Wi-tribe Subscribers’ Base Grows by 120% in 2011

wi-tribe-logowi-tribe witnessed tremendous growth of 120% in subscribers’ base in 2011 as the fastest growing internet service compared with last year’s stats, the official statement of the company said.

wi-tribe, the largest wireless broadband operation of the Qtel Group has over 2 years of commercial presence in Pakistan.

It holds the number one rating for customer satisfaction, through an independent research conducted by AC Nielson at the end of 2011, said the statement issued by the company.

By continuously applying key learning’s from brand health and customer satisfaction surveys, wi-tribe is the second largest internet company in Pakistan. It has grown to become an important part of the Qtel family, with the first multi-city broadband rollout for the group in a considerably competitive emerging market.

While maintaining a strict standard on service offerings, wi-tribe has always put the customer first, ensuring all products and services are built entirely on what the market demands, the official statement said.

Truly expressing Qtel’s renewed vision to focus on customer experience, broadband and new growth, wi-tribe Pakistan has been at the forefront, delivering innovative internet services and a transformed sense of customer care in its cities of operation, it added.

With Qtel’s continued support and revitalized strategy on customer experience, wi-tribe Pakistan aims to keep achieving the highest ratings for customer orientated services, support and innovation by simply focusing on delivering what the customer wants.

Qatar Telecom (Qtel) Group recently announced their annual performance results for the year 2011, ending 31 December, showing significant growth with revenue up 16% and net profit up by 11.6% over the corresponding period last year.

Serving over 83 million customers worldwide, the Qtel Group owns and operates global operations ranging from mobile telephone services, broadband solutions, digital futures and fiber technologies, serving both consumer and business markets across 17 different countries in the MENA and South Asian regions.