Do We Vote in Pakistan? Let this Tool Answer You!

You might have a vague idea of the voters turnout in previous elections. There are more chances that you never knew the exact figures, didn’t know where to find such stats or never had those stats in presentable manner.


Folks at Cogilent have compiled all the data (obtained Election Commission) about voters turnout in past elections and put it together in an interactive map that tells the whole story in just few clicks.

Idea behind this application is simply great as they have come up with this easy to comprehend way of pointing out the low turnouts in previous election to eventually encourage people to cast their votes in 2013.

They have already compiled the data for 2008 elections, while planning to add more data in coming days. You simply need to head to this URL:


You can zoom the map to the district level to see how many of us take part in the electoral process from each part of Pakistan.

The map shows the parts of the country where voters turnout ranges from 12.8% (Bajur Agency) to 67.33% (Bhakkar) percent.


Team behind DoWeVote envisions that their this effort will make the masses realize that turnout in Pakistan is pretty low, in fact highest turnout in Pakistan was 55 percent in 1955 elections.

It is apparent that higher turnout makes the democratic governments more strong, and at the same time makes Governments more accountable to the people of the country. Like every concerned Pakistani, they urge more awareness in the society that will result higher turnout in coming elections.


  • Don’t know about others, but Me and my Family never voted to anyone as because we don’t see any respected candidate who deserve to be a prime minister of Pakistan!

    • I guess, than you should never complain about who are your rulers and how they treat you! If you want to change that, vote for best available person

    • You and your family giving free hand to more worst people to cast your right in their own favour please vote to anyone you thing point percent is good.

      • If there are 4 dacoits contesting whom should I give my vote? (you mean the best dacoit who will loot all i have got….)

        Bhai Pakistan mein koi sharif admi election contest karna to door ki baat, election mein register honay ka bhi nahi soch sakta…..

    • Hamza & Copper,
      I will keep my vote, until I notice a respected person, and that’s the decision of 60% population of Pakistan! I believe ..
      I don’t want to blame myself after the election, “look what have I done”
      at least, I can’t blame myself right NOW !

      • Then u shouldn’t be complaining and blaming any 1 else about any problems we have in our country , what do u think if u dont cast ur vote it will remain with u ??hahahha ! its better to vote coz if u dont it gets AUTOMATICALLY to any 1 who likes it ;)

  • How to Register Vote Online, (By telephone, Internet) If there is any way to Register Online than that would be really Helpful.

    Reply Must!

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