Zafar Usmani COO Zong Resigns

After getting the Zong not only a successful launch but fetching above 10 million customers in span of just three years, we are told that Mr. Zafar Usmani, Chief Operating Officer at Zong is stepping down from his position primarily due to domestic reasons.

We have confirmed this information with multiple sources who are directly aware of the development.

Sources said that Mr. Usmani will be spending time with his family in Lahore after the resignation.

Mr. Zafar Usmani, who was key person at Zong’s camp, as a COO positioned the cellular company so well in the industry that the competition companies, who were many fold larger in numbers, had to re-visit their strategies to fight back for customers.

It merits mentioning here that Zong added highest number of customers in current fiscal year.

We are yet to determine Mr. Usmani’s replacement, however, there are clues that Mr. Sikandar Naqi, SEVP Corporate Development at PTCL and Mr. Naveed Saeed, SEVP Commercial at PTCL, are possible contestants.

Reportedly Mr. Fan YunJun, CEO, Zong recently met both the VPs for possible fill-out of the slot, but again we aren’t sure at this point of time about the future COO of Zong.

This is a developing story, we will update our readers when and if we get any further information.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • You are too late in publishing this one, however both names you have mentioned as his replacement are not known to us before and i belive Mr Taj or Usman Ishaq are the candidates to replace Mr. Usmani

  • Dear Propoakistani, you have deleted my comments and change the NICK of your comments with my NICK hahaha.. is this so unprofessional?? or against the ethics?? i had portrayed the actual figures of ZONGS and true history of Mr Zafar Usmani..
    OH am sorry i forgot that ZONG giving you the business, just saw his advert banner in your side..okay okay, please keep it up..its your right to earn money…

  • Zong will not fill in this position in next 45 to 60 days. Jahanzeb Taj is a very respectable professional. Its not good to speculate and put him in an awkward situation. I hope this puts an end to rumours about some good friends that I know.

  • I think Mr. Naveed Saeed or Mr. Jahanzeb Taj can be the best choice for COO in Zong ; both are the true professionals & have tremendous potential to take the company at the new heights.

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