Punjab Laptop Scheme Launched, Free Internet to be Offered Soon

punjab laptop scheme

Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab, today launched the free laptop scheme in Punjab, under which 110,000 free laptops will be given away to bright students in the province.

During a launch ceremony at Punjab University Lahore, Mr. Sharif announced that giveaway of 110,000 laptops will be start from February 2nd, 2012 in Rahim Yar Khan and will run district wise to complete the delivery in whole province by end of March.

He mentioned that Punjab Government spent Rs. 4 billion for 110,000 free laptops, while another 300,000 laptops are likely to be approved for free giveaway next year.

Chief Minister also unveiled his plans for providing free internet connection at home for students, however, he said that procedures are being worked out to achieve the project.

He announced that whole of Punjab University and its campuses will be equipped with WiFi for free and portable internet access. It is likely that other government universities will be converted into such hotspots as well.

On the occasion, he unveiled Dell Laptops that are supposed to be given away in the scheme. Black skinned laptops are going to be for boys while red colored laptops for the girls.

It appears that Laptops given away to students are Dell Inspiron N5050.

Meanwhile, check below the launch ceremony:

  • Saad

    I know most of us will not appraise this step and will highlight it as another election winning trick. I don’t disagree with this, but, on the other hand, it is an encouraging step for students. There’s a chance that many more students work hard next time to be rewarded. This has to continue now, whether PMLN government or any next govt., this award scheme should have to say and should not be limited to Punjab, but has to spread in other provinces too.

    • MoMoo

      very true

    • Ahmed

      Punjab Govt gave prizes to top position holders of other provinces as well, which in my view is really appreciable. This isn’t waste of money if anyone says, now it is upto our generation how usefully they utilize their machines. This can help in their studies and even in earning. Punjab govt should have tutorials to guide students in this regard as well, as our youth is not guided in most of thing.

  • Adeel

    Populist measures to get votes by accruing more debt… which will have to be paid back by the generations to come.

    • MoMoo

      Mr. Adeel,

      most Organizations and Even Governments work on O/D (overdraft), even American Govt.

      If this money is spending on new Generation, then atleast it is their duty to return it back to nation by serving better in future and payback the money.

      • Ahsan

        Which is why the American govt. is under such debt and which is why global economy is in actual recession while it is standing still on paper.

        Look towards countries such as china, brazil, saudia which are having surplus budgets. There is no inflation there and everyone gets a job.

        Working on overdraft has absolutely no justification. This scheme is a gimmick when 80% of students coming out of secondary schools dont know how to write a small letter in any language and don’t know what to do in future – a shame if you consider countries like india and african nations which are far better off with less resources.

  • This is a very Good News.. Nice Step after a long time.

    • MoMoo

      thumbs Up

  • M.Aswad Mehatb

    the laptops shown in pictures are not what You mentioned earlier and also provided the link for specifications ,the laptops which are shown in the pic above with branding of scheme are dell inspiron N5050 Core i3 or may be i5 version http://www.mega.pk/laptop_products/4673/Dell-Inspiron-N5050.html

    Both Red and Black versions are here.

  • Faisal Raza

    O bhai, mini laptops lag rahay hain yeh tou ATOM series walay,

    • MoMoo

      No, they already have mentioned in start.

      “Dual Core”

      which is quiet acceptable.

  • Pro_Desi

    Gov. is buying these laptops with tax payers money…why its has Shabaz’s name on them?

    • MoMoo

      Yes you are right, it shouldn’t be on any person’s name.

    • Tanveer

      Mr. hypocrite …. are you blind ? comparatively with other provinces he is doing something ….. action speaks louder than words

      • MoMoo

        thumbs up.

      • Pro_Desi

        so? he is still using tax payers money! which is fine but he shouldn’t be putting his name as he bought laptops from his pocket

  • Just like other fraud rishwat sifarish this scheme is also like that.

    For GC University students Faisalabad, Laptops are being offered at the price of 20 thousand.

    Otherwise teachers say to students “chup ker chalta bun”

    • MoMoo

      It means the fraud is being done at University level not at Provincial Govt. Level,

      thanks for telling to the General Public.

