Punjab to Distribute 100,000 Free Laptops


Punjab Government has planned to distribute 100,000 laptops amongst the top achievers in MS (Hons.), MA, MSC, LLB programmes, said an advertisement published in today’s papers.

All those students who achieved more than 60 percent marks in last annual examination or scored more than 70 percent in their last semester are eligible for the offer.

In addition, all registered students for MS, LLM, Ph.d and M.Phil will also get a free laptop.

Top 100 position holders from all Punjab boards in their matriculation examinations are going to get free laptops too.

Eligibility Criteria

One hundred thousand Laptops will be provided to following categories of youth in Punjab:

  • All students of 4 years BS Degree Programme who have secured
    • 60% or above marks (in the previous year) in case of annual examination system OR
    • 70% or above marks (in the previous semester) in case of semester system
  • All post graduate students (Part I & II) of 2 year Masters Degree Programme, who have secured
    • 60% or above marks (in the previous year) in case of annual examination system OR
    • 70% or above marks (in the previous semester) in case of semester system
  • All currently enrolled students/scholars of MS, LLM, M.Phil and Ph.D
  • The top 100 students of each Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Punjab

In case of 1st year students, the data for the last examination in which the student appeared, shall be considered.

Check if your name is in the list or not:

To see if your name was selected in the list or not, click on this link: http://www.youth.punjab.gov.pk/selectedstudents.aspx


  • If you think you are eligible and have not been selected or have any other grievances, kindly contact the respective Principal of the College / Registrar of the University / Secretary of the Board
  • If you have not provided us your CNIC/B Form no., please immediately provide us the same through Principal of College / Registrar of University / Secretary of the Board, to become eligible for registration

In any case, if you are not listed there or you have any concerns then you must get to your board/university registrar to resolve the dispute.

Listed students can get themselves registered by clicking the this link before December 31st, 2011.

On a side note, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif has advertised his Twitter and Facebook IDs on the same advert, which I believe is somewhat unethical. He’s using public ad to promote his personal channels. I won’t complain if he wants to advertise these channels through his own ads, paid from his own pocket.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Althoug it is a good step by punjab Gov. but Khadim e Alla wants to take 100% credit as he personally paid for it, secondly why for pml[n] the punjab ends only in Lahore,faisalabad and couple of more big cities ??? who will take care of the rest ????

    Mian Shehbaz sharef where inspire me with his new steps he simultaneously disappoints me too….

    • another useless policy by our government. wasting money which could have been used in much better ways to provide jobs to fresh graduates etc. Aj kal students degree lay kr 2,2 saal job dhundtay rehte hein, aur 10,12 hazar se ooper ki job milna b imtihaan bn jata h.. aur ye janab laptop baant k pesa zaya kr ray hein.. kher ye to vote bnanay ki koshishein hein.. jo mushkil hi kamyab hon gi. atleast youth to kaabu ni ati ub nawab e ala k..

      • AUR punjab government se guzarish h k kbhi lahore, gujranwala, faislabad se bahir b nikal k dekh le. kaheen pe multan, DG khan, BWP, RYK b hein.. kbhi oodher b koi development project day dia kren..

        • I agree with you,
          main bhi multan se hun, lekin us insan ne students k liye buhat kaam kiye hain or poore punjab ko cover kiya hai han magar merit base pe.
          ab jo merit pe na aaye qasoor to usi ka hai.
          secondly Arif jese logon se duniya bhari hui hai.
          agar us ne is project mei burai dekhi hai to ye uski apni burai hai, Miyan SAhab jese azeem ya achay logon ki nae.
          or agar Gillani G ne multan mei flyovers banwa diye hain to koi khas to nae kiya ulta wahan k residents or business men ko be ghar kiya hai!
          or dosri janib Miyan sahab ne ghareeb logon ko ghar diye hain, gaariyan di hain,
          or jahan tak jobs ka sawal hai agar wo is paise se koi factory ya industry anything else kuch bhi banate ya lagate to max. 1000(ye bhi buhat zyada hai) ko jobs de dete jo k wahan her waqt mojood hon, lekin agar ap laptops ka use jaante ho to for your kind information ItS a Great revolution ot it will bring a Revolution INSHAALLAH!
          Thank you for reading! :)


      • When ever some baloch use this kind of word it takes me to deep thinking that we as pakistani using all the Gas from land of balochistan and alot of other mineral resources. how ever the total population of Baluchistan is 5.1m. For this much popualtion if govt make new house for every family they can do it easily in one budget. Please govt think about it. Unless these innocent ppl think to join hands with forces against Pakistan.

    • Asif I think you are not fulfilling the criteria,
      Agr job chahy tu bhi mehnat kr lete, APNI qismat ka blame PMLn pe q de rhe ho, Zardari se rabta kren
      Zardari ne ic nation ko loadsheding, unemployment, poverty k elawa kia dia hai,

      PMLN Zindaabad, Pakistan Paindbad

  • When does Sindh “wadaira shahi” will be a Khadim-e-Sindh, well we can only hope … or dream …
    in reality they’re actually Vampires (blood suckers)

    • Dude at least he is doing something if. If putting 100 Rs in his own pocket and distributing 50 Rs is good in our eyes. But here in Sindh we get only increase in tax and in return get nothing.

