3G Auction Delayed Indefinitely: Reuters

3G in PakistanExactly like we told you earlier this week, Reuters has reported that PTA has delayed 3G license auction for indefinite period, citing Walid Irshad, CEO PTCL and Telenor’s Spokesperson.

It maybe recalled that PTA has issued Information Memorandum in January 2012 announcing that 3G auction would take place on March 29th.

Potential bidders were due to submit expressions of interest from January 21, but they have yet not been invited to do so, reported Reuters in its report citing Walid Irshaid, chief executive of Pakistan Telecommunication Co (PTCL).

“All the dates announced earlier have been put on hold, what the new date is we don’t know,” said Irshaid. “The first step was not even taken yet. No official notification has been received by us or any other operator.” Mr. Irshad was quoted.

A spokesman for Telenor told Reuters that the government had postponed the auction indefinitely until it hires an international consultant to supervise the process.

Apparently the reason delay is said to be appointment of consultant, however, it is believed that cellular cartel had pressurized the government and those who were to take decisions to delay the auction.

It is believed that cellular companies were reluctant to invest in 3G auction and 3G network rollout, which could cost each operator up to USD 1 billion dollar.

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  • Meri aane wali 7 naslain bhi aese articles parh k dunya se rukhsat ho jaen gi lekin yeh drama band nahi hoga aur na 3G aye ga!! :-/

  • Once the developed and developing countries move to 4G, then the existing 3G infrastructure will become available for much lower prices. Maybe at that point, it would be possible to bring that technology to Pakistan with used 3G infrastructure.

  • As a naTion , pata nhn hum kyun khawb dekhtay hai!!! The government is not efficient enough to provide for what we call the basic needs (gas, electricity,etc) , to 3g kahan se degi keeping in mind that not even half of the mobile users have a 3g smart phone !!! So stop dreaming and don’t be fooled by pta !!!

  • if AFGHANISTAN can have a 3G network then why cant we.
    afghakistan is more volatile than pakistan.

  • nobody wants to invest in country like Pakistan jahan kay log itnay byhes hain k Govt. Har mahenay petrol ki kemat increase krti hai lakin haram ki had hai k koi apnay ghar say bahar niklta hai.Pakistanise ki xample es farmabrdar donkey jaisi hai jis pr jitna weigh lad do ser jhukay chlta rehta hai.Jaisi awam waisay hukmran.
    yeh sue hue qoom mushkl say he jagy gi..

  • 3g. haha. it looks funny to me when people talk about 3g.
    i have a fear that even 2g is in danger keeping in view the economic crisis and power shortage in our country

  • If you have a working mind, only these lines tell the whole story:

    “Apparently the reason delay is said to be appointment of consultant, however, it is said that cellular cartel had pressurized the government and those who were to take decisions to delay the auction.”

    Without any doubt, this industry is at the mercy of LOOTERS(NOT LEADERS).
    The Culprits behind the scene are the people like “Rahman Dakait” (the owner of a cellular company) etc. etd.

    God! Mercy on this Damned Country and Cursed Nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The country where 40% of population live below poverty line while majority of remaining population struggle day & night just to meet their daily needs, 12-16 Hours power shut down, ever growing prices of commodities and so on
    Do we think investor is fool?
    Practically only 5-10% population has potential to use 3G services while our most of population really do not need 3G services.
    All these are fact.

  • What the hell. 3G ka naam sun k dimag phatne lagta hai do ppp ko vote tum sab k maa baap ki galti hai jahil logon ppp vote le k I hai ab naach Q rahe ho Raja rental ashraf aaya haina jab tak kick backs k masle set bai hote bhol jao companies ki kia jaan hai agar PTA action le network upgrade ho chuke hain bas licence ki dair hai or khudara apne maa baap friends jinhe jante ho kehna k ab PTI ko vote dena is azaab se jaan chute sab tum logon k maa baap ki galti hai that’s all

  • To only issue is illiterate people are in possession of important positions in government plus Zardari is leading our country. While world is moving on 4G would have been on 3G lot lot earlier. Still this government is not doing any thing for advancement.

