Get Warid Number of Your Choice

Image Warid Ezee ConnectionGoing an extra mile to best serve its customers, Warid Telecom recently launched “Warid Ezee Connection” campaign to empower it’s retailers to further enhance the customer experience.

Now Warid new customers can get the prepaid number of their choice from any designated retail outlet across Pakistan. Leading the market with customized Products and Services, Warid manages the product portfolio of over 60 Value Added Services based on IVR, SMS, MMS and GPRS platforms.

The company is always a step ahead to best serve the needs of its valued customers by providing them the opportunity to experience the best in mobile technology. With the great brand repute, loyal subscriber base and the recognition as the most steadfast telecom operator, Warid continues to set the excellence benchmarks in the telecom Industry of Pakistan.

How to Get Warid Ezee Connection:

Up till now, the only option that existed for customers to purchase a Warid Prepaid SIM was to go to one of Warid’s Business Centers or Franchises. Now with Warid Ezee Connection customers can buy a Warid Prepaid number more conveniently by visiting their nearest Warid Retailer!


  • Subscriber walks in to a Retailer shop & requests for a new Warid number.
  • Retailer dials *231# from EVC SIM and receives 5 new mobile numbers.
  • If the customer does not like any of the numbers, the Retailer will dial *231# again from EVC SIM to receive next 5 mobile numbers.
  • Once the customer likes one of the numbers from the available list then: Retailer will dial 135 helpline for Number Mapping.
  • Retailer will provide the selected mobile number and ICCID (Written on the SIM) to the 135 agent for Number Mapping.
  • When the number is successfully mapped by the 135 agent, the customer will need to call 789 after one hour to activate the number.


Regular Warid Prepaid SIM charges apply to WEC SIM cards.

  • Danish Gul

    what is deference between purchasing new sim or select number from this method my choice number means selecting by my choice..not given by warid its new camping for sale more sims nothing else..!

    • Xahid

      Sarcastic way of advertisement !
      Nothing new bro !

    • naveed akhtar

      4 sal pehle zong lounch kar chuka hai,s ka matlab warid zong se 4 sal peche hai,kuch naya law,bewaqoof mat banawo

  • Munnu


  • Sultan Ahmad

    This does not look like a number of choice. You have to look for the numbers that agent requests and shows you.

    Poor show warid :(

  • waqas

    not for customers only for retailers so why this is adv. for customers.
    wake up Warid

  • Fakhre alam

    Hahaha what a joke.

  • Pakiii

    very bad, warid should give option like ufone and zong to opt for number of own choice.

  • warid sim ki sale hi nai hy
    Tu koi pagal retailer hi huga jo apna time waste ker k new no issu krega

  • Islam

    warid gives you a option for choosing your number as you like, for more details visit Warid’s Website

  • Aamir Sherazi

    Its really a joke as its not of own choice, its to select from some numbers.
    As like before we used to go to retailer and select number from retailer stock.
    Now the retailer will not have to stock the numbers.
    Nothing like of own choice in this as zong provide the real number of customer’s choice if available.

  • hahaha number of Warid’s choice.

  • Usman Attal

    Always gives useless offers…

  • Ali

    Is it a normal post or an advertisement orientated post, posing warid as a network of Mughal Empire. And sadly, the offer is lame, with no choice of BYN!

  • we cannot buy , warid only gives numbers of its choice , its only an advertisment :p

  • Sima Badar

    Dear All,

    You are all very with stupid comments :) this is a good thing that now the retail shops of Warid can also have the option to sell Warid new prepay connections. Good Show Warid and to my knowledge there is no telecom company able to workout things this way as all Mobilink, Telenor, U an Zong connections are only avaliable either from their Business Centers called Service Centers or from any franchise. Their retailers have easy load option but not the option to legally sell company connections.

    I am from KHI and i live in a DHA flats and i got a retailer near by and i just got a new number, such a good thing, otherwise i had to go all the way to Warid BC or franchise for the same.

    Thanks to Warid

    • Abdullah

      yes u r right. i m Abdullah from fsd.

  • Radz

    What a Fail Service :D lol

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  • waqas

    May this is first step towards sale in remote areas.

  • Ahmed

    This is already available in Warid customers online account..which always gives numbers which are of their choice, not your own choice and will take you an year to remind your own number.

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  • Mustafa Kamal Khan

    I am using warid number i.e. 0321-9860048, i use different types of connection, but only warid can give you clear voice. this important thing which only warid can serve.
    but i suggest to the compnay authority to give option to the user to select a number on his onwn request.
    M.Kamal Khan

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