Social Media Blunders [2 Pics]

Social media marketing is one of those areas/professions in Pakistan which are usually run without proper training, let alone the academic degree or background. Outcome of such practices is usually in following manners:

Picture 1: Such Blunder by Jazz Jazba, as Arsalan Mir put it

Note: Picture is gone from Jazz Jazba page now, which obviously was wrong selection of picture. They have published a clarification as well.


Picture 2: Following image may interest you as well. Though it is unclear if Qubee copied Pringles or it was other way around.

pringles qubee

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  • But status of pringales is there, . Therey are lot of degrees in social media but Pakistani are not doing anything just start it.

  • This is not the first time Jazba has shown their SUCH JAZBA. I remember the post they put up of Rebecca Black asking to show their HATE for the song. So now the so called values and passion also focus on hate? Such Joke.

  • now this is so UNPROFESSIONAL of Qubee…i actually pointed it out that the status is copied from Pringles…and what do they do…they delete my comment and remove me from their FAN PAGE!! is that how social media should be run? Shame on the moderator whoever is running the Qubee fan page!!

  • We need make a policy about it.this kind of activity define the professionalism and knowledge of social media ,they must need to make a strategy for post of everyday ,Don’t copy paste in the social media,creativity will be always appreciate.

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