Mobilink Donates 2000 School Bags to PEF!

bagThe Mobilink Foundation has donated 2,000 school bags, made from recycled advertising material, to the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF).

The school bags were formally handed over by Mobilink Foundation at a ceremony organized at the PEF’s Rawalpindi Regional Office.

The ceremony was also attended by principals and students of 32 schools from North Punjab. Chairman PEF and senior officials of Mobilink addressed the gathering, highlighting the importance of supporting education for the masses, followed by distribution of bags amongst students.

Omar Manzur, Director Public Relations and CSR, Mobilink highlighted: “The Mobilink Foundation is deeply committed towards making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged across Pakistan. The recycled bags allow us to contribute on the dual fronts of protecting our environment, as well as providing children with a durable educational aide. I would like to express my gratitude to the Punjab Education Foundation for giving us this opportunity to support the educational pursuits of the children.”

Raja Muhammad Anwar, Chairman PEF, added: “Punjab Education Foundation is working to expand its educational programs across Punjab, opening the doors of quality education to more male and female deserving students. We are grateful to Mobilink for providing us with bags for our students.”

Mobilink’s recycled school bags are produced from used panaflex sheets acquired from advertising billboards of Mobilink and other donating companies. The Mobilink Foundation launched the ‘Recycled School Bags’ initiative in 2007, and has since donated over 37,000 bags, to organizations such as the JAQ Educational Trust, CARE Foundation, Zindagi Trust, Sindh Education Foundation and now the PEF.

  • Whats with every educational thing going to Punjab? What about Sindh, Baluchistan & Pukhtoonkhua?

    FYI: I am born and raised Punjabi, so no hate sentiments here.

    • because the organization believe that somehow the distribution in punjab education foundation would be fair as compare to other provinces (due to corruption point of view in provincial Governments)

      this is what i think, you people may disagree.

    • Point taken. It will be raised to our torch bearer representative.

      All three regions (north,central and south) have their respective teams which are working to serve the social community.

  • NOT A BIG DEAL ! ! !

    These BIG companies earn in billions…spending a million wont make any BIG DIFFERENCE…just a PR BULLSHIT and nothing else…

    IF THEY REALLY WANT TO DO SOMETHING…DO IT LIKE IMRAN KHAN…I’m talking about the hospital and university he has established…

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