  • zain

    although a good scheme but from this money much more good things could be done like scholarships or making some world class university.

    just imagine 125000 multiply 65000. this is the amount used just for giving laptops

    • MoMoo

      OK Mr.

      how many students will get benefited by this scheme if they get the laptop, as compare to sending a single student on scholorship abroad for studies, who afterwards stays their and work for those countries instead of Pakistan.

      NO doubt that they already sent 10-15 college students abroad for higher studies so we should appreciate all matters which is beneficial for our youth who will serve for our Pakistan.

  • zain

    this is just a “legal bribing(riswat)” for votes.

    ppp was bribing using benazir income support program and PML(n) did with laptops

    best govt. always provides with good opportunities to excel rather than distributing things and money

    • MoMoo

      we should appreciate those things either it is PML (n) or PPP, if it is in favour of our Nation.

      Here everyone is doing wrong.

  • waqas

    these laptop should be given to only poor people who can not afford it.but here mostly it is being distributed between rich students who can afford it.
    govt should also think about it.

    • MoMoo

      Waqas sorry i disagree with you, it is not a matter of rich or poor.

      if a student achieve 60% he/she is eligible and i think mostly Mediocre students attains 60%.

  • Farhan

    May Allah save us from such Hypocrites and Liers, who are deceiving people of Pakistan, by providing them laptop, and on other side , people HAVE NO Clothes to waer, have no food to eat, have no money to pay their bills, have no money to live a basic life,,,and these people are WASTING Millions for laptops???

    He is ONLY doing this to get VOTES,,More votes,,and specially votes of youth….

    If he Deserves, then Allah hi lanat ho aisay logoon per.

  • Furqan

    I am totally against this crap! they are using our tax money to bribe youth!

    • MoMoo

      ok let your words,

      who will be benefited after bribing the youth and giving them laptops,

      the youth or the Sharif family?

  • Multan

    Kabh tak Ufone Edge per guzara hoga yaar, kabh aa raha hai, Free Internet for University students?

  • Very nice step.. thumb up

    • Farhan

      Very nice step :O
      Log bhooksay mur rahay hain,,, aur yaha millions of rupees laptops per lagai ja rahay hain?? :O

      ap k pas 1 lakh rupay hoon, aur ap ko laptop chahiye, aur ap k ghar k samnay 1 bunda bhook say mur raha ho, kia ap laptop lo gay yah kuch paisoon say us ki jaan bachao gay??
      In Qatiloon say Allah ki panah..
      May Allah guide us all.

  • Owais

    After reading majority of comments I came to conclusion that even good steps are not being appreciated.

    Senseless people who are discouraging this step.

    I personally feel this is the best that could be done for our younger gen in this technological era

    • Farhan

      Bhai, Acha step to ofcourse yeh hai. Logoon ko Free laptop mil jai to un k mazay :)

      Lekin thora Broad minded ho ker sochna chahiye humenin, Selfish bun ker nahi. k hamara faida ho theek, baki jayein bhar mein :)

      point is k Pakistan mein sirf 15% log hain jin k pas zuroorat say ziada ya zuroorat k mutabiq paisa hai.,,, baki 85% live life of poverty..
      Majority raat ko bhookay sotay hain, log diseases say mur rahay hain, Ilaaj k liye paisay nahi.
      Mehengai itni hai k guzara nahi ho raha , log Fakay ker rahay hain…

      now tell me, eik taraf youth k liye laptops, doosri tatarf logoon ki JANEIN JA RAHI HAIN…

      which action is good??

      in millions of rupess say logoon ko basic cheezein free dena? un ki JAAN BACHANA?
      ya logoon ko laptop dena??

  • Sumair

    Dell would be so happy that they will be selling 110,000 + 300,000 laptops in Pakistan. :P

  • Thank you for this abundant information, you address actual able-bodied which i like actual much. I am absolutely afflicted by your post.

    • fjwu

      salaam… sir mere 73% marks hein…. mera har list mein name ata raha hai. ab jab last mein laptop denee ki bari ayi tou meri uni waloo ne kuch students ka name nhi dia aur kehtee hain k app ki taraf se problem ayi hai. sir ye tou student ko hurt karnee wali baat hue.. mujhe laptop ki need hai 4 my thesis aur mere marks b hein… ab app ki taraf se problem hue hai aur uni walo ne kaha hai k bad luck.. ye kesii badluck hue sir…

  • Billabadmash

    I am not in favor of this project as this projects reminds me od sasti roti drama which flopped and only those got the benifits who were running this project.

