Telenor, Your Website’s URL Structuring is a Mess

Telenor Pakistan’s official website needs an urgent fix for its URL structuring. The problem is that links don’t work If not typed “www” with the main URL.

For instance, type (not and then try to open any link, yes any link – it won’t work.

Following is what you are likely to get:


I suppose not many internet users type www along with URLs, especially if its .PK domain. I am saying this because a shortcut Ctrl+Enter is largely used with domain names to automatically type www + .com with the domain – but that’s for top level domain. For instance, type Yahoo in your address bar and hit Ctrl+Enter.

We first noticed this when Telenor Pakistan revamped their website last year. But didn’t point it out – just because we thought that they are working on it and might get things straight.

I remember our friend Saad Hamid once mentioning @TelenorPakistan of this flaw over Twitter, but appears they have given up looking at their website (and Twitter account). This is probably why “Blog” section on Telenor’s website is  displaying “Coming Soon” for months.


Okay, it appears Telenor has fixed the issue now.