot use abuses.. But now putting blaming the all Pti suporter that they use abuse behaviour is also wrong.

            Second thing, its virtual world, with comment you can not judge who is writer of the comment.

            What if in my next comment I change my name and emial id,and start abusing other party.. Will you indentifiy me?

            • I ve been moderating comments for 3 years… this is my job, which has earned me some experience of judging people.

              And BTW i never complained abuse :-/ I mean i was questioning the way PTI handles criticism. Both are different things if you can just feel,

              • Well, Now I hope you judge me as a Pti suporter?

                Yes, Now I may start abusing than? Its not so simple that those (mostly) fake ids 1st show them self as Pti supporter than start abusing. Its my experience on debating different forms. But my be you are also right.

                But below the article i think from 1st comment we see a healthy debate. Replying the criticism is not wrong. I see a healthy debate in comments in below this article.

                What we need is not think any one as “ideal” that he must be 100% true. Pti suporters and Imran khan can be wrong and also PtiHaters can also be true..

                Debate with out abusive language and personal is a very good and need of time.

                Thanks for replying aamir bahi:)

  • i m a regular visitor of Propakistani and i m really disheartened and disappointed by you people… u are not fair to PTI and with Sir Imran.You people today lost my respect!

  • buddies wait a min suppose this call is being made by zardari for his jalsa on 27, then what will be your reaction.

  • Its SPAM !!! No doubt about it.

    Btw PTI has got double standards as well. Just look at the type of corrupt politicians who are joining PTI ! Dont tell me kay un politicians nay toba kar li hay and they have become good people now !

    • ^ another PTI JIALA.. like PPP’s JIALA system… completely Mad for their masters/leaders, like Rehman Baba is for Zardari. Keep on….

  • In all honesty, check before you talk. Political campaigning through telephone is a global phenomenon and it is usually “one-time” event.

  • It should say some thing like this, ” Hello i am Imran Khan and i hate every Pakistani politician” :D

  • Like Mehwish’s Last year’s SUPPORTING ZONG wasn’t enough that now she is calling a 15 second (1 time call) a Spam.
    And stop being Sissy over this Admin.

  • O yar Leave it This “Spam” Discussion is a dead end!!
    Those who got a call Just tell me ” Mzaa aya k nahi ” ?? What Else would be refreshing other than getting a good morning Call in the voice of I.K ??

    P.S @Admin what would you say about Altaf Bhai’s Phone calls ?? Are they spam or Not ?? Those calls full fill your definition BTW :P

  • @Mehvish Khan: Please keep your pathetic point of views with your self. This is a very cheap trick to get famous among Pro-Pakistani visitors..

    @admin: I am very much disappointed that unlike news channels you people are also very biased, there are millions of issues which are worth discussing..

    Propakistani smell biased after this

    • Neither the author of this article nor the Admin is biased.

      -“there are millions of issues which are worth discussing..”
      And this is one of those millions, should be discussed.

      This is a very serious issue and needs to be addressed.
      I have noticed PTI followers are the most ignorant people. Why don’t they accept criticism? Pathetic.

  • I think this is a valid question but its not SPAM but infact TELEMARKETING – read my response –

    Defending Imran Khan’s Telemarketing buzz for Karachi Jalsa –

    A message to the so-called PTI-supporters taking offence to this post – CHILL – have a healthy debate and do PTI proud by being respectful to others …. keep your party above the dirty politics of yesteryears ….

  • Well, I think PTI media cell is so active to abuse the people on internet who critisize PTI (even for their own good).
    I was also a PTI supporter some days ago. But then I realize they are threatening journalists & columnist and even a single person who is not involved in politics and ask a simple question about imran khan or PTI policies.

  • you have a adorable platform and you have captured young educated youth all over the world and it is doubtless , but with great powers comes bigger responsibilities , you should think before you post something so that no one get hurt,

    i respect freedom of speech but in order to balance
    the post you must to tell alternative way to convey his message

  • Poster said that this strategy was first adopted for 30th oct wala jalsa, my question is why dint you report then? i never heard such thing, at first place i seriously doubt that its happening, i mean how many of all the above commentators have actually received that call?

  • Actual “spamming” to hoti hay altaf hussain k jalsay mein logo ko baghair unk consent k ghar se uthaya jata hay aur phir lambi lambi bhadi awaaz mei taqreer sunai jaati hay:@

  • At least it’s better than Wateen Wimax and Qubee promoting their products in SMS marketing :P

  • Haha, first you call it SPAM and try to relate it, and when you are told about Robocalls you quickly come up with your own theory of Robocalls, then you admit and make other lame excuses, it’s height of state of denial from you mr admin, you are wrong here bro :)

    and on top of that all of those who are not agreeing with you, you are calling them blind, arrogant and trolls :|

    • I won’t be able to make you understand that

      these are unsolicited calls?
      Made at odd hours?
      may disturb people
      may fetch other parties to do the same to destroy your day life


            • @Ghulam Mustafa:

              You’re technically correct on the robocall part, the marketing campaign being carried out by PTI suits more to be called a robocall, but the real point admin wants to make is whether its a good trend, which certainly is not. I wont like to get unsolicited calls (robotic voice/human voice) whether its from IK or someone else.