    If govt either ppp or pml n want to give some good to students or to youth give them better teachers and better education system make students strong so that they can compete with the outer world and get the laptop with their own money.
    Scheme like this with the name of kham-e-ala and recently known as Katl-e-Ala ager drug scandle should will end in no time and in the long run nothing good will come out of it.

  • Dr Khan, USA

    I would say Pakistani nation is most incompetent nation on the earth even having a huge hidden talent, I don’t understand how people vote again and again to failed leaders like Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, if they vote to these incompetent leaders again, they deserve worst than current. I live here in USA which is 70 times richer than Pakistan but i have never seen here our (USA) government wasting money on Laptop for individual students. What our government does here give these laptops to schools and universities but never gives to individual students. Pakistan government should have given these laptops to very poor government schools or they could have built bathrooms in poor government schools specially in villages schools with this money, where students do Tatti/Guoon/Pakhana/Poti/Poop just outside the school’s walls. Last year my son visited Pakistan to help some poor schools in villages but he came back with sickness because he couldn’t tolerate Tatti and Poti smell in these schools. Shahbaz Sharif, don’t treat your nation like animals and spend this money for poor schools not for few students for your votes who will watch porno videos all the time on these laptops, even most of the students may already have the computers at homes. I know you are so scared from PTI, but that doesn’t mean you waste all tax payers money for your votes. Build nation, but buy the votes. Somebody should go to court against this very stupid plan.

    • M.Aswad Mehatb

      this the comment for which i will say ” i agree”.

    • Rehan Riaz

      Although am also getting this laptop. BUT i agree with the concept that this laptop must be given to the universities, colleges or school. So that a number of students could get benefits rather than an individual.

  • nice step..

  • Tahir

    I would say that it is completely a strategic step towards election campaign to win the hearts of youth which are supporting imran khan. Spending a huge amount on laptops is just a luxury for students. Even the desktop computers is more suitable solution if he really thinks that the computers help speed up learning process.

  • Ali

    i agreed that its s good step by Punjab Government, but Punjab Government had no check and balance on university because they make list of eligible students of their own choice with their own rules.

  • Khurramraza

    sir it is very good to give me a laptop free.But you know that laptop is nothing with interent so please give us free internet.And please 3G lisence give the campanies.

    • Mishal

      bro kia ap apny free lapi k specifications bta skty hen plz at [email protected] i m waitng

  • rocker

    i am against that crap scheme CM gives laptop to the
    ART student and non science student they dont need laptops give the laptops to the poor people they really need laptop CM “NEED BRAIN ” some body give him that

  • bablu

    hamari quom ki yehi ooqat hai. free laptop kya mila, dumm hilanay lag paray.
    Moreover, PML(N) has hired SEO workers to defend/project them in internet world. So i will not be surprised if they are here. On internet, no one knows you are a dog.


    Dell Inspiron N5050 with i5 processor????

  • Raheel

    Hamara Khwab, parha likha Punjab :P
    Rest of the provinces in Pakistan seems to be adobted i guess.

  • salman

    Yar jis kisi ko laptop mila plz Specifications to share karo…. dual core or Core i3?????

  • what i think k ye sab votes k liye ker rahe hein n iske ilawa koi maqsad nahi……sara tax in laptops pe laga rahe hein….lkn aik bat he friends!humara paisa to ye kabhi niaklein ge nahi,chalo laptop k bahane thora choonga hi wapis mill jaye ga:):P

  • Nomi

    Good political step :)
    But be ready to pay more tax now :)

  • hammad

    get the hell out man ,,,,,,
    i am just having CORE i3 !!!!!!!!!!!11
    LOVE IT.

  • salman

    good step for student…

  • Hafeez

    Very true and realistic comments by Dr Khan. I was reading all the comments and was not conclusive, but this has made me decide. This is bandar baant for political gain and InshAllah this would not benefit PML-N this time.

  • Khurram

    laptop sa best tha k har studest k mobil per fast internet laga data.tak wo is ko apna competer ma conect kar k apna kam karta.per lod shading ki waja sa ya acha kam ha.bus request ya ha k free internet ka kuch kara.please ya msg jo read kara aja tack poncha da.

  • nosheen

    aoa. sir ji m the gold medalist of this year, but M.phil admissions in which m interested will be start in march, sir how will i be awarded. sir i think me also eligible for this.



