Telenor Starts Charging Postpaid Customers for Helpline Calls

telenor_logoTelenor has done it again; it has once again become the first operator in industry to impose charges on postpaid customers for calling helpline (correct me if I am wrong here).

Telenor, without notifying customers – even with an SMS notification (something they keep sending their customers every day but for promotions only) – imposed Rs. 2 plus tax for every call made to helpline.

Though a prompt message is being played during helpline calls – explaining that postpaid customers will be charged Rs. 2 plus tax for talking to CSR.

Prepaid customers were already paying charges plus taxes for seeking help from cellular operators.

Postpaid customers are usually considered premier due to high paying tariffs they bear. It merits mentioning here that ARPU (Average Revenue per User) for postpaid customers for Telenor in Q4 2011 was Rs. 771 as compared to Rs. 236 for prepaid customers.

Additional charges are something cellular customers in Pakistan are facing every other day now. Telco’s claim offering of lowest call rates in region seems more of just a catch line now. I am wondering when will they stop justifying low ARPUs because of low calling rates, as low calling tariffs are supported by humongous additional charges.

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  • Not really sure what are they up to, but if it is to prepare themselves financially for upcoming 3G license and bear more taxes (radio tax? wtf) then this would be a weak justification. I am Telenor user since 2005 (bought sim in June 2005 if I recall correctly) and was happy with their service. But these surprising charges are getting on my nerves now.

    • during 1 month :

      1)Telenor to Deduct 7% Service Charge on all Reloads.

      2)Telenor to Further Increase Tariff for Poora Pakistan Offer

      and now..

      3)Telenor Starts Charging Postpaid Customers for Helpline Calls.

      ye q PAKISTANOI KO bewakoof samjhtey hain ,aik taraf tu “KHOMOSHI KA BOYCOT” aur “KARO MUMKIN”
      k slogan se awaam ko dhoka dey rahain aur doosri taraf awaam ko dil khol kar LOOT rahay hain :@@

      KIA ZARDARI ney khareed liya hai TELENOR??? @@@

      • opper se bahar se pata nahi kitnay million dollars ki funding bhi ho rahi hai:S dil khool kar loot rahay ye tu bhai ,zaradari se bhi 2 haath agay niklay ye tu bhai.telenor waley sab apni sim change kar lein bhai hamesha k liye.

  • I don’t agree with the charges either but what Aamir fails to mention on each of the similar posts is that the helpline call costs Rs.20 to the company. The postpaid calls to the helpline cost even more because of their longer durations(something known as channel occupancy cost).

    Also from what I note, helpline charging is a global phenomenon and not just a local one. Again, I do not agree with the charges but, I think in the telecom industry, it is the natural order of things

    • Rs. 20 per call is an interesting figure. Can you please throw further light on the details?

      Also, I was once told that after sales support and help (for majority of industries) is covered under operating expense, that is ARPU-helpline charges.

      • You would have been right about the opex bit a couple of years ago but with the sub base increasing all operators are looking for a self sustained CS unit. The 20 rupee cost is based on a combination of PRI cost, MSC cost and cost per Seat.

        The only thing included in opex these days is the CSR salary. Then again with most of the CS units being used to sell services as well these days, they have become revenue sources too and are moving towards self sustinance or at least a trying to be self sustained


  • Why a person will opt for postpaid if he dont get services superior to prepaid customers, telenor keeps calling and say that please opt for our e-billing service as it will save tree and enviornment and bla bla

    my question to telenor is that why dont we should change to prepaid pkgs when u r offering rs.3 per minute to postpaid and rs.3 per hour to prepaid customers.

    also their weblounge works much slower than their official site, anyone please highlight this issue to them and atleast make it work faster for postpaid users as i use to pay my bill using weblounge direct debit service.

    Mr. Amir, i will be happy if u please cover a topic on net tarrif of all cellular companies with their activation procedures and in the end give ur conclusion which net is best for using google maps at economical rate as i have tried my best to understand them but all in vain.

    i hope u will cover it soon, considering using google maps in mind. also let us know how much data google maps use and how to minimize data usage and all other related info for google maps.