    Who would like to use internet on mobile which is just few KBs/Sec. Unfortunately, we are stone age. One more reason to vote the new face in next elections.

  • Its easy to blame the govt for each and everything but we as a nation is nothing but a clueless mob we cant even protest for our basic rights how the hell we are looking for things we dont even need. Seeing the current situation in my beloved country we dont even have a legal prime minster but no one of us is concerned about this so sitting in drawing room and thinking that you are superman wont help the cause we have to take things in our hand now else misery is out ultimate fate.

  • jis din Suzuki Mehran ka model change hoga, bas usi din Pakistan mai 3G services bhi ajain gi…..!!! :P

  • I do not have an iota of doubt that as long as these @55 h0les remain in power we can very much forget 3G or anything like it. Period.

  • The fact is, PTA is being led by incompetence, deceit and favor. Yasin is running an agenda to benefit himself, the consulting award is in limbo, the shortlisted companies are B-Listers, Kas Kalba is a small mom and pop fly by night company, they got the highest grade, quite a decision, PTA we believe wants to hire someone they can influence and possibly someone who can manage kickbacks…. It is a shame the Yasin is destroying the telco domain..

    • Yasin is not running an agenda. The Govt is scheming to appoint the next head for perhaps 6 months only before next year’s election and soon upon the expiry of the present Chairman’s contract, since no extension is to be granted to him. The replacement man is fit for coordinating the task of filling coffers from the steal of the deal along with the bureaucracy and Yasin is not the man with that kind of porential for them, that is why October is the new time line after the tenure has expired. Please investigate before you shoot verbal assaults.

  • paly jb hokumat 3g 4g lte .wagar ki bt ker re the to hazabeikthlaf ny zorore dani theee.jo b hota kuch na kuch to ho he jata na…….

  • hahaha….hum abi tak edge se mehrom hai chaman city mai jo ke blochistan ka dosra big city hai aor ap 3g ki soch rahain hahahaha.

  • mera ufone walon se request hai ke jaldi edge service lagao chaman mai please 3g nai chai hamai

  • ha, 3g in pakistan, just like rain in desert. Compare pak with india now with respect to government, rulers, freedom and security of individuals, facilities , education, industries, jobs, competetion.

    I realised by the initial statements about 3g that its just a drama .

  • Lets look at from another standpoint:
    The deal is shrugged off till the time Govt pops up a new accomplice of corruption with the MoIT minister… which means new appointment in place of the existing Chairman PTA after expiry of his tenure..

  • baqi main jb 10G Aay ga tb pakistan main 3G launch hoga Aur wo bhi RS.1000 for 2GB data..

  • baqi dunya main jb 10G Aay ga tb pakistan main 3G launch hoga Aur wo bhi RS.1000 for 2GB data..

  • Sorry to commenting by an Indian.But I will give Advise not expect More from 3G,Unless its auction prices is under Mobile operator control.Here in india What happened Mobile Operator paid such huge price that no ordinary man can afford to take 3G except Government operator BSNL/MTNL.Thnx.

    • You are welcome to comment.
      Few months ago i read in newspaper that Mobile phone opearators in india went to supreme court to allow intervendor roaming as market is not responding as per their expectations and 3G services are also very cost.
      Please comment on this.

      • Thnx 4 ur welcome.u can read all India telecom sector at Telecomtalk info. U can follow sanjay bafna on twitter. Nw as i said 3G in our country costly so very few people using it. Mobild operator wanted them to allow 3G roaming whr they hv no licsn but trai oppose it

  • Its not a rocket science man we just need good will & right direction which is no where near in present govt. these people will again elect same people and then cry for next 5 years.. its not a nation its bunch of people…

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