Usman Ishaq to Lead Marketing Department at Zong

Usman_Ishaq_ZongZong has moved Usman Ishaq from its Sales and Distribution division to the Marketing department to head the marketing wing in the company.

Usman Ishaq who was already a member of Zong family and was diligently fulfilling his responsibilities as Director of Sales and Distribution, has now been appointed as Director Marketing at ZONG – China Mobile Pakistan, the statement said.

During his tenure as Director Sales & Distribution, Usman and his team took the telecom company to new heights of success by enhancing sales, and managed to grab the largest share in subscribers’ number among all telecom operators during the last one year.

For this reason, he has now been entrusted with the task of leading the marketing team of the Company.

Usman Ishaq has studied in PAK AIMS, Lahore and has diversified industry experience. Prior to joining ZONG, he has worked for companies like Mobilink, ICI Pakistan, and Warid Telecom. His key specialties include sales, distribution, customer management, business development and project management.

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  • pak aims??
    strange ?
    i have never heard of this institute.

    either he is too much hard working or a big PR…

    if pak aims graduate heads marketing in zong?? what do lums,iba or nust graduate do ?

  • one of the guy who inspired me alot which doing internship at zong. come on dont look at institute. people think that other institutes dont produce good professionals its totally wrong. you will find many good people in these institutes as well. its not about institute its about the Man himself and his skills.

  • Sir,

    Is there any someone concerned person in your zong telecomuniction who deals advertisement of zong?

    Sir i have asked so many times in your service centre and many
    concerned places about this but all they dont know about this.

    Sir it is requested to you please give me the name and contact number of this person. (03332220534)

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