      • he is just doing this because only a year is left in elections thats why .. if he is so worried about the education in youth why he didnt he do anything before? he is in power for last 4 years God DAmn..

        • I think you were sleeping in last 4 years. Danish school didn’t came on surface in a day, it took 3 years to establish Danish School across province.

          • What good is danish school for few hundred students when you could spend that money to improve existing schools all over Punjab?

            Also, the whole laptop scheme seems a marketing tool to create a soft corner in youth a majority of which otherwise is a firm supporter of PTI. They really need to set their priorities right. Again, billions of Rs could have been spent on something for the greater and more substantial benefit of masses.

            • India took same policy and distributed laptops and PCs for students some 10 years back.Today india having 10% of world’s IT and software turnover. We can only criticize on even good things.

        • koi bat nahin yar ap log kio kharab kar rahe ho vote apni marzi se hi daina but atleast us ko apriciate to karo

          • I totally agree with Rizwaan,Well these free laptops are actually not a gift to us,these are a little part ov our payments like sales taxes,unnecesary boom in prices,i appriciade khadim-e-ala who gave us a little part ov them

      • Oh ok I agree but tell me why the other govts dont do anything??? and still you vote them!
        think about it!
        you can just criticise but cant fix the problems! its not your fault but yours ……… i dont know what should i say!

  • Actually PML(N) has been frustrated by attraction of youth to PTI and Imran Khan, now they want to win the favours of youth by any means, why they have not done it before 30 october, why Maryyam Nawaz is out their to visit students now, perhaps they thought to share the corruption with youth and students as well!!!

    • Youth had Danish schools, and awards on every examination, taxi scheme. I am sure Imran Khan has NO roadmap so far. His party’s punjab president was given tough time when invited at FAST NU and asked about PTI roadmap for problems of Pakistan, if they have any…that Doctor was hell confuse and had no answer..finally he gave up and said, you can meet me later. But after following up for a week, he gave up.

      • Well this project dates back to August I think. When Imran Khan wasn’t at boom and PML(n) wasn’t considering it as a thereat to their political kingship.





  • lol em selected :p

    Nice Effort by CM of Punjab … Thanks alot

    Becoming a Soft Engg. is my Dream, like many others. Your this step will help alot in that.

  • Would have been better if the same money was invested in a university project in some rural area.
    This is nothing but election campaign and wastage of public money. We do need laptops but mind you Pakistan is still a poor country where people do not have bread, roof, education health etc.

    People can qualify from Universities and buy their own laptops and houses but since a project of University might take a long time to complete and elections are at the corner, we have laptops distributed to thousands of students.
    Even if I only doubt CM’s intention of election and assume he wont do any corruption there are numerous ministers, departments who would embezzle millions of rupees.

    May ALLAH guide us all to the right path.

  • Do not expect this from Sindh government.

    They work differently for the betterment of people. Sindh government issued thousands of licenses for different weapons, some prohibited bore as well.

    Maybe SINDH government believes that people are fools and will vote them again into power and they can continue their loot and plunder.

    The change is coming and hopefully we will see prosperous Pakistan where graduates are not provided taxis or laptops or weapons and genuine employment will be available in all the fields.

  • acha hai.
    but i m m.phil student in Gomal University KPK and belong to darya khan bhakkar where mr.Shahbaz sharif is MPA.
    How can apply for laptop computer??????

  • how i can apply for laptop computer????
    i am M.Phil student in Gomal University KPK but i belong to punjab province, Darya Khan, district Bhakkar. And Our MPA in Mr. Shahbaz Sharif PP-48

  • Aamir Bhai,
    With due respect, he is CM of the province, how come giving FB and Twitter is unethical? Should he give his mobile number instead ? This way people can communicate with him more easily regarding this compaign and other issues as well. But I am afraid to say we sometime see fifferent things with different glasses. If it was merely an advertisement on govt expense then yes it was unethical provided if there was NO contact information. But I see this way he has provided a way to reach him.

    • He can make a CM’s twitter and Facebook account and communicate it, sure he can do that. But once the govt retires he must handover these accounts to next CM – would be a fair deal in that case.

      However, in current scenario, he will use these accounts for his personal use even when he’s not CM. Hope you get my point.

        • That doesn’t makes sense. Facebook and Twitter aren’t an official channel to communicate. In case of an email address like [email protected] yes he should hand it over to next CM, but these social networks are just a way to communicate with people. In case of official Facebook and Twitter do you think new CM would like to see posts by ex-CM if new CM is from current opposition ?But so far he hasn’t used public money for advertising “himself”, this should be appreciated.

          • Next CM can delete old posts if he doesn’t like, the way he/she will delete old mails for [email protected]

            On another note, why next CM would hate current CM if he has done good for province? Aren’t they a team to bring prosperity to the people?

  • why cant i go for and apply for this scheme, am a Gold Medalist from foundation university with no relevant job what so ever related to telecommunication. Dont know as to why i spend money in getting a degree which is off no use to me…. :(

  • Khadm-e-Ala is doing really hard work on all social sector. But this is second time after huge scholarships from him to announce 10000 Lap-Tops for students. Great work
    Do you people Support his action?

  • government universities like uet taxila is not carrying out this program efficiently…..they even had not checked the eligibility of different students and alot of deserving students are left behind…..shame on them

  • I heard that the laptops which are announced by punjab govt are given on the basis of securities or installation. Is there any one who can give me information about that?

    • bcz these ppl didn’t pay the money yet

      earlier last time ,in their gvernment this was happened too when majority of ppl didn’t pay BAQAYA paisay to the banks .u can confirm it on internet
      face the reality and listen to both side .Don’t be stupid after listening about one side

  • Dear All,
    We should not be criticize to Punjab CM. Its really a very aggressive step towards progress & to support the poor students for there future.
    Further this in Punjab major Cities are LHR,FSD,MTN, GUJ,SKH,SKT,GUJ & so many this opportunity for the all punjab students not for specific city.
    & please d’nt Jules with CM & his Lahore.

  • AoA ,
    meri apnay un tamam dostoo se guzarish hai ,especially pti blind followers ,plz grow up and look into deeply in that matter,lakh laptop merit per divide karnaa aasan kaam nahi ,agar koi aadmi (btw he is suffering from deadly cancer) aap k liye acha kaam kartaa hai ,to plz usay acha kahoo ,naa k yeh “election aarahay hai “(this is the last comment for every politician whether he is corrupt or clean

    agar kisi ne tanqeed karni hai to plz achay se karay ,abhi tak punjab government k aik bhi corruption saabit ya nazar nahii aayi ,before claiming anything plz go deeply into that matter ratherer then giving ooper se cheap se comment .

    and second those who are saying that this is another way of corruption ,i would like to mention this “all the 1 lakh laptops are already divided on merit ,u can see the whole list of students on their site (also mentioned above )agar kisi ko corruption nazar aarahi hai abhi bhi to plz higlisht this other than farigh comments PLZ !!


    (btw i m not eligible for this as i m studying in a university which is under federal government -NUST )

  • I think we should appreciate the good steps and discourage the bad policies of the Government. This is our basic right but unfortunately we only criticize people instead of appreciation. We can criticize other people but could anyone of you tell me that what we have done just for PAKISTAN. Most of the people are not doing job for PAKISTAN, they are doing job to enhance his life style like CAR, New mobile, lunch in KFC or in 5 star hotel or just for ROTI then where is PAKISTAN. If we start thinking for the GREAT PAKISTAN and start working for PAKISTAN, we can achieve our personal goals automatically.
    Lack of education (normal as well as technical) is the main issue of Pakistan. We normally compare the performance of our Cricket team and Hockey team with India but nobody is ready to compare the education level, technology and industries of India with Pakistan. So in my opinion if any Government is going to implement some policies for technological growth in Pakistan so we it’s our responsibility to appreciate them. If we start spending some money out of our salaries for the education of a needy person so it would be the great contribution for GREAT PAKISTAN. Only EDUCATION can resolve the issues of PAKISTAN. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

      • aslam o laikum
        i got 3.82GP in the first semester of BS, i want to apply for laptop…
        please help me
        how can i registration?
        I m doing BS-ADE(associate degree in education)from DG Khan linked to BZU.
        Please sir help me..

      • My name in not in list :(
        main ne university se pata kia per un ka kehna hai k just enrolled students ki hi list bheji gai hai… what should i do now? plz reply

  • a got first position in first semester of BS, with 3.82 GP from Dera Ghazi khan liked to bzu
    and I m eligible to get laptop. It is my right and i request to you please give me a laptop.
    anam batool

  • i got 3.82GP in the first semester and i need a laptop
    but I do not know how to register my name
    anyone help me please..

  • @ rukhsana and anam

    If your name isn’t in list then visit Director/Registrar of Your university and tell them about this.. They will sort it out …

    One guy faced same problem from my uni and he did same. Hope so you will get laptop.

  • this is a wonderful plan for distributing laptops to the deserving students. i have two questions \, first one that when this program will initiate. i mean from this year or the coming year? and secondly are the students of federal board eligible for applying for this program?

    • Oh really pleased to know that.You really deserve it after all u r MSc student.for detail call 090078601 tele fun tele fun……tele fun hahahahahahahah

  • what rubbish is that aub mian sahibaan ko lootnay ka koi or bahana nahi mila tou students k naam pay lootna shuru kar diya kisi compny sey deal ho gai ho gee jin k pas core22 ka old stock hoga un sey 1lakh laptop onay ponay dam lay kar baki paisay jaib mey ullu dy phatay oey education free kro aam kro merit py admission kro aisi stategy banao k her division valay ko govt uni mey admission milay khud ko neach bi ajay tou london dubai sy idhar nahi kharay hotay sun lo lootaero aub tumhara time lootnay ka jaaa chuka hai choar do iss qoum ko iss k haal par

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