              I agree with your point that its wont be a good trend to follow but you cannot relate response of the readers to as PTI’s response. Maybe if your voice reaches IK or any other PTI decision makers, they’ll stop it…so till then, don’t feel ‘leaderless’ again.. :)

              @PTI die hard fans:

              1. The calls cannot be termed as ‘for a “NOBLE” cause’ or else all other parties will do the same.

              2. IK/PTI are not God/Angels, they are totally capable of making a mistake. And we all should be able to identify, highlight and admit any wrong doing on part of IK/PTI or there would be no difference in PTI supporters or the supporters of MQM, PMLN, PPP etc. So, lets bring that “CHANGE” in us as well.

              3. Anyone highlighting such issue, or doing positive criticism is not anti-PTI. IK/PTI is the only ray of hope for us, lets not ruin it by getting blind and overlooking the mistakes.. :)

              4. If someone else is using Spam for any other purpose, it cannot be the justification for IK/PTI to employ that method.. :)

          • And what would you think of the unsolicited emails by pro-pakistani in start of year 2010 when you tried this this party email services for around a month to update your subscriber’s list?

            Aamir, spam or not, let’s see if it is good or bad?

            To me it is 100 times better than getting heavy promotional & commercial spam from carriers.

  • PTI trolls aside, here is the definition of SPAM according to Meriam Webster : “Unsolicited usually commercial e-mail sent to a large number of addresses” with specific focus on UNSOLICITED and COMMERCIAL.

    First off, they arent emails so you can’t label them SPAM. Yes they are to a huge number of people who have not asked for them but they are not COMMERCIAL. SO by definition, these are not spam.

    I think Mehwish Khan is an MQM agent :p

    • Well, actually, it’s about any unsolicited bulk message. Like, bulk posting to lots of forums, to lots of website comments, etc.

  • Who used abusive language in this whole debate?

    I think if one or two may used and got deleted than its does not mean we blame all PTI supporters.

    Replying the criticism not wrong… PTi Haters need to open their mind also!!!

  • what abt all the mobile operators daily messaging promational/different offers msgs to thier customers

    • This is the question I want to ask :)

      If we believe that PTI is doing spam then we should also consider the same for promotional SMS. Every cell phone user know that calls can be rejected but SMS can’t :)

  • You should said use of technology in politics not spamming.
    You have a very narrow mind(The person who wrote this article).
    And I was thinking that its a tech blog not a political BLOG.

  • 1) Yes this is spam…

    Wikipedia –> Spam –> Spamming –> Protocols –> Other –> Autodialer/ Robocall

    2) No currently there is no law in pakistan against robocall spamming but its against the ethics and social norms to call those who have not subscribed for it.

    3) All those in favour, would you like to recieve first call from Imran Khan to attend that jalsa, second call from Altaf (MQM) for not attending that Jalsa and then 3rd call from ANP for attending their JALSA..? This is happening in those states where there is no effective law against it and we dont want same in Pakistan… Use magic of google…

    4) Admin dont be so sensitive… you are a grown ### man… :-)

  • I am a fanatic PTI supporter but did i abuse you over this not at all. The only reason why people like you face abusive stuff or atleast a response is because the people supporting PTI have access to this sorta media as they are literate :)
    Secondly yes i agree, if all parties start following this our lives would become hell, but i never received a single call for the 20th october jalsa ?? any ideas why not ? none of relavtives did ? any idea why ? how many people here said “OMG yes we got a call tomorrow was that a robotic call ??” so this brings me to one conclusion : You wrote a fake article for the sake of publicity or bash out your hatred for PTI :) best of luck to you poor admin.

  • I think i can live with this onetime spam of 15 seconds call.

    Its i don’t know trillions time less annoying than Mobile companies dumb package advertisement messages.

    • Those moibile companies started with one time message in late 90s and then when they noticed that people can live with one time spam, they started sending those annoying dumb package advertisements all the time.

      So learn your lesson. This is just a start….

  • I am employee of PTCL. PTCL was asked by PML(N) to call 40,000 numbers 1 day before Faisalabad Jalsa. Bill is still to be paid. PML(N) used govt. machinery for their Jalsa – PTCL is still 76% govt.
    Nawaz Shareef voice recording is available and can be provided. PTI uses its own IT infrastructure to send SMS / Voice calls. Whats the spam in it? Get real Get Logical. Shame on PML(N).

  • Agreeing to Saad Hamid, it’s indeed becoming the most interesting post of the current time.

    I see it from two sides … one is bookish and probably by few meanings it may be “Spam” and I might treat it like this as well.

    However, the another side which actually has a bit extra weight to it is the fact PTI have tried for a marketing stunt to get in to the drawing-room discussions of Karachites and trust me they have succeeded in it. As all the fellow marketers do agree that in Guerrilla Marketing Strategies, we always opt to experiment ambient mediums to be visible, to grab attention of masses and to create buzz and eventually turn it all in to viral.

