PTA Launches ICT Applications on Pakistan.PK

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has launched various application services on its online national rabta portal (

The primary focus behind the launch is to assist local Internet users in retrieving various information specific to Internet resource information and content of the country.

National Whois application will help the user to access ownership and management information of an IP address of Pakistan. The Whois service is linked up with APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Center) database. PTA is likely to offer URL whois service soon.

ICT rabta pages service will assist a user to retrieve contact and general information about ICT industry of the country whereas educational portal service will help the students and general community to access information regarding public & private educational institutes, scholarships and skill development programs available in the country.

Another significant service launched is a local search engine for the country titled as ‘Raftaar Pakistan’. The search engine will entertain a particular search string by fetching the relevant information from websites registered under .pk ccTLD.

This is first of its kind online search platform offering filtered and Pakistan-based content. Currently the search service is pretty basic and results shown are related but repetitive. Sure there is plenty of room to enhance its performance.

It is anticipated that the search platform Raftaar will catch the attraction of broadband internet service providers in order to encourage and promote local search facility.

PTA is welcoming Broadband services providers to host Raftaar.

  • well, a really good see. But Raftaar Pakistan’s search algo isn’t very impressive. It cant even return correct n RELEVANT results for the key word “online urdu dictionary”. Google yields a better result.

    Plus, it seems to filter out results based on domain names Viz. the .pk ccTLDs, only. Why not consider domain owners? I mean if a domain’s whois lists its ownership from Pakistan, that too can be (rather should be) included. Another inclusion should be the sites employing services from Pakistani hosting services, whether or not they’re registered with .pk ccTLDs.

    Simply searching your keywords from pages on .pk domain names doesn’t look very striking. Even an under-grad can attempt that to score some marks in his/her term project. What new has PTA brought? Just that the facility is made available to public?

    I dont mean to discourage or disgrace the measure, but please display something worth displaying. OR mark the current version as BETA or TEST please :D so the users/amateur testers can expect some improvements, at least (i.e. woh shajar se paiwasta rahain, aur issko bhool janay ki bajaye dobara try karnay wapis aayein :) ).

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