Zong Appoints Sajid Mahmood as CCO

SajidSajid Mahmood, Chief Information Officer of Zong, China Mobile Pakistan, will now be leading the company in the capacity of Chief Commercial Officer as well, said a statement issued by the company.

He is already heading IT, Corporate Sales, Legal, Regulatory and OAS functions of the company. In effect, with these changes, Marketing, Sales & Distribution and Customer Services will also be reporting to Mr. Sajid.

On this appointment Zong’s CEO Mr. Fan Yunjun commented, “The Company has been very fortunate to have outstanding employees who have shown great commitment to their work. Sajid Mahmood is an enthusiastic and hardworking person with flare for novelty and meticulousness. We are certain that he will bring more success to Zong.”

CCO’s position was freed by Mr. Zafar Usmani in June this year when he had resigned for domestic reasons.

Earlier we had heard that Zong might not fill CCO’s slot and directors will be asked to report directly to CEO and this is why the slot was not filled for this long. Now with Mr. Sajid’s appointment the company will keep working under the same administrational hierarchy as before.

Sajid has also been a member of China Mobile Pakistan Limited Board of Directors and Executive Management Team(EMT). He has diversified and wide experience in leadership, product/process development, strategic planning and organization operational efficiency.

  • Great leader leading all the deprtments(IT, Corporate Sales, Legal,marketing sales, customer service, Regulatory and OAS functions ).. do they have no other person … Have all the compitent men died…Surely its a Chines company ……..

  • He possessed chrismatic and dynamic leadership qualities. Very good and quick decision maker with great vision. Very good strategic decision. sure to get better results, Insha Allah.

  • Heartiest Congratulations. A true visionary and seasoned leader. An asset for the organization

  • Well, good for Mr. Sajid Mahmood. He may be liked a lot by Zong employees, but what does the industry and external interfaces say? Mr. Sajid Mahmood has a personality and ego that are not of high marks if he wants to be a successful Chief Information Officer – a role that requires a humble and a pleasant manner, self-confidence to speak in public, and an approach that’s not looked upon by the audience as arrogant and offensive. My. Sajid Mahmood needs to work on these matters and to improve. I really wish him good luck, but I also hope that he’s humble enough to listen to constructive critisism.

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    Dated of 10-04-2015
    NIC # 42101-7776848-9
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