  • Amir

    4 bn Rupees…it is an extreme amount of money that could have been spent on Primary and secondary education.

    It is not true use of money for starving nation like us.

  • dada

    plese tell me the date of laptop distribution in faisalabad region..

  • Nida

    I think laptop distribution great effort. please you should take bold step about present educational system, specially those private school whose started school system in homes just for earn money.


    Great effort.

  • Sara

    Sir kindly select the new selected science teachers in tha laptop schame…. It would b a good step because cmptr is the need of the today kindly take forwd steps to give laptos to the teachers… I also would like to say that if it is’nt possible to give laptop to every teacher kindly give laptop to top 3 selected teachers as they have entered in the field through a tough competition n according to my opinion is the best criteria…. Kindly sir response me i main mailaing atleast from 1 mnth plz take step in this concern

  • Sara

    Sir kindly include the new selected science teachers in the laptop scheme so that they can give their best to the nation kindly sir these teachers have been selected through a tough competition n i thnk the deserve it,,,

  • m.amjad

    i greatly appreciate the punjab government to launch lap top scheme as it will surely encourage students and promote education standards. i also congratulates zaib un nisa for achieving the lap top.

  • Amna

    Sir…i m student of Govt Post Graduate college St town GRW…doing Bs(hons) 1st smester….i am an eligible student but name name is not here…my %age is 63.09..my Cnic no. is 34101-3533346-6….plz plz plz…pay attention on my req and grant me with your gift…
    i’ll be greatly thankfull to you for this act of kindness…

  • Deeba Iqbal

    Sir…I,m student of M.Ed….I am an eligible student and I got 87% marks in last semester but my name is not here… ….plz plz plz…pay attention on my request and grant me with your gift. I belongs to Education University Bank Road Lahore. Why M.Ed program is not included for this purpose…
    i’ll be greatly thankfull to you for this act of kindness…


  • Deeba Iqbal

    Sir…I,m student of M.Ed….I am an eligible student and I got 87% marks in last semester but my name is not here… ….plz plz plz…pay attention on my request and grant me with your gift. I belongs to Education University Bank Road Lahore. Why M.Ed program is not included for this purpose…
    i’ll be greatly thankfull to you for this act of kindness…


  • Humaira

    Why Virtual University’s Punjab students are not eligible? its not fair.

  • uswakhan

    sir i m student of bsc sir no doubt ap boht acha kam kr rae h i idealize u but sir y kaha ka insaf h k ap bs laptop d rae h even first smmatar ko b bt bsc ko nai kya hm apka mustakbil nai hm e marit bp pura utarte h phr zyadti q phr ap s hmesha marit ki twaku ki ja skti h hm b pakistan h

  • uswakhan

    hm b utni hi mehnat krte h phr itni nainsafi q

  • Mishal

    Helo laptop k bare me just yahe bt kehni h k punjab govt ka khwab adhora reh gya q k ye distribution merit ki base pe hui he ni

  • Mishal

    1 chez or agr sharif shb ko just morning ko he dyne thy to evening se itni mehnt r intzar q krwaya?evening ka ksor kia h yr hr jaga evening ko pesa jata h fees double h hmari faida dyna he tha donu ko dyta ya phr phle bol dyta k just mrng ko he dy ga.

  • Mishal

    Agr laptop mrng ko just dyne thy to evening ko itna q rola kitna bhagaya jb ap distribution kr merit ki base pe to mrng evening ka concept q.bloody hell n damn step was taken by sharif shb.

  • yasir

    mara youth laptop chori ho gya hy. is there any method to track it….plz tell me me sad…

  • Mishal

    kia shehbaz sharif sahab evening ko laptop den gy?agr ni dyny to hum se kuto wala intazar mt kraen kindly.ya phir date announce kr den.agr unhu ne morning me hi dirtribute krny hen to i m thinking that this was an moronic distribution which is not based on merite.

  • Mishal

    kia evening ko laptop milny hen??????????///

  • Humaira

    punjab main just morning ma prhnay valay students hen or just voh students hen jo punjab k under universities ma parh rhy hen… pata nahi yahan kis kisam ka merit chalta hay….?

  • OMER
  • junaid

    on which date laptop distributed in fsd…….telll me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz