Telenor, Your Website’s URL Structuring is a Mess

Telenor Pakistan’s official website needs an urgent fix for its URL structuring. The problem is that links don’t work If not typed “www” with the main URL.

For instance, type (not and then try to open any link, yes any link – it won’t work.

Following is what you are likely to get:


I suppose not many internet users type www along with URLs, especially if its .PK domain. I am saying this because a shortcut Ctrl+Enter is largely used with domain names to automatically type www + .com with the domain – but that’s for top level domain. For instance, type Yahoo in your address bar and hit Ctrl+Enter.

We first noticed this when Telenor Pakistan revamped their website last year. But didn’t point it out – just because we thought that they are working on it and might get things straight.

I remember our friend Saad Hamid once mentioning @TelenorPakistan of this flaw over Twitter, but appears they have given up looking at their website (and Twitter account). This is probably why “Blog” section on Telenor’s website is  displaying “Coming Soon” for months.


Okay, it appears Telenor has fixed the issue now.

  • It’s working fine here

  • Saeed

    Telenor shahbass – go and look your .htaccess file quickly.

    • Ahmed

      it doesn’t work for UBL website even.

  • Junaid Kiyani

    Works fine here without (3w). Please check your browser settings

    • admin
      • Faisal Raza

        Aamir bhai yeh URL tu kisi bhe condition main open nahi ho rahe hai, either with www nor without

        • admin

          They are probably working on it, let’s try it in a while.

          • Monis

            its not about that link
            there whole website needs to be fixed
            the drop down menu of hote about us services corporate responsibility and etc etc aren’t working from a long time and i have told you this on ur fb page about 1or2 weeks ago :P

      • Tariq

        working fine.with www & without www

  • tanveer ameen
    • not working for me with or without “www”

  • Hey this is about two or three months old problem I am facing. I thought temporarily problem.

    70% of site unusable. Only propakistani noticed this.

    • bilal

      i also noticed this on my site ,month before.
      propakistani copy cat

  • Asif

    Good work aamir! now you surely capture their link back on your site! its old technique of SEO but still working because old is gold. keep working to get more authority links to gain more exposure.

    • admin

      How would i get linkback from their website from this? Please explain, i didn’t get you

      • This was a old technique that help webmasters to gather authorities attentions towards there sites and many time these authorities will give credit to sites who help to solve there problems.

        • admin

          i had no such intentions

          • O really is it! ok I will get it. sorry

  • Imran

    useless post

  • Tommy

    its working, i guess …

  • Tajamal

    Aamir bhai Zong ka book your number portal ( bhi kharab hy, jo bhi number enter kro aik he jawab ata hy ”
    Sorry, 031x-xxxxxxx has already been booked.” jab k number kisi k istamal me nhi hota.

  • Zara

    www and without www both works for me always. you should check your browser or update that.

  • Aslam Dogar

    main to telenor site kafi arsay say isi wajah say istemal nahi ker paya bajayay google cache ya djuice ke site say infos leta raha hon

  • Farha Naz

    Works fine for me too :-)

    • admin

      yes, coz they ve fixed it now

  • AAM

    Lol this guy is using IE

  • Tanveer Hassan

    Aamir, go and fix your head man thats need re-structuring. LOLZ its working!!!

    • admin

      only after it was fixed

  • osama

    dude what the hell is wrong with you people. everyday you give a report where nothing is wrong and then you use your own ids to confirm it .. please have some respect

    • admin

      you made me smile :-)

  • osama

    also its shameful that you named a guy from mobilink here .. is this a planted post again

    • admin

      Saad Hamid wasn’t hired by Mobilink then (when he had pointed this out to your twitter admin), imagine how old this problem was ;-)

      • osama

        i just found that tweet and looked into it because i dont believe a word you say and i am an ex mobilinker working with warid and i can confirm two times that he was working there as i was working with the marketing team at that time. Shameful

        • admin

          link please

          • osama

            dont try to be oversmart. just call him hell confirm it :P

            • admin

              BTW this post wasn’t about Saad, you fixed the issue, thank you very much for that

  • Oh come on, give them a lil break :-P
    Nice of you to post though. Its been like this for a while now.

    Telenor mostly use www version so they just need 2 line code in .htaccess file to make it all clean. Something like
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]

    Since they running Apache, I don’t see why they haven’t done it already.
    Lazy admin :-P

  • Now they have fixed the issue but why didn’t notice it for months? No user ever complained? Nobody opens telenor site?

    • osama

      i know who u are … :) .. please reply here once more

  • This has been an issue for a while (more than few weeks, that I can confirm) … They fixed it in few hours after this post. What’s wrong with you guys???
    See the good side, Telenor fixed an issue (stupid thing) due to this blog… Way to go Aamir …

  • Diya

    You have based a whole article for Telenor’s url?and one telenor url which was not working!?!?!wow!
    Telenor surely does matter then!

    And yes please choose a better “issue” next time :)

  • Shining_Virgo

    telenor walay kafi expensive hai. in ki website visit karnay ka dil he nai karta.

  • khan

    Why Telenor employees are so much defensive? :)
    Yes there was an issue and it was fixed after this post. What’s wrong with that? Why do you guys need to attack the person who in the first place has reported it?


  • Pathologist

    its working fine dude…. that wz nt an issue to write an article on it….

  • And the weird thing is that Telenor being such a big Telecom Company made their website on an Open Source Content Management System

  • Aamir

    they fixed the problem

  • Arsalan

    What about This URL never works without www. is fine but is not. I’m experiencing it over 2 years.

  • Sana Yaqoub

    I agree, telenor news ticker links were not working three days ago when I tried from chrome.

  • Anonymous

    OooppsssSsss.. Look at you poor admin, how are you justifying each and every comment. Oh, I remember it is your old habit to “justify”, isn’t it?

    • Ahmed

      Commenting anonymously ?

  • they have to fix their .htaccess

  • -W-

    It’s Fine Now.