    I hope it wont get ignored.

  • I think the write of this post should visit PTA’s website and read notice posted there about postpaid charging being applied by all Telecom companies.

  • Very informative, the feedback detailing information published on PTA website. The link if provided, would have been even more helpful and informative!

    In the first place, its every cellular service providers liability to intimate their customers irrespective of category through SMS for any major or minor change in policy. If the ruling is true and authentic, Telenor should have transmitted an SMS to its subscribers, intimating the implementation of charges, as it does when sending promotional messages? If one would ask for an explanation, a biased answer is for sure!!

    On the other hand, if any service provider in Pakistan was all that committed and conscious towards its subscribers of the provision of services boasted, we would not have to rely on any source, leave alone PTA and neither be hear exchanging views and worrying or debating over excessive charges!

  • I think Edwin has a point. Telenor should inform its post paid customers through an SMS about any price increases.

    Given that most telecom operators in pakistan have only a handful of postpaid customers (200k – 400k), I don’t think the idea of introducing charges is to generate a lot of money. It is possibly to change the behaviour of frivolous repeat callers. Furthermore, as I understand the average call costs the company above rs. 15. Whether it should be built into

  • It costs more than Rs. 20/call. In telenor a postpaid CRO gets about 30000 salaray and takes average 100 calls/day. A CRO works 21 days/month. In this simple calculation only CRO gets Rs. 14 per call. You can add the rest of expenses. It exceeds Rs. 20/call.

    Postpaid customers always misused free helpline. They inquire about prepaid on free helpline. There is always a KPI of CRO that includes AHT (average handling time). Postpaid customers always will take long duration call and ruin CRO’s KPI. It’s better that postpaid customers are now charged

    • As far as the KPI thing is concerned, customer will still ruin AHT since charging is per call and not per minute.

    • Not Agreed with your statement, hey man you are forgetting that Postpaid customer are already paying monthly line rent and others charges… They don’t have much offer by the telecom. Same old rates and no more tariff plans as compare to prepaid.

      • I am surprised if postpaid customers are not happy in their package, why dont they convert to prepaid? Its possible now. Postpaid users are not forced to use postpaid

  • Guys Telenor lost its biggest corporate account. Telenor Post paid is negligible market share.

  • What you want then? Everything for free?

    Come on guys cool down its all about business they are not here for charity. They are not charging for something not being delivered so they have all right to charge for any service they provide. Even me you who ever would start a business we would like to make money even if not too much atleast to make both ends meet. Did anyone ever has appreciated for what they are doing good? This is the problem of our nation we only know how to criticise. for those who may need to know;

    The only telco paying 100% fair tax to Govt. of Pakistan.
    The only telco who ensures at fullest not to do any activity that has hidden charges or without coustomer knowledge or his prior permission.
    The only telco who steps steps ahead to embrace any challenge every risk in the industry and other then follow.
    The only telco who gives customer perception and value-to-money in every decision about any of their product.

    So please ….. take a break and relax your anxiety shows you are getting an excellent value for your money on these offers.

    • hannan…. well said :) these customers are not satisfied in any case. Mobilink customers will tell on their helpline that Telenor is the best and the same customer will tell on Telenor helpline that mobilink has great offers. Its our day to day routine and we know such customers

    • Hannan ,

      well written & really appreciated..
      you have shown the true picture. & that’s 100% correct , but to make our nation understand this is a hell of the job.

      our people when abroad will not even speak a word against anything & when same happens in Pakistan they will have all the time in the world to put up lame comments .

  • I m also using telenor post paid……It is strange to pay for getting guidance from call center….it is some thing like if u visit a hotel and u call a waiter and ask him where is washroom and he tells u that i will tell u but i will charge Rs 2/ per min…..
    since there is no law in pakistan therefore these companies are free to do any thing and collect the money from people and send it abroad……As per rule call center services should be free as it is for the guidance of own users. who are payong for them

  • just fuck fuck fuck telenor. they dont know customer care and only doing business for money. i already sent emails to PTA to take serious action against telenor

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