    Irrespective of how many of people living in Karachi will attending the PTI Jalsa, people do talk about this call stunt. There may be quite a few who haven’t attended the call yet but amazingly, once they get to know about it, they are showing interest to at least listen the call and have this experience. I live in Karachi and like in any other part of county, PTI have to pull out few strings of stunts to create that Emotional Connect which other political parties those are currently exist (Not commenting on their standings and histories :P ). To me it seems like an interesting move by PTI… let’s see how it will help them in achieving their objectives for Karachi Jalsa on 25th.

    Adios Amigos


  • Few symptoms if you are suffering from the epidemic of “Die Hard Fan of PTI”.

    1-You can’t tolerate criticism.
    2-Everything others do is wrong, corruption, blunder, blablabla. When u do the same, it automatically becomes the act of saints.
    3-No matter what argument opponent has, you will not agree or listen.
    4-Everything that is unethical for others is perfectly OK for you.
    5-When you start considering yourself to be the next PM or CM without any apparent reason.
    6-When you frequently switch your mentality from Taliban to rigid Mullah to moderate to liberal but still remain Jamat-e-Islami from core of your heart.

    Cure: Stay away from eyeSeye

    • +1

      Between I am not anti-PTI and if I cast vote this time, I will vote for PTI. However realistically speaking, I don’t think that PTI is next big thing or that PTI is the answer to all our issues.

  • Well, on daily basis most of the people received calls from Banks, Telemarketing Agencies regarding the promotion of their product. So there is nothing wrong If PTI or Anti-PTI is calling and sending sms to the public. If it is the activity of anti PTI then thanks to the people to promote Imran Khan and PTI, if it is activity of PTI then then can call public, On the other hand all political parties openly invite people to Jalsa through electronic media, print media and other resources as well. SO ID IMRAN AND PTI IS DOING THIS THERE IS NOTHING WRONG. IMRAN’S IMAGE WILL ALWAYS BE POSITIVE INSHALLAH.

  • “Assalam-o-Alaikum.

    Receiver: Walakum-Aslam

    This is Imran Khan speaking. How are you?”

    Receiver: Thank you I am fine

    I think this can be categorized as deceptive call and gives the illusion to receiver that Imran Khan is directly talking to him

    It is by all means un-ethical to be-fool and wrongly influence the receivers using technology.

    The message could be

    “Hello this is call from TI and you are going to listen recorded message from Imran Khan ….

  • I just want to add something with due respect that calling on phone is spam calling if it is for the purpose of selling something. In the developed countries for example in Canada a call from political party for the purpose of inviting people to a gathering where candidate of a certain party explains its agenda is fully allowed and does not come under spam calling term. So please be educated and try to do some research before writing something on ay subjects.

  • Spam!!!!! ok it does fall in category of spam but for once lets praise the guy for trying to bring positive change in country through ACTIONS because as far as my memory works.. MAJORITY of us are only good for talking and this is what again majority is doing… portraying his acts as if he is doing something BAD like spaming a nude link or something… grow up yaar is the sentence for all who are making it sound like SPAM :P

  • I’ve also received a call on PTCL as well as on my cell also. Didn’t bother me a bit. I wouldn’t grade it as a scam and that all and i haven’t subscribed to anything like this.

  • I am not Subscribed to 80022 PTI SMS service or whatever it is, but still got the Call on my Cell Phone.

  • Call is being made to only those who have given them their landline numbers while filling out PTI membership forum and they have also given consent to reach to them through phone.


  • PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Itwaar) is pouring money down the drain for such purposes to force people to join their Jalsa/Rally.
    They sould rename their party to PTS (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Spam) =P

  • Political Spamming … Who will guarantee me that i will not get calls from Zardari or Rehman Malik now

  • well according to current situation of our beloved country i would appreciate all types of spamming if that could bring positive change.

    In Jalsa i have witnessed the result of that spam calling …. :) i am on PTI side

  • I support PTI but this obviously is spam. People wouldnt be so supportive if Altaf Hussain started calling for jalsas :p

  • “yeh kesi pti’e jamat hai jis k worker zbrdsti member bnaate hai. mere dost ne zbrdsti mere nbmer se msg krdya, ab pti’e k msgs mje distrb krte hain. me unsubscrib krna chahta hon.”

    “pti ki jamat ko chahye k subscribe ki request wasool krne se pehle sender ka id card nmbr maange phr acept kre..”

  • “yeh kesi pti’e jamat hai jis k worker zbrdsti member bnaate hai. mere dost ne zbrdsti mere nbmer se msg krdya, ab pti’e k msgs mje distrb krte hain. me unsubscrib krna chahta hon.”

    “pti ki jamat ko chahye k subscribe ki request wasool krne se pehle sender ka id card nmbr maange phr acept kre..”


  • Hi salam
    dear friends
    please tell me unsubscribing method for pti’s 80022 updates.
    I don’t like that service.
    